Pregnant and Rejected by My Alpha Mate By Caroline Above Chapter 27 by NovelsYou

#Chapter 27 My Husband Has Me Followed

Selene’s POV

“I need to promise me you’ll be careful.” Bastien’s oversized hands are framing my cheeks, his metallic eyes boring into my own.

grasp his wrists, my small hands only stretching halfway around them. “I’m just going to the store, Bastien.”

His brow furrows even deeper than it already was. “Maybe Donavon should go with you, or better yet: we can send one of the maids instead.”

“I’m perfectly capable of buying groceries without a babysitter.” I assure him in my sweetest voice. As I untangle myself from his grasp, I add, “Are you really this concerned about the reward flier?”

“I just want you to be safe,” He deflects. “Things have been crazy around here lately.”

It does not escape my notice that he didn’t actually answer my question. I narrow my eyes, “Did something happen? Did somebody report me to your false tip line?”

“No.” Bastien promises firmly. “I’m just uneasy about everything that’s happened with the pack.”

Whatever comfort I gained from his direct “no,” disappears with the second part of his answer. There’s nothing suspicious about

it per se, something simply feels off deep in my bones. “What aren’t you telling me?”

If I needed confirmation he’s hiding something, his immediate “nothing!” provides it.

“Okay, then explain to me why you were okay with me going to the park alone three days ago, but now I can’t set foot out of the house?” I inquire.

“Of course you can set foot out of the house.” He sighs, “It’s simply that the store is crowded this time of day and I don’t want you to be harassed about the hearing.”

In truth I would be worried about it to – if I was actually going to the store. “I’ll be okay.” I insist. “Sticks and stones, remember?”

Bastien is still grumbling under his breath when I leave and once more, the strangest sensation overcomes me as I round the corner. It feels like a strange tingling in my belly, like my body is trying to tell me something my brain can’t sense. Is this what shifters mean when they talk about instincts and gut feelings?

On the off chance it is, I tip toe over to the vent further along the corridor. I learned early on that this air duct connects to Bastien’ s office. If you stand in precisely the right