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#Chapter 71 Drake‘s Reckoning

Bastien’s POV

The early morning sun filters through the windows and bathes the room in dappled light. I trace the patterns its rays form on Selene’s skin, trailing my fingers down her spine, circling the shadows and deli cate illuminations across her ribcage before tugging the sheet pooled around her waist down to reveal a broader swath of canvas.

Selene sighs in her sleep as my hands travel the length of her body with a featherlight touch. Unable to resist the temptation, I soon replace my hands with my mouth. Selene shivers as my lips find the small of her back, finally stirring her from slumber.


She turns onto her side to look up at me sulkily. “How do you expect me to sleep with you doing that?”

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. I chuckle deeply, claiming her mouth possessively before answering, “I think you might be missing the point.”




Selene’s breath catches as I trail my mouth down her throat, blazing a scorching path to the swell of her b*****s, “We only just went to bed.” She complains, closing her eyes again and attempting to return to sleep. “Aren’t you tired?”.


“Mmm,” I purr, nipping the tender flesh of her stomach, “Poor, naive mate, I’m nowhere near being done with you.”


It’s true. In the hours since I marked her, we’ve scarcely rested, making love over and over again to the point of delirium. Still, I haven’t had enough. Her heat is still in full force, and she might be exhausted from the sheer avalanche of climaxes I’ve inflicted on her, but I still have plenty of energy yet.





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Selene’s grin is overtaken by a whimper as my mouth moves further south and settles between her legs. Her hand leaps reflexively to the top of my head, burying her fingers in my thick hair. “Bastien,” She gasps. “I’m sore.”

After a few moments delay, during which I manage to elicit a series of barely smothered moans from Selene, I worked my way back up her flushed body until I’m hovering above her. “You should have thought about that before you decided to look so d**n ravishing.” | scold, “you’ve done nothing but taunt me all morning.”

Selene squirms beneath me, looking adorable disgruntled. “I wasn’t even awake!”

A predatory gleam appears in my eye as a growl rumbles in my chest. “As if that’s any excuse.”

Selene shrieks with laughter as my hands sweep down to the sensitive nerves of her belly, tickling her weak spots without mercy. She tries to wrestle out of my hold as she giggles, but my strength wins out. We quickly make a mess of the bedding, writhing around like a pair of fish out of water, squirming and tussling until were both short of breath. Then, just as Selene is closing her teeth around the arm I’m using to hold her captive, a loud rapping at the door cut through the noise of our battle.

We freeze, looking around for something to cover ourselves with and finding weve pushed all the bed ding to the floor. All right you two.” Aiden calls through the door, having enough sense not to enter, “Lila’s awake and she’s asking for you. Odette’s going to bring her up in a few minutes.”

I look down at Selene, who is still mid-chomp and looking entirely unrepentant. I grin from ear to ear, dropping a kiss to her throat and pausing to nibble my mark, fresh and bright red against her pale skin. “Come on, gorgeous. We better get up.”

“But we aren’t finished.” Seler

And whose fault is that?’ I rep

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*Chapter 71 Drake’s Reckoning

‘You can’t leave me like this.” Selene catches my hand and guides it between her legs. ‘Look what you’ ve done.’

Clever little wolf. She’s dripping wet and searing hot. “Poor baby” | coo, sinking my fingers into the swollen, soaked flesh. I love watching her writhe on the thick digits, immediately succumbing to the raging hormones consuming her worn out body.

When I pull back, triumph wells in my chest. I gaze down at Selene’s furrowed brow and glazed eyes with a devilish grin, “Maybe this will teach you not to question me.”

Selene’s POV

A draft of cold air washes over my body as Bastien rises, taking his warmth and talented hands with him. My l**t-addled brain is slow to the uptake, and it’s a moment before I rise onto my elbows. “Bastien!”

He’s pulling on a pair of sweat pants, pretending like he’s not rock hard and obscenely straining the soft cotton fabric. “Yes, angel?’

