Pregnant and Rejected by My Alpha Mate By Caroline Above Chapter 59 by NovelsYou

Arabella’s POV

I used to hear stories about the Calypso Pack when I was young, about their beautiful territories in the far east and the unrivaled power with which they dominate the continent. From the time I was a little girl, strength has always been synonymous with their pack, and even as Gabriel grew the Nova pack to new heights, the Durands’ have never come close to challenging Blaise Denizen’s empire.

Everyone thought I loved Bastien much, but actually I never loved him. How would I love the man that caused my brother’s death? | just always pretended to love him, in order to achieve my revenge. After Bastien married the halfling, I traveled for a long time, always planning on getting to the Calypso territory and its capital, Tartarus, eventually. At the time I thought succeeding on like I could somehow make Bastien pay for Flynn’s death by living my best life.

n rei

What utter nonsense.

A few years of wasted efforts courting other Alphas proved that much, and just when I was getting ready to travel to the Calypso territory to stage a last ditch effort, the news of the rejection spread.

In hindsight, I probably should have ignored the rejection and come to Tartatus anyway. After all, at this point all my best laid plans have fallen to pieces. It seems no matter what I do, something is always going to go wrong.

But I’m no weakling, I’m not just going to throw in the towel and give up.

I chose the wrong ally against Bastien; one who was unwilling to go to any lengths necessary in order to achieve our goal. Somehow I don’t think that’s going to be a problem here.

Blaise Denizen won’t have any problem getting one feeble halfling out of the way, and he certainly won’ t hesitate to challenge Bastien for the Nova territories when the time comes.

The only challenge now is getting on his good side, convincing him to join – or at least champion – my


It shouldn’t be too hard. With the exception of Bastien, I’ve never met a man I could not fool into doing my bidding. This will be no different.

As far as I’m concerned, Selene’s days are numbered.

Selene’s POV

Drake’s gaze is locked on me as we enter his office, scanning me head to toe for signs of harm then doing the same to Lila. He sends me a signaling nod, asking if I’m alright in the unspoken language we’ve developed over the years.

I return his nod, trying not to blush, and he visibly relaxes.

Lila, who is quickly getting spoiled by getting carried everywhere, wriggles out of my arms to toddle across the room, her plump arms outstretched as she cries, “Rake!”

He kneels down, mimicking her movement so she can run straight into his hug. “Hello munchkin!”

I glance at Bastien out of the corner of my eye, instantly noticing his white knuckled fists glued at his sides. His hands are shaking with the effort of restraining himself, his wolf clearly close to the surface as he watches Drake reunite so warmly with our pup.

I can only imagine the thoughts going through his head, and I know the safest thing would be to sepa rate bila and Drake. However I have the sneaking suspicion that if I cross over to join them, it will only make

“Drake,” I speak the words as calmly as I can, “Bastien wants to talk to you about the bounty.”

“Good.” The Eros Alpha agrees, “Let’s have it.”

“Not in front of her.” Bastien snarls, staring at Lila. 🙂

Very well,” Drake says, crossing over to me so he can transfer Lila to my arms. “Selene and Lila can go back to their apartment while we sort this out.”

“No,” Bastien snarls, “They know to look for them there, not to mention my lovely mate doesn’t need any more opportunities to make a run for it.”

I’m rolling my eyes, however I appear to be the only one. I’d hoped Drake would automatically take my side no matter what, but his concerned expression and solemn words indicate otherwise. “Who knows to look for them there?”

“Whoever is responsible for these,” Bastien grumbles impatiently, taking a small stack of papers from Donovan and dropping them down on Drake’s desk.

With a curt nod, Drake signals for his Beta, Hugo, to come take Lila, and I feel a stab of guilt. It seems like all I’m ever doing these days is sweeping her out of rooms so she can’t overhear things which might frighten her. I know it’s confusing for her, and it terrifies me how often it’s starting to happen.

