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Chapter 47

Bastiens PO

The first thing I see is the fear on Selenes face. Fear I hate myself for causing. Shes backed into a corner, appearing so much more like the lost little wolf I pulled from a tree, than the confident woman I met today.  

It takes all my strength to pull my eyes from Selenes haunted expression and survey the rest of the scene, at which point I realize why shes in the corner. The tiny body is visible even now, with pintsized hands clutching her skirt and a gleaming pair of twotoned 

eyes peeking out from behind her leg

Mate, Axel croons with satisfaction. And mates pup. Mine, both mine

We dont know who that pup belongs to yet. I caution him, though I cannot help but feel drawn to the tiny creature in a way I cant explain 

I dont care who she belonged to. He growls. I saw her. I like her. Shes mine now

Thats not how it works. I admonish him

Unable to assuage her curiosity, the little girl pokes her head out of hiding, and Selene stiffens reflexively. Waving off my men, 1 stride forward and close the door, carefully approaching the shewolves. Hello little one.I murmur to the child, kneeling down so that were at eye level, even if Im still halfway across the room. Goddess she looks exactly like you.” I revel, looking back and forth between the beautiful faces

Ive seen many pups and kissed many babies in my life, but I cannot remember ever seeing such a perfect child. Its not just that she is my mates creation that she is the heart and soul of the woman I adore its that she is pure light, pure love. Despite my misgivings, I have to agree with Axel. Mine

A tiny voice tugs at my heart strings. Mommy whos that?” 

The gooey warmth in my belly hardens like a rock, and the reality of our situation splashes over me like a bucket of ice water. If this child is mine, Selene hid her existence from me for years. She left Elysium knowing she was pregnant, and took my baby someplace where I could not protect her

Thats an excellent question.I state harshly, catching my mate in my crosshairs. Selene?Slowly unfolding until Im standing again, I move forward. Who am I to her?” 

A stranger,Selene designates coldly, “and what do we say to strangers, Lila?” 

On cue the tiny pup lifts her chubby fingers to her lips and pulls ar imaginary zipper across her mouth, pressing her lips tightly together and shaking her head once shes finished

Thats very smart.| praise in a much softer voice than I directed at her mother. You should never talk to strangers, but thats not what I am.Little by little, the tot is emerging from behind her mother. Interesting most children are afraid of me at first. Im your mommys mate. Do you know what that word means?” 

Lila shakes her head, still clutching Selenes skirt

It means were meant to be together.” I say this to Selene alone. And whatever she cares about, I care about too.” 

Outrage flashes across Selenes features. What the hell are you doing?” 

Do you want me to lie to her?I demand

You have no right to put those kinds of ideas in her head!” She hisses, flames dancing in her incredible eyes

I cant recall ever feeling such rage, not towards my little wolf. With every second that passes, the more certain I am that this is my child, which means I have every right. I arch a brow at Selene. How old are you Lila?” 

My mates hand whips out and closes over the childs before she can lift her fingers to answer my question with a patented this maryinstead Selene scowls, her plump lip curling Shes not yours.” 

Then whose is she?I interrogate

MineSelene snarla, her wolf glowing in her eyes. Goddess shes stunning when shes angry 

Oh, you made her all by yourself?I goad

Look at her, Selene invites, do you see yourself in her? Do you see even the tiniest resemblance?” 

That was all the invitation I needed. I bend down and scoop up the sweet little girl before Selene can stop me. Come here, pup.|| rumble gently. lets have a look at you.” 

Lila looks a bit shellshocked for a moment, as if she wasnt prepared to leave the ground and can‘t quite wrap her head around her new predicament. Nonetheless, her surprise disappears quickly, replaced by unapologetic curiosity. She looks up at me with wide eyes, studying my face intently and then reaching out to feel the scruff on my cheek

I know instantly that Im a goner, if this little creature asked me for the moon I would try to steal it for her, no matter how impossible. Shaking my head, settling Lila more comfortably in my arms and internally swooning when she instantly rests her cheek on my shoulder. I can‘t see anyone else in her either.I finally answer Selenes question, unable to disguise the reverence in my deep voice, Shes all you.” 

