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Chapter 50

Selenes POV 

That isnt fair. I object immediately. And it isnt ethical, how can you abide bringing an innocent child into your troubles

You mean the way you oh so ethically chose to hide your Volana daughter in a pack you know is incapable of safeguarding her, all the while knowing the Calypsos are after you? Bastien growls, genuine anger in his voice

From the sounds of it we wouldnt be any safer in Elysium. I rebut, conveniently omitting the fact that I know were safer here because his saboteur is far from our only antagonist

At least in Elysium theres an Alpha capable of protecting you. He rumbles. Now come on, out with it, who is her father

Why do you even care, Bastien? I exclaim. Shes not yours so why does it matter whose she is

He prowls forward, circling me ominously. Because until you give me another viable candidate Im not going to believe she isnt mine. His molten eyes flash. And because if she is mine, then youre in trouble for a lot more than faking your death

For the last time, I grind out, I did not fake my death

Then who did? He thunders

Probably your damned saboteur! I throw back, narrowing my eyes to slits. Or maybe its the person who set the fire after locking me in the closet. I cant imagine they were very amused when they realized I escaped

Bastien freezes. What are you talking about

What, you didnt think it was an accident did you? I goad him, feeling particularly feisty in my wolfs skin. And I just magically got. locked inside in the small window of time your mother was gone

No, of course we assumed it was murder at the time. Bastien combats. I just 

What? I prompt. Thought a fake body eliminated the element of foul play

Then you saw who did it? Bastien questions urgently

Saw them, spoke with them, the whole nine yards. I bare my fangs, and by the way Mr. Alpha Protector, that wasnt even the first time they tried to kill me

Too late, I realize I might have bitten off more than I can chew. Bastien has gone from circling me to stalking me into the hillside. You need to start talking right now, Selene

You have to choose. I double down. I can tell you who fathered Lila, or I can tell you who tried to kill me. Which will it be

I want you to think very carefully, Selene. Bastien threatens, If this is really the way you want to play this

Am I to take it that your answer is neither? I drawl

I jump out of the way just in time to dodge Bastiens pounce, trying to put some distance between us as the larger wolf turns to follow me. And this is how you treat your mate? I say with faux disbelief. Id hate to see how you treat your enemies

Keep digging little wolf. Bastien purrs, making my hackles raise. He stalks me for another long moment, Is this little game of yours really more important to you than getting back to Lila

I falter at my daughters name, pausing just long enough for Bastien to make his move. He lunges forward and catches my scruff between his teeth, holding me in place but not applying any pressure. I wriggle and squirm but he simply pulls his head up and lifts my feet off the ground, leaving my paws bicycling in the air. Yield. He commands

I make the most pathetic sounding whimper I can, and the big brute actually snorts. Nice try baby, you forget my wolf can sense yoursemotions. Now submit to your Alpha

Not a chance, Drake is my Alpha. 

Bastiens answering snarl is so vicious I actually do whimper now, tucking my tail between my legs and trying to curl my legs up to protect my belly. Bastien sets my paws on the ground but doesnt release my scruff. 

Is Drake Lilas father? Bastien asks

pause to think, its the most believable answer, but its also the one most likely to enrage him. What if he is

Bastiens next words take me completely by surprise. Is he the one you were in love with while we were together? The one you loved for 15 years

What? I croak dumbly

You heard me. Bastien replies

What in the goddesss name is he talking about? The only person Ive loved for that length of time is Bastien. How would he even know about that? I dont think he remembers meeting me and even if he did, it would be quite a leap to assume I held onto any feelings for him

I didnt even meet Drake until your Fathers birthday. I assure him, You know, the time he saved my life because you left me alone with a pack of shedevils

He ignores the accusation. Is he Lilas father

When I dont reply, Bastien gives me a little shake, and the word tumbles from my lips before I can stop it, Yes! I exclaim, Alright? Yes, Drake is Lilas father

His hold on my nape softens slightly, and I can feel his disappointment through our bond. Then, another feeling filters through, a slight tinge of betrayal, Did you... Was she conceived while we were together

Of course not. I answer immediately. You would have known. You would have smelled him on me. No, unlike you, I was faithful

Confusion unclenches the massive wolfs jaw, and I glance back over my shoulder to look up at Bastien as he thinks, What are you saying? I was always faithful to you

You dont need to bother lying. Bitterness coats my tongue. Im over it

Selene, Im not lying. Bastien claims fervently

Oh please. I roll my eyes, You and Arabella weren‘t exactly subtle, the nights out, midnight rendezvous, jewelry shopping trips. The entire pack knew you were sleeping together

Thats ridiculous, I told you yesterday that theres nothing between Arabella and I. Bastien offers the lie so earnestly I almost think he believes it. A long time ago, I thought about marrying her, but that was before I met you

Goddess, you must really believe Im stupid. I shake my head, trying to stand and failing when one of Bastiens large paws lands on my shoulder, keeping me pinned beneath him. I might not have had an education, Bastien, but I‘m not a complete moron

Where is this coming from, Selene? He fairly explodes, You were victim of enough rumors that I should think you wouldnt be susceptible to believing them about others

They werent rumors Bastien! I cry. Arabella confirmed it to my face multiple times

For the first time since our argument began, Bastien backs away from me, giving me space to stand. You had to have misunderstood

promise you I didn‘t. I hiss. She was very protective of your relationship. I didnt question Drake when he told me you two were going to be married, because I ran into you the day you were picking out her engagement ring

Appearing truly baffled, he furrows his brow, that day in the mall? She was helping me pick out a necklace for you

If that‘s true, then why didnt you ever give it to me? I question

Oddly enough, my fathers murder was something of a distraction. He snipes

Bastien, she told me point blank that you were leaving me for her. I enunciate each word, speaking slowly to ensure my point is driven home. Shes the one who told me you and I were mates, but that you chose her instead

Selene, Bastien beseeches me, I had no idea any of that was happening. I knew she hadnt let go of the idea of marrying me, but I had no idea her jealousy was that extreme or that she would go to such lengths to separate us

| snort, if only he knew

What? He asks immediately

I think you underestimated her even more than you underestimated me. I state icily, And thats saying something 

By which you mean...? He prods

For the love of the Goddess, she faked a kidnapping, Bastien! I exclaim, wishing I were in my human form so I could gesticulate

Wait, slow down, she faked the kidnapping? He parrots unhelpfully

And thats far from the worst. I blurt out the words before I can stop myself, She tried to push me down the stairs when she found 


What? Bastien asks sharply. When she found out what

Pulling myself together with a deep breath, I pull a quick diversion. You think rumors and lies are the worst shes capable of? || insinuate, watching his wolfish expression closely. If what youre telling me is true and you really dont have a relationship with Arabella, then youve got bigger problems than saboteurs. I announce. Because Arabella is the one who set the fire that was supposed to have killed me

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