“I don’t understand.” Drake admits once the pup is out of range. “Aren’t you responsible for these?”

“No.” Bastien answers, sending shockwaves through my body.

What does he mean no? I ask Luna.

Before she can answer, Donavon produces a separate stack. “We’re responsible for these.” Bastien clarifies, tossing the other papers beside the first. “My men have been scouring the city since dawn. They found dozens of these throughout Asphodel’s underground markets and along illicit trade routes out of the city.”

“What are you talking about?” | demand, stepping forward. “Some of these are real? Denizen’s fliers were here too?”

“Yes.” Bastien’s voice comes down like a hammer, “Somehow news of the Calypso bounty made it here before Elysium.” “And you can bet that if someone called one line, they called the other.”

“But how can they collect the reward if you don’t know who they are?” Drake presses, frustration clear in his tone.

“It has to be anonymous in the beginning so people will feel safe calling in, so they’ll feel empowered to share things they wouldn’t otherwise.” Aiden explains. “There’s a trace on the line, yes, but that only helps if the call is placed from a standard cell phone. Ours wasn’t, they used a public phone and we set up a secure line for future contact, but they haven’t rung in yet. We can trace it once they do, but until then we’re searching blind.”

“So let me see if I have this straight.” Drake begins, circling his desk with determined patience. “You have no idea who reported Selene and Lila, but you’re confident they were also reported to the Calypso pack?”

My heartbeat is pounding violently in my chest. That can’t be right. It would explain why Bastien has been so overcautious these past few hours, but I refuse to believe it.”

“Not entirely,” Bastien answers. I start to breathe a sigh of relief, but stop when my mate shifts closer to me as if afraid I might bolt. “Yes, it’s fair to assume the Calypso line was also called, but we’re not com pletely in the dark about the tipster: We know it was a man.”

“Why didn’t you tell me any of this?” Selene demands, not bothering to pull me aside before unleashing her temper. “You’ve been letting me think this was probably some jealous she-wolf, that the only danger was if they decided to try and capture us!”

“Until this morning I didn’t know about the Calypso fliers.” I clarify, “And you were the one talking about jealous she-wolves, not me.”.

“But you didn’t correct me, you just let me go on thinking it was nothing.” She exclaims.

“I’ve done nothing but try to make you see how serious this situation is.” | bite back, frustration swelling in my chest. I don’t like having this conversation in front of the others; this is between us. “If I didn’ t share the details it’s because I didn’t want to frighten you more than you already were, but don’t you dare try to pretend I didn’t warn you.”

She quells slightly, and I reach for her instinctively, needing to soothe the distress visible on her face. However before I can make contact, the sound of the door clicking open fills the air; followed by a scent | would know anywhere.

Selene only has time to gape before my mother barrels into her, wrapping my mate in her comforting arms and whispering a hundred hurried blessings in her ear. I’m surprised she made it here so fast, and as inconvenient as her timing is, I’m thrilled to see the corner of a heavy manilla envelope sticking out of the corner of her purse.

My patience only allows for a few minutes of tearful whispers, apologies, and explanations before ! step forward, pressing a kiss to my mother’s cheek.

“Did you bring it?” I murmur, my gravelly voice low but not indistinguishable.

Mom looks back and forth between me and Selene, obviously hesitant as she draws the envelope from her bag. The word: Confidential, has been stamped across the top of the thick beige paper, and I watch the blood drain from Selene’s face.

“Do you know what this is, little wolf?” | ask, sounding more harsh than I intended.

Her wide eyes leap to my face, undiluted fear dilating her pupils. “Bastien -” She starts, grappling for a reply but failing to find one.

If I had any remaining doubts, her reaction smooths them all away. My wolf rumbles with displeasure and outrage. I can count on one hand the number of times he has been truly angry with Selene, but I cannot blame him in this case. Not one bit.

“It’s time to find out who Lila’s father really is.”

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