Pregnant and Rejected by My Alpha Mate By Caroline Above Chapter 39 by NovelsYou

#Chapter 39 New Life

Bastien’s POV

One by one, wolves from across Elysium filter into the council chambers, answering the mental summons I roared out across the territory ordering the pack to gather at once. Emitting such a call takes incredible strength; it’s a feat very few Alpha’s could accomplish, and one which has left me exhausted, though no less angry.

When the wolves have finally filled the circular space, I call the council back to order, keeping Arabella primely situated before the dais. She’s smiling confidently, and even the counselors look somewhat pleased. I imagine they think I’ve decided to give into their demands

The fools must not realize that suggesting I remarry was the very last thing they should have attempted if they wished my cooperation

“It seems “I announce to the room at large, “That many of you are displeased with my leadership, and uncomfortable with my marital status.”

Already I see Arabella’s smile waver. Until she returned to Elysium I never realized how much Arabella truly wanted to marry me. I thought it had been a childhood crush, one I never worried about encouraging because I planned on giving her what she wanted. Now I think I must have underestimated her interest significantly. I’ve told her privately at least half a dozen times that nothing is going to happen between us, so the idea that she would be colluding with the council this way is rather outrageous.

“However it is my duty to inform you, that I don’t give a d**n about your displeasure or discomfort. If you have complaints you are welcome to raise them with me privately or in forums such as these. I can promise they will be heard and fairly considered, but that is the extent of my obligation.” My deep voice echoes harshly through the vaulted ceiling. “I am not here to give you what you want or coddle you, I am not here to make your lives easier.”

“You are entitled to my protection and governance, and unless you are able to step forward with specific and concrete criticisms regarding those duties or advocacies for new policies, I’m sorry to tell you that I have no interest in your opinions. Particularly when it comes to my personal life.” I can see my audience slowly turtling, subtly curling in around themselves in defense against my wrath.

“My mate was Selene Durand.” I boom. “She is the only mate I will ever have, and the only wife I will ever take. Anyone who says otherwise is deluded or lying. I cannot stop you from gossiping; that is your right, just as it is your right to disagree with me. But I warn you, do not make the mistake of turning gossip into slander about my mate, or disagreement into challenges of my authority because they will be taken seriously.”

As I look around the room, taking in the flushed faces and sweating brows, I listen to their pounding hearts and increased pulses with relish. “I once made the mistake of asking if any Novan believed themselves more capable to lead this great pack, and if so to step forward. I know now that is a question I never need to ask, because if there was anyone strong enough to stand against me, they would already be doing it.”

“I want you to remind yourselves of that fact the next time you want to question me. If all you have the courage to do is talk behind my back, you don’t have a leg to stand on.” 1 fuel all my dominance into my final words. “Now Get. Out.”

As the room clears, I finally turn my attention to Arabella. She’s breathing heavily, her face crimson and hands curled in fists at her side. She always did have a penchant for tantrums. I stop by her side as I move toward the exit, “I don’t know what your involvement in these rumors has been, and I don’t care. But let’s get one thing straight – it ends now. If anyone asks you about us, if you overhear any hushed whispers, I expect you to deny them, clearly and firmly. Are we understood?”

Her eyes flash dangerously, but her voice is sickly sweet. “Of course, Alpha.”

Selene’s POV

The cafe is dark, chairs stacked on tables and freshly mopped floors shining in the reflections of empty glass bakery cases. It’s tranquil without all the customers and bustling servers, but this is always my favorite part of the day.

I pull the doors shut, turning the locks and untying the apron from my swollen belly. Six months after leaving Elysium, my life is more different than I could have ever imagined. I have my own apartment, my own business, a best friend who’s held my hand every step of the way, and I’m just days away from giving birth,

#Chapter 39 New Life

Of course, it hasn’t all been easy. My arrival in Asphodel hasn’t been received well by everyone. After Chloe and Annie left, I was literally thrown to the Eros wolves and the women in particular seem very unhappy about my friendship with Drake and very judgemental of my status as a single mother – but gossiping busybodies are nothing new, and I’m more capable of dealing with them now than I ever was in the Nova pack.