Selene looks lost herself now, her attention swinging back and forth between my face and Lilas, clearly unsure of what to do

Lila makes the decision for her, lifting her head and staring at the floor far below before looking back to me, as if for confirmation. Ts high.” 

Mmm.I hum sympathetically. If she‘s used to being carried around by my mate, this probably seems very high indeed. Too high?” 

Her serious expression transforms to one of pure excitement. No, want to go higher!” 

You want to go higher?I consider her words for a moment before agreeing, Well I think that can be arranged.” 

As long as I live, I will never hear a more beautiful sound than this child squealing and giggling with joy as I toss her over my head, catching her and repeating the move until shes so exhausted from laughing that we have to find a new game

Selenes POV 

Where did it all go wrong? I lament, thoroughly indulging in a fit of selfpity as I watch my daughter riding around on the back of a huge black wolf like hes a pony. Bastien gallops around the room indulging Lilas every whim. It started with the flying game“, as its now known, and somehow evolved and unraveled into playful chaos: wolf-back rides, playwrestling, even a game of fetch

Thats right, the big bad Alpha of Pack Nova ran after a ball like a common dog and proudly returned it to my three year old, licking her face until she squealed and collapsed beneath the onslaught

Of all the outcomes I considered when I pictured this moment, this is the very last thing I ever imagined. I was ready for the anger, for yelling and drawn out fights, but no amount of preparation could ever make me ready for this: for watching Lila play with her father for the first time in her life

When the tears begin to fall I sneak away to the bathroom, thankfully unnoticed amidst the raucous play. When I first got pregnant this was exactly the kind of scene I dreamed about. Before the rejection, before Arabella and everything else, this was my fantasy

I could curse the Goddess for doing this to me, for giving me these dreams and then snatching them away; showing me these glimpses of bliss that will haunt me for the rest of my life. I want so badly to believe our lives could actually be like this, but I know the truth all too well

I have to stay strong, I have to keep fighting

When I emerge, Lila has finally exhausted herself and is lying on top of wolf Bastien as if hes a giant pillow. Honestly its an impulse I understand how many times did he shift to comfort me through thunderstorms, when he knew the feel of a male body would only make the flashbacks worse

When he sees me return to the living room Bastien shifts back, passing Lila to me so he can get dressed

Shes really not mine?He asks, b**toning his shirt

No.I confirm icily. Shes not yours.” 

Liar. Luna hisees in my ear

Did you think I would harm her?Bastien wonders aloud, ls that why you came here? You thought Id harm my male‘s pup because it was sired by another wolf 

Confusion and hurt burst out of my mouth like anger. Why do you keep saying that?” 

Saying what?He questions, seeming truly bewildered

That were mates.I exclaim. Not once in our entire marriage did you call me that.” 

Let me out. Luna pleads nonsensically, I cant take this any longer, I need him

The Alpha looks at me incredulously. It was the first word out of my mouth when I saw you, Selene.His voice is like gravel. Ive known from day one, youre the one who couldnt feel it.” 

Stop it! You dont get to rewrite history this way.Lila stirs in my arms, and I carefully transport her to the bed, setting her among the plush blankets and returning to Bastien with a furious whisper. I was there, remember? I was hopelessly, desperately in love with you for years and you merely put up with me. Do you have any idea what that felt like, to be nothing but an obligation, a weight around your neck holding you back from everything you really wanted?” 

You have to let me out! Luna begs again

Bastiens sharp eyes bore into me, even as my own burn with tears. Selene, what the hell are you talking about?” 

Dont pretend like you dont know! IA sharp stabbing pain in my middle bends me double, forcing a hoarse cry from my lips


I cant help it. She moans apologetically, hes calling me, I dont have a choice

Strong hands are on me instantly. Selene?” 

Somethings wrong.| gasp. I feel... my wolf is.... its like shes trying to force her way out of me?” 

Emotions race across his countenance, before understanding clicks, Have you never shifted before?” 

NoI didnt think I could.| groan

Well get ready little wolf,Bastiens low bass breaks through my panicked thoughts, because youre about to.”

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