Pregnant and Rejected by My Alpha Mate By Caroline Above Chapter 55 by NovelsYou


Selene’s POV

I firmly turn over the deadbolt locking my apartment, looking over my shoulder at the Alpha cradling my daughter as I push the door open. Stepping just inside, I reach out for Lila, sighing in frustration when Bastien pushes past me into the foyer rather than handing over my pup.

y sofa. Sirpanien.” I instruct,

He strides past me as if he owns the space, pulling off his jacket and then Lila’s before settling on my sofa. Stripping off my own outerwear, I promptly swipe my baby away from the big predator and cuddle her to my chest, “You can go now, Bastien.” I instruct, nodding towards the door where Donovan still hovers.

Rather than doing as I suggested, Bastien scoots closer, throwing one burly arm over my shoulder and circling the other around Lila. “I put out an order for Arabella’s arrest.” He announces nonchalantly.

My chin jerks toward him in surprise, and I sit up, holding my body away from his intoxicating touch as best I can. “Did you get her?”

“She ran.” He sighs, dragging one large paw over his face.

It takes a moment for his words to sink in, their full implications washing over me like a drowning tide. “Then she knows I’m here.”

He’s growling before the words can leave his mouth. “Not necessarily.”

“Of course she does!” | argue. “You tried to arrest her for attempting to kill me. The only way you could have found that out is if you found me, which means she knows I’m alive.” And that also means she knows Lila is alive.

Luna whines in my chest, you have to tell him. If Arabella knows about Lila, she’s in danger.

I force down my wolf’s protests, even as Bastien remarks, “You’re right, you’ll just have to come back to Elysium with me then.“

“What?” I hiss coldly.

“You’re safest with me.” Bastien announces smugly, “We know Arabella isn’t in Elysium, So that’s where you should go.”

“In case you’ve forgotten, being near you got me almost murdered multiple times and you didn’t do a d**n thing to protect me.” I bite back, squeezing Lila just a bit too tightly. The sweet pup murmurs and tosses in her sleep, and Bastien plucks her from my arms.

“There, there, little one.” He croons. “Was Mommy getting too worked up?”

My mouth gapes open in outrage, “how dare you!”

Bastien gently rubs Lila’s back in small, concentric circles. “Easy little wolf.” Though he’s petting my pup, I know he’s speaking to me and me alone. “I didn’t know before. I do now. I won’t let any harm come to you.”

Fuming and certain smoke is billowing from my nostrils, I extend my arms, “Hand her over, and get out of my house.”

Bastien arches a thick brow, not moving an inch, “No.”

“What do you mean, no?” I demand, “This is my house, I told you to leave. Now leave.”

I’m not sure how he manages it, after all, Lila isn’t known for being the deepest sleeper in the world. Nonetheless, one moment I’m hovering over Bastien flinging threats and and glares, and the next he’s got my pup sleeping contentedly in one hand, and my nape in the other, “This might be your house, but you belong to me, Selene.” Bastien growls “That means I make the rules here.”

My breast heaves as I scrabble for the words to respond, but he stops me again. “You need some rest, as does this angel, so you’

going to get it.” He orders coldly. “Be a good girl and go to sleep. We’ll finish this in the morning.”

going to get it.” He orders coldly. “Be a good girl and go to sleep. We’ll finish this in the morning.”



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