Pregnant and Rejected by My Alpha Mate By Caroline Above Chapter 72 by NovelsYou


Sophie’s POV

I’ve been in love with Drake Cavanaugh for as long as I can remember.

We grew up together. My dad was his step-father’s Beta, and we spent our entire childhoods tied at the hip. All my fondest memories are with Drake. We spent our days running through the docks of Asphodel like wild things, completely free and completely happy.

I always imagined Drake would wake up one day and realize he loved me. The older we got, the harder ! fell, and even though it was slow, it really seemed like he felt the same. I know men have to go out and sew their wild oats or whatever you want to call it – they have to explore and get all those primal urges out of their systems. So I didn’t worry when he didn’t immediately fall at my feet during my first heat.

I didn’t worry when we reached our twenties and he still seemed more interested in other she-wolves. We were still just kids, and I’ve always been patient. I could certainly be patient for Drake – I’ve never met a man more worth waiting for.

And then he met Selene.

The first time he return Asphodel after meeting her, I knew something had changed. He was more mature, more serious and motivated. He started taking his position in the pack more earnestly, and I love him for it all the more.

I didn’t know what was behind the change until much later, when he finally brought Selene home with him. He said it was nothing, that she was just a she-wolf in need of protection, but I saw the way he looked at her.

I wanted to hate her so badly. My jealousy drove me out of my mind with the most horrible thoughts about the pretty she-wolf, but the more time I spent with her, the more I liked her. Selene assured me there was nothing between her and Drake, and even though I knew those were her feelings and not his, I accept ed it.

  1. I’ve watched them closely over the years, and I’ve never doubted that Selene’s only feelings for Drake were platonic. When the news spread that she was breeding, everyone assumed the baby was his, but I trusted my friend when he told me otherwise. I believed Drake and Selene when they insisted Lila’s father belonged to another pack.

I’ve done nothing but wait. I’ve been nothing but patient, and in my delusional mind, I thought it would eventually pay off. I truly believed my day would come with Drake.

Then Bastien Durand came to town, and I learned that my so-called friends have been lying to me for years. Selene isn’t just any she-wolf, and her pup doesn’t belong to another man.

The news about Lila’s paternity broke days ago, and I’ve spent the better part of a weak trying to build up the courage to confront Drake. It’s not even about my feelings, it’s the betrayal. He didn’t have to lie to me. We’ve never lied to each other about anything – or we hadn’t, until Selene,

After wallowing in self pity for a few days, I finally forced myself out of bed and set off for the pack house, prepared to both bare my soul and have it torn to shreds. I made it to the packhouse around mid day, as prepared as one can ever be for a life changing conversation.

I climb the stairs to Drake’s office like I have a thousand times before, my stomach in my throat. I have it all planned out. I know every word I’m going to say.

That’s when I see them: Drake locked Selene in his arms and was about to kiss her.

I feel like the ground is crumbling beneath my feet. This isn’t how it was supposed to go. I knew that Drake was Lila’s father, but I never imagined he and Selene were still together.

#Chapter 72 The Plot

I can’t bear it.

I turn on my heel and run back down the hallway, taking the stairs two at a time as I rush out of the pack house.

I’ve been such a fool.

Selene’s POV

It takes almost all of my strength, but I’m finally able to push Drake off of me.

If I ever had any questions about whether my heat could be satisfied by anyone other than Bastien, they were just answered. I’m so glad I successfully ducked before Drake could kiss me.

“What are you doing?” I demand. “Have you lost your mind. Do you have any idea what Bastien would do to you if he knew you wanted to kiss me?”

Abject disbelief paints Drake’s handsome features, “That’s your response?” He hisses. ‘That’s what you’re thinking about right now? What Bastien will do?”

“He’s my mate.” I snap, “And in case you didn’t notice, you can’t take him down without a full army at your back. If I were you, I wouldn’t risk pissing him off.”

“I don’t give a d**n what Bastien thinks or wants or feels.” Drake exclaims, “I just professed my love for you and you’re acting like it was nothing…” He watches me with horrible fascination, “It is nothing to you, isn’t it?” He croaks, “You didn’t feel… anything?”

“Drake.” I breathe, praying for patience, “Please don’t do this. You know you’re my important friend… I just can’t love you the way you need me to.”

“But Bastien Durand is worthy?” He bites, “you want to build a life with that animal?”

“I already have a life with him.” | state coolly. “We have a pup, he’s claimed me. We’re still married for Goddess’s sake.”

“I thought…” His eyes are shining oddly, “I thought maybe you just didn’t know what you were missing.”

I shake my head sadly, “You’re right that I’ve been missing out for years now, just not in the way you think.” I admit, “Bastien is what I need. He’s the one I’m meant to be with, and I’ve been hurting ever since I came here.”

“I brought you here to protect you.” Drake reminds me.

“And I will forever be in your debt.” I agree, “but I don’t need your protection anymore – I need my mate.”

Sophie’s POV

My pillow is soaked with tears. I’ve been sobbing ever since I saw Selene and Drake together in his of fice, and I’ve long since stopped caring who sees me. I cried openly on the walk home, drawing concerned look from passers-by and even a few well-intentioned inquiries. I waved them all off, wallowing in my pain and wishing I could go back to this morning and save myself from uncovering this secret.

They’ve been lying to me all these years, not only about Lila’s paternity, but about their relationship.

How could Drake do it? I’ve been nothing but a friend to him. I don’t understand why he would hurt me this way

“What are you snivelling about?” My brother, Martin is hovering in my bedroom doorway, watching me without an ounce of sympathy.

#Chapter 72 The Plot

“Nothing.” | sniffle stubbornly. Martin doesn’t have a kind bone in his body, if he’s asking me why I’m crying, it’s not out of concern.

“Don’t tell me this is about that pathetic crush of yours.” He drawls, “Didn’t I tell you no man would ever be satisfied just being friends with that piece of a*s?”

He did tell me that, but I never believed him. I thought he was just being gross, I didn’t realize the truth could be so terrible.

“My Goddess, Sophie.” He sighs, “Grow a backbone. Why bother crying over that b*****d? You don’t get sad. You get even.”

I don’t want to hear this. Martin can be such a jerk. I just want to wallow in my wretched feelings and eat a few dozen tubs of ice cream, “Go away, Martin.” I hiccup.

“If that’s what you want.” He smirks, “Of course, if I leave, I can’t help you.”

“Help me with what?” I roll my eyes.

“Help you get even.” He scoffs, “Haven’t you been listening?”

“And how on earth am I suppose to get even?” I ask, more out of habit than true curiosity.

“You take something your competition cares about more than the Alpha.” He explains slyly. “You make her see the error of her ways.”

“You aren’t making any sense.” I gripe.

“I’m saying.” Martin grumbles through clenched teeth, “that you need leverage. If you have something to hold against Cavanaughs w***e, you can force her to give up her claim on him. You can make her walk away.”

Deep down I know what he’s suggesting is twisted and wrong, yet at the same time, I can’t help but feel intrigued. Is is really possible to make Selene back off? Can I convince her to let me have Drake?

“What kind of leverage?” I ask, still unconvinced.

“What does she care about more than anything in the world?” Martin questions, seeming as if he al ready knows the answer.

“What?” I inquire nervously.

“Her pup.” He growls, “take her pup, and she’ll give you anything you want – even Cavanaugh.”

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