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Bastien’s POV

“Bastien, I’m fine!” Selene insists, spreading her arms wide to show me the veracity of her words, “See, all healed.”

It’s true that the gashes and bite marks that once littered her body have already faded to the faintest scratches and bruises, no doubt accelerated by the healing power of her Volana blood. Even so, I refuse to risk it.


“It’s too soon.” | decree, nudging her back towards the bed. She’s been trying to convince me to let her leave the makeshift infirmary all day long, too anxious about everything going on to stay put. Wrangling her has been surprisingly difficult, it seems I can’t turn my back without her trying to sneak out. If I had any doubts that my little wolf found her strength during our time apart, her rebellious behavior today has cer tainly erased them.


As if reading my mind, my mate crosses her arms over her chest. “I’m not the fragile halfling you mar ried, Bastien. I have my wolf again, I can recover at twice the rate most shifters can and you know it.”


“The doctor’s orders were to rest at least two days.” I remind her, “regardless of how well you might feel, your body has been through a lot and you need to give it a chance to recover.”

“I need to talk to Drake.” She sighs, “and I want to see Lila.”

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“Whatever you need to say to Drake can wait.” I state coolly. We both know that conversation will not be easy. And I will gladly bring Lila for a visit.”





Selene flops back on the bed with a dramatic sigh. “I don’t want a visit, I want out of this room.”






Trying not to smile, I lean forward, bracing my hands on the mattress and looming over the disgruntled little wolf. “One more day.” I promise huskily, “And if you’re a good girl and stop trying to escape, I’ll give you a reward.”


Curiosity piqued, Selene eyes me suspiciously. “What kind of reward?”

My cheeks split with a wide grin, and I lower my head until our mouths are nearly touching. ‘The kind you won’t soon forget – Mate.”

Desire and anticipation overtake Selene’s frustration. The scent of her arousal rises to fill my senses, the change so swift that I groan. Goddess, she must be even closer to her heat than I realized.

Even as I think the words, a flush travels up Selene’s body and she shudders uncontrollably. Her beauti ful eyes widen, her plump lips parting on a gasp.

Not close. Axel corrects me, already ravenous for her. It’s here.

He’s right, her luscious scent transforms within seconds. I never believed it was possible to want my mate any more than I already did. I never cared that she didn’t have her wolf, she’s always smelled com pletely exquisite and utterly irresistible.

This is different,

This is so much more than an aroma. It’s a drug; a powerful narcotic that fills me with a primal need unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. My wolf is quickly losing control, my rut already beginning.;

“Bastien?My little wolf is looking up at me with confusion and fear. Her voice is soft and hoarse, clearly overwhelmed and looking to me for answers.

“It’s alright.” I assure her, “It’s just your heat.”

*Chapter 69 Heat

I don’t know why I’m saying it’s alright. If we were in any other circumstances it would be, however Se lene isn’t in any condition to handle the rough, animalistic mating heats elicit,

She’s practically writhing beneath me, desperate to ease the ache consuming her form, “Don’t make me wait.” She begs helplessly, “Please Bastien, don’t leave me like this.”

“F**k.” I groan, dropping my forehead to rest against hers, “Don’t look at me like that, baby.”

Selene pushes up onto her elbow, aggressively dragging my mouth down to hers and immediately opening for my tongue. She kisses me with every ounce of pent up passion she’s carried since we parted three years ago – I know, because I’m doing the same.

I don’t bother fighting my wolf or pushing her away. It wouldn’t be any use – I can’t resist her. Not now, not ever.

Instead I take control, sliding my arms around Selene’s small body and nipping her swollen lips when she does not yield. That slight pinch is all it takes, she melts into my embrace, trusting me to take care of her – to give her what she needs.



And she’s certainly going to get it. In fact, she’s going to get more than she needs. For the first time since we met, I won’t have to hold back. She’s strong enough now that I can unleash myself completely. I can mate her and claim her the way I’ve always dreamed – her injuries be damned. She asked for it, and she’s going to get it.

“Naughty little mate.” I purr, kissing my way down her throat and tearing the clothes from her body. “Be careful what you wish for.”

