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#Chapter 74 The Letter

Selene’s POV

This isn’t happening

It can’t be real.

I’m frozen in place, staring at Odette as if she’s a ghost. I must have misheard her. But if that’s the case, why does she look so distraught? Why are there tears in her eyes? And where is my pup?

| swing my gaze from her to Bastien, whose hands are locked in white-knuckled fists at his sides. He’s breathing heavily, his eyes glowing and fangs extended. My first reaction was disbelief. His – apparently – was fury.

Bastien’s gaze descends on me, and I feel my lower lip begin to tremble uncontrollably. It’s not real. I think desperately.

Luna is frantic, lashing out our heightened senses to every corner of the room in search of Lila and coming up empty. “What do you mean she was taken?” I choke, “How could that happen, weren’t you watch ing her?”

: “I’m so sorry, Selene.” Odette professes sincerely. “I turned my back for one moment and she was gone!”

What?!.can’t help blaming Odette a little when I realize Bastien is crossing the room towards me, a de termined look in his molten eyes. I back away from him, shaking my head in denial and trying to stay out of his reach even as his muscular arms extend towards me.

“No!” I insist, swatting at his hands. I don’t want to be cuddled. I don’t want to be comforted. I want my pup. “Don’t Bastien!”

He doesn’t listen, growling dominantly and dragging me into his embrace no matter how hard I fight.

Eventually my flailing limbs and defiant snarls give way to s**s. It isn’t real. I think again. She isn’t gone. My hands go from pushing my mate away to trying to climb completely into his arms. He lets me, lift ing me off the ground and rocking me gently back and forth.

Gentle, soothing purrs vibrate against my cheek and soft lips press to my hair. “Shhh little wolf.” Bastien croons. “We’ll find her.” He promises, an edge of steel in his deep voice, “You have my word – if it’s the last thing I do, I will bring her home.”

Sophie’s POV

I think I’ve made a terrible mistake.

It all made sense when Martin was spelling out the plan. He was so convincing. All I needed was a little leverage to hold against Selene in order to convince her to leave Drake, and her pup would certainly provide the motivation. It’s not even really a kidnapping – Lila knows me, and I have no intention of hurting her at all. I just want to talk with Selene, to make sure she isn’t a threat to me.

However the more time that passes, the more I start to imagine how Selene and Drake must be feeling now that the pup has disappeared, and Martin’s plan doesn’t seem so great after all. They must be out of their minds with worry, and I highly doubt they’ll be forgiving when the truth comes out.

What was I thinking? How could I be so foolish? Has my love for Drake really blinded me so much that I would steal an innocent child from her mother? That I would hold her hostage in exchange for staying away from the Alpha?

#Chapter 74 The Letter

I’ve always liked Selene. I’ve always liked Lila. I don’t want to cause them pain.

I’m not a mother and I cannot pretend to understand the bond between parent and pup, but I know enough to understand this is cruel and unreasonable.

Lila is playing happily in my living room, and again I feel a rush of abject guilt. Even if I believed in what I was doing – how stupid can I possibly have been to bring her to my home? Maybe if I reach out and pre tend it was an accident. I can say I found Lila wandering near the park and rescued her… but if that were the case I don’t know how I would explain bringing her home with me. It’s been hours, I think it’s safe to say the excuse ship has sailed.

Martin is hovering in the doorway watching me, a gruesome sneer on his face, “Having second thoughts sister?”

“This was a mistake.” I whisper, afraid of speaking any louder lest I set off his temper. ‘They’re going to hate me when they find out.”

Martin shakes his head, striding forward with a cold leer and taking my chin in his hand. “Are you ques tioning me, Sophie?” He growls.

“No!” I insist, shaking my head. I know what comes of questioning Martin – it’s never good.

“You better not be.” He hisses. “I want what’s best for you. I want you to have Drake. Don’t you?”

“Yes, but-”

“There are no buts!” Martin roars. “For once in your life just do what you’re told. I swear, I don’t know why you have to make things so difficult. You want the Alpha, I’m getting you the Alpha. Now stop sniveling and write the note!”

He shoves a pen and paper into my hand, and I can feel Lila watching us. I glance in her direction, find ing her tiny brow furrowed at Martin.

“You mean.” The pup accuses.

Oh Goddess. This isn’t good.

Martin approaches Lila, his ruthless temper flushing his ruddy face. “What did you say?”

I jump to my feet, running to put myself between the two of them. “She’s just a pup,” I insist. “She doesn’t know what she’s saying.”

Glancing over my shoulder, I see Lila still glaring. Shame writhes in my belly, apparently even toddlers are braver than I am.

“Then you can take her punishment.” Martin answers gruffly, lashing out with the back of his hand and smashing it across my cheek.

| yelp and hit the floor, stars swirling in my vision. I don’t have any time to get my bearings before he’s grasping me by my shirt collar and dragging me back to the desk where the unwritten ransom note waits. “Get on with it you worthless b***h.”

Licking my lips and tasting the coppery taste of blood, I try to force down the sick rising in my esopha gus. Trying to steady my shaking hand, I lift the pen, and begin to write.

Selene’s POV

I’m alone when I find the note.

It appears out of nowhere, as if conjured from thin air.

After a horrific afternoon of scouring the city, listening to Odette and Diana replay the events on the

ster 74 The letter

ground over and over again without ever gaining any more clarity, Bastien finally convinced me to re 1 home in case the kidnappers reached out with a ransom.

Personally I thought this was very optimistic thinking. We all know that the most likely motive for tak Lila has nothing to do with money or power, and everything to do with her Volana blood. Still, I couldn’t kleaving a single stone unturned, and that meant considering a ransom.

I don’t think Bastien believed the kidnappers would take this route either, I think he just wanted to calm down.

In the end we were both wrong.

I spent a good hour pacing the suite waiting for the phone to ring and pathologically guarding the win ows to search the grounds. It wasn’t until my bladder was full to bursting and screaming for release that I nally took a break.

And when I returned to the living room, the note was waiting for me on the coffee table. It was simple archment, scrawled in a hand I do not recognize.

Lila is safe.

Meet me at 2:00 O’clock on the Lethe Bridge if you want her to stay that way.

Tell no one where you’re going. If you involve the Alpha or the enforcers, I will have no choice but to cut my losses.

Don’t try anything clever or think you can get around these conditions. If you flout them, your pup will pay the price.

Don’t be late.

I swing around, glancing at the mantle clock and quickly absorbing the time signature flashing across the digital surface. 1:30. I have half an hour to get to the edge of the city, or my pup will suffer Goddess knows what depravities.

I don’t even consider calling Bastien or Drake. I don’t contemplate seeking backup or dialing the en forcers. Lila needs me, and there is not a single thing I would do to risk her life.

I depart the house on my own, and set off to meet my daughter’s kidnapper without pause.

I may be alone, but any woman can tell you that hell hath a mother scorned.

Whatever is to come, I’m ready to meet it.

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