I’ve gotten stronger every single day, even as my body expands and takes on all sorts of strange and surreal new qualities. The baby kicks on queue, meeting my hand as it strokes the curve of my tightly stretched abdomen – so large I can no longer see my feet.

If I didn’t know any better i’d even say my senses have heightened, almost to the levels they performed before I lost Luna. I feel more in tune with the world around me, more connected to my instincts and intuition, but I suppose that’s the magic of motherhood

As anxious as I am about the imminent trauma of labor, my life is full enough now that I’m distracted by such mundane things as who will cover for me at work, and how much time I can afford to take off.

When I first decided to apply for a job at a cafe, Drake’s response had been typically indulgent and easygoing. “Why not just open your own cafe?”

Despite my laughter and protestations of insanity, in the end he forced the seed money into my hands. To my amazement – though not his, as he’d reiterated countless times – I was able to pay him back within the first three months. Now all my profits are my own, and for the first time in my life, I’m self-sufficient.

My apartment is only a block from the cafe – another string pulled by the future Alpha, like the zoning permits, liquor licenses, and public incorporation for my business. It’s a modest one bedroom I’ve gradually made my own, and now I’ve truly started to think of it as home.

Drake is there waiting when I get home, unpacking bags of takeout on the kitchen table as I waddle through the door. He laughs when he sees me, “I swear you get bigger every day.”

I toss my purse at his head, which he easily dodges. “Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to insult a pregnant woman?”

“I’m not insulting you!” He feigns horror, clasping a hand over his heart,”I’m complimenting the spacious home you’ve created for your pup.”

Despite his joking tone, my increasing size is a relief for us both. It took me so long to start putting on weight that I was truly worried for my baby’s health, and true to Dr. Kane’s predictions, my hospitalization in Elysium wasn’t the last of my pregnancy.

“Oh put a sock in it.” I retort, sniffing the air, “Is that food?”

“Yeah.” He answers, waving a fork at me, “Hungry?”

“Starving!” I exclaim, swiping the utensils and falling into a chair. “How was your day.”

“Boring pack business.” He sighs, “Yours?”.

“Not bad.” I concede. The truth is even my bad days are rewarding now. I’m too grateful for all I’ve accomplished to complain. “The Alpha came in for lunch, though I suppose you don’t know anything about that.”

“Hey,” Drake holds up his palms in defense. “He made the first reservation because I thought it might help business, but he keeps coming back because of the food. That’s all you, baby.”

“Suurrre.” I snort, studying my friend in the soft kitchen like, “You know you really don’t look much like your dad at all – or your mom for that matter.”

His eyebrows disappear beneath his hairline, “You mean the pack gossip machine hasn’t reached you yet?”

“What do you mean?” I ask, cocking my head to the side

“The Alpha isn’t my real father.” Drake reveals coolly. “My biological dad died when I was a teenager and my mother brought us to Eros territory and married the Alpha a couple of years later. He never had children and I have the genes, so he took me under his wing. A few years ago, when it became clear I could take the mantle, he named me his heir.”

“I had no idea.” I admit, searching for emotion in his bright green eyes and finding none. “How did your dad die?”

“He was betrayed.” Drake shares, taking a sip of his beer. “He stood up for what he believed in, and got stabbed in the back by the person he trusted most in the world.”

I reach over and squeeze his hand. “I’m sorry.”

“Thanks,” Drake smiles sadly, returning my affection, “One day I’ll make it right, until then I’m just glad to have such an amazing step father.”

I start to return his smile, but at that moment warm wet heat floods my lap, and I look down at my drenched lap in horror Drake jumps to his feet, “What’s wrong.”

“I think

I think my water just broke.” I stutter, looking up at him helplessly. “The baby’s coming.”

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