Selene’s POV

Bastien lowers his mouth to my b*****s the moment they’re exposed, catching one taut nipple between his teeth and teasing it with his tongue. After a moment he lavishes the same treatment on the other, slid ing his hands possessively over my naked body and making me forget everything that is not this moment.

I want to feel his skin on mine. I reach for the bottom of his shirt and begin to work it up his chiseled abs, but then his hand moves between my legs, and I abandon the idea completely. His thumb is ruthlessly circling the bundle of nerves at the apex of my thighs, fingers already delving into the pool of wetness gath ered at the entrance of my sheath.

I can hear myself moaning, but I have no control over the sounds. The heat has wiped every inhibition, thought, and restraint from my mind. My hips are feverishly rising to meet Bastien’s hand, as if the move ment might pull his fingers inside me.

Luna is out of her mind with l**t, and there’s a steady rumble Bastien’s chest that I think must be his own wolf at work. I’m already so close to coming, and he’s barely touched me. He finally slides two fingers into my s*x and my tight inner muscles begin to clench and contract, squeezing the digits like a vice.

He’s still sucking and nibbling my b*****s, sending jolts of electricity straight to my c**t. His fingers crook inside me, massaging that spot that only he can find. I haven’t been sium, but I’ve tried to find pleasure on my own and it’s never the same. The o****m slams into me without warning, my back arching off the bed as I cry out, bright lights flashing before my eyes

With a sultry growl, Bastien claims my lips once more, extracting long, deep kisses while his fingers continue to gently rub my folds, helping me come down from the high. Only instead of coming down, the continued attention just begins driving me to another peak, and I whimper into his mouth.

“Greedy girl.” Bastien croons, “don’t tell me you’re already going to come again.”

“I can’t help it.” I whine, throwing my head back so that he can lick and nibble my throat. Riding the wave of pleasure higher and higher, it crashes over me much too soon and I shudder and shake in my mate:

#Chapter 69 Heat

s strong arms.

“Poor little wolf.” He says sympathetically, “I told you the first heat packs a wallop.”

In the aftermath my nerve endings are so sensitive and overstimulated that even a light touch feels painful, and I’m relieved when Bastien withdraws his hand from my swollen s*x. The comforting weight of his body disappears as he leaves the bed and pulls me to the edge, spreading my legs and kneeling be tween them.

When I realize what he’s about to do, I slap my hand over his target, protecting my oversensitized flesh from another onslaught. It’s too much, too soon. Bastien slowly raises his head, his silver eyes climbing my body until his disapproving glower settles on my face. I can’t explain how a simple look could compel me to retract my hand, leaving my most precious parts vulnerable to the predator intent on devouring me, but it does.


Bastien nips the inside of my thigh and then his tongue is on me, erasing all thought from my mind. I whimper again, overwhelmed by the ecstacy radiating from my core. It’s the most exquisite hurt, to have him sucking and laving my overloaded nerve center.

I bury my hands in his hair, unsure if I mean to push him away or pull him closer. I settle on simply twining my fingers through the thick, blond locks, anchoring myself to him. He groans, sending delicious vi brations across the bare skin beneath his lips.

I think I might explode when his fingers join his tongue, thrusting and stretching my sodden channel. To my utter disbelief, I realize that I’m building to another o****m. Bastien is challenging everything! thought I knew about my body.

When I come, crying out and clenching my fists in the silky strands’ of his hair, he does not stop. Before I can wind down, his fingers crook inside me, and I tumble over the edge again, mewling helplessly into the air.

I feel completely wrung out, delirious with pleasure and practically floating in space. Bastien is un dressing, watching me as he strips off his clothes and wearing the smug look of a wolf who knows he’s satisfied his mate to the edge of sanity.

I’m so drunk on endorphins I actually think he might simply be planning on lying down with me. Bastien is even more gorgeous than I remember, and I want him to make love to me more than anything, but I don’t think I can possibly take any more.

But he doesn’t lie down with me. He prowls forward and hooks his arms beneath my knees, lifting my hips and lining up his huge c**k with my tight sheath. I meet his gaze, my eyes widening in alarm when I feel him nudge my entrance and remember just how large he is, Dark hunger flashes in Bastien’s eyes, the unmistakable look of a wolf about to go in for the kill, and I know: He’s not going to show me any mercy.

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