“You can’t be serious!” | exclaim, gesturing to my prone body expectantly. Only a monster would get me all worked up and then walk away. Lila’s not here yet, I’m sure we have time to sneak in another round.

He strides over to the bed, towering over me menacingly. ‘Wanna bet?:’

Outrage washes away my stubborn hope. ‘Fine.’I hiss, dropping down onto my back. ‘I don’t need you to finish.

Before my fingers can connect with my aching flesh, one of Bastien’s massive hands clamps down on my wrist. ‘Oh yes you do.’ There’s no mistaking the threat in his voice.

Seething, I dig my fist into his pillow and smash it into his side with a vicious swing. Clearly my heat and Luna’s influence has bolstered my confidence – I never would have tried such a thing when we were married. Undeterred, Bastien scoops me up and sets me on my feet, ‘We are going to get up and have breakfast with Lila.’ He decrees, pressing my silky pajamas into my hands. “And later – if you’re good – I’ll make it up to you.”

| glare up at him, unable to stand still I’m so overcome with l**t. “And if I’m bad?” | question defiantly

Bastien just grins, cupping my upturned face in his hands. It will be the better for waiting, Selene. He presses a soft kiss to my lips, pulling back only slightly to deliver his next promise. “But your pleasure is my responsibility. If you try to take it from me again,’ he slides one of his hands into my thick tresses, tilting my head back a little further. ‘And I will know if you do – I will make what you are feeling right now seem like nothing.’

Two can play at that game.’ I hiss, completely full of it.

“They can,” Bastien agrees, his silver eyes glittering dangerously, “But we both know I’ll win.”

I want to argue. I want to deny his words, tell him he’s wrong and storm off in a righteous huff. Instead I pull the pajamas from his grip, stalking toward the bathroom and muttering mutinously under my breath before shutting myself inside.

If this heat has taught me anything, it’s that my mate has even more power over my body than he did before, I’m helpless to resist him – especially now that he’s marked me. All Luna wants is to be tied to him in the most intimate manner, and I want it too.

We don’t stand a chance.

Drake is staring at the mark on my neck as if it’s a particularly gruesome wound, appearing both horri fied and slightly ill.

#Chapter 71 Drake’s Reckoning

I left Lila with Bastien after our breakfast together, needing to talk to my friend and hoping the dis tance from my mate would help cool down my raging desires. Unfortunately it’s done no such thing so far, and I’m feeling increasingly certain nothing can save me from this onslaught of feelings.

“What the hell were you thinking?” I ask Drake, pulling the collar of my shirt over Bastien’s mark. “Why did you attack him?”

“I was trying to protect you.” Drake insists. “You seem to forget who you are when you’re around Bastien, it’s like he has you under a spell.”

“He does – in a way.” I remind him gently. “He’s my mate.”

“He mistreated you for years, Selene!” Drake thunders, “Have you forgotten what that was like?”

“It’s not that simple.” I try to explain, “There’s a lot that happened back then I’m only just beginning to understand. I’d be lying if I said our marriage was perfect,” Drake scoffs in disbelief, but I ignore him, “but it also wasn’t what I thought. I love him, Drake.’

The Eros Alpha is shaking his head, pacing back and forth and looking as if steam is pouring from his ears. “No.” He snarls. “No. It was alright when you were here on your own with Lila, I was alright keeping you at a distance, but I can’t watch you go back to him.” He declares, “It’s not right, Selene. You know it isn’

My stomach is starting to feel very queasy. I don’t like hearing Drake speak this way. It’s too personal, too intimate. “Drake, you’re my best friend -“| begin.

“Don’t do that!” He interrupts. “I don’t want to be your friend, Selene. I’ve never wanted that.”

“What are you saying?” I choke weakly.

“I’m saying that I’m in love with you!” Drake explodes. “I’ve been in love with you from the day we met. You and Lila don’t belong with Bastien.” He hisses, ‘You belong with me!”

Before I can stop him, before I even realize what’ he’s doing, Drake yanks me into his arms and slams his mouth into mine.

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