Pregnant and Rejected by My Alpha Mate By Caroline Above Chapter 70 by NovelsYou

Bastien‘s POV

F*****g incredible.

Those are the only words I can conjure as I look down at my mate. Selene is dazed and drugged on pleasure, spiraling towards an overdose that will satisfy her heat and prepare her to be marked. I almost cant believe shes really in front of me, the very image of all my e****c fantasies over the last few years.

Her taste is still on my tongue, and I cant help but revel in the Goddesss wisdom. She could not have made me a more perfect mate if she tried. Selene is an extraordinary beauty, but lots of shewolves are beautiful. The true magic is in her sweet submission, her incredible responsiveness and vulnerability.

Selene is an experienced woman, yet every time with her is like the first. Shes never lost her innocent spirit, that sheltered quality I never get bored of scandalizing. Whatever else might have happened between us, shes not capable of hiding her feelings in the bedroom. She experiences everything openly and honest ly, surrendering to pleasure with absolute abandon.

Shes still so tight, and unless Im mistaken, its been a while since shes taken a lover a fact which pleases Axel to no end. I thrust into her as slowly as I can stand, watching her face contort as I spread her wide. I rock back and forth to help her spasming channel adjust to the invasion, savoring her panting breaths and the adorable squeaks she emits.


Selenes eyes are glowing, the heat keeping her wolf close to the surface. Her small hands are fisted in the blankets around her, her pale skin glistening with sweat and her rosy mouth open in rapture.

Ive never seen anything more stunning.

The sight of my thick length disappearing into her is severely testing my control. I release one of her legs, returning my fingers to her c**t and circling it in hopes of easing my entry. Selenes back comes off the bed and she cries out as I torment the little nub, clutching my wrist and undulating her hips, pushing her self further down my c**k.

I growl in triumph when Im finally buried so deep in Selenes silky heat that my pelvis is resting against her soaked mons. Shes velvety and sleek, her internal muscles gripping me like a vice. My mate is gasping, for air, filled to the brim and completely exposed.

This is the way its supposed to be. We should be like this always, joined as mates and never parted.

1 begin moving, withdrawing with agonizing slowness before slamming back into her at full force. Se lene is emitting raw, punchedout gasps every time I bottom out, her eyes rolling into the back of her head. I know I should be gentle, but I cant help it even if she wasnt in heat, its been far too long since we came together last.

I set a relentless pace, taking her without restraint as every ridge of my steely flesh scrapes along her insides with delicious friction, Selene is still propping herself up partway, meeting me thrust for thrust with her long legs wrapped around my back. Needing to be closer to her to feel her soft body flush against mine 1 scoop her up, letting her wrap her arms around my neck and bouncing her on my hard length.

Finding a handhold in her long hair and I tug her head back so that I can claim her mouth as ferocious ly as I claim her body. She drags her nails down my back as our tongues tangle, and a guttural moan leaves my mouth as I increase my speed, pounding into her as her cries become more frantic.

The instinct to mark her is getting stronger every second. I begin kissing my way towards her neck, scraping my jaw along her silky cheek. My scruff leaves a rash of red marks across the delicate surface but Selene simply nuzzles her face against mine, adding to the scrapes and dropping kisses over every inch of skin she can reach.

Mine. Mine. Mine. Axel chants as I tease the junction of her neck and shoulder with my tongue. Finally,

#Chapter 70 Marked

he exclaims, we should have claimed her long ago. Her wolf is begging for it.

I want to sink my teeth into her tender flesh more than anything, but I have to time it right. I don’t want to hurt my mate, I dont want her to associate being claimed with pain. Timed right, the mark can take a shewolf to new heights of euphoria. Timed wrong, it can ruin the moment completely.

I force myself to slow down, pressing Selenes back into the wall and rolling my hips in synchrony with hers. I grind my pelvis into her c**t in between thrusts, bracing her weight against the wall to free my hands. I cant decide where I want to touch her most: her luscious b*****s, round a*s or overworked s*x. In the end I dont decide, shifting my touch between all three. My hands are everywhere, drawing out my mates bliss any way I can.

Selenes expression is completely glazed over, and I watch her like a starving man, drinking in her plea sure as if its my own. I could watch her like this forever, especially when a flash of panic breaks through the haze, dashing across her face as she constricts around my c**k with almost painful intensity.

I dont have to ask to understand whats happening. I’d be willing to bet my naive little mate thought she was done with climaxes for the day. I’m sure she imagined she was just along for the ride at this point, but she should have known better.

You gonna give me another one, gorgeous?| purr.

Selene tosses her head back and forth, looking as if she’s near tears. A keening wail settles on her tongue. ‘I cant.’

Yes you can, baby.I promise huskily, angling my thrusts upward into her most sensitive spot.

Bastien Selene yelps, writhing in my arms as if shes attempting to escape, nevermind that Im more than twice her size. She whimpers when she doesnt gain an inch, Its too much!

Dont fight it,I warn her, taking long, deep strokes while I cradle her body. Just let go.

Selene opens her mouth as if she might respond, but no sound comes out. Instead she clamps her eyes shut, her sheath clenching desperately around me.

Thats it,” I praise her, trying to remember if Ive ever loved her more than I do in this moment. Just like that, f**k.’

Just as Selene detonates, I return my mouth to her throat, letting my fangs extend and positioning them for the mark. Axel is howling in my ear at a deafening pitch, driving my l**t and egging me on.

With no time to waste, I sink my fangs into Selenes neck, sinking in deep and letting the magic of our bond flow through me and into her.

At last. I think, At last shes mine.

Selenes POV

Hes trying to kill me.

Its the only explanation,

After three years of marriage to Bastien I didnt think he could surprise me anymore not in the bed room at least. Hes always had a habit of inundating me with more pleasure than I can bear, of testing my limits and introducing me to new forms of carnal delightbut nothing like this.

Im teetering on the edge of sanity, no longer feeling as if Im even in the same room as my mate. I feel like Im in a distant cocoon: wrapped in soothing warmth, completely blissed out, and only vaguely aware that Im still on a roller coaster of l**t.

I start coming back down to earth when Bastien triggers my final o****m. Im so overwhelmed at this

#Chapter 70 Marked

point that I don‘t think I can survive another, my erogenous zones are all so sensitive that the magnitude of this climax feels impossible and terrifying at the same time. Yet he does it anyway, gently shushing my concerns and carrying me over the edge.

As white lights block out my vision, I feel a piercing pain around the curve of my neck, like two small daggers driving into me. I cant explain how or why, but the pain only makes my o****m more intense. It propels it higher and higher, until its no longer one climax, but a string of multiple explosions striking one after the next.

An incredible warmth and sense of peace flows through me as I ride out the torrent, free to enjoy the sensations knowing Im safe in my mates arms. All at once, I feel a rush of love spreading through my body, swelling my heart and anchoring me to Bastien like never before.

Tused to feel like we were two different people, two souls intertwined but undoubtedly separate. Now it seems like I cant tell where I end and he begins. Luna is howling joyously, harmonizing with the blood singing in my veins.

Were one now. She tells me, celebrating raucously in her little corner of my heart. Forever.

Hes marked me, I realize.

Thats why I feel so wonderful.

My mate finally claimed me, and though we will never share a brain or body, Lunas right: We are no longer two souls, we are one.

Bastien is mine, not even the Goddess can come between us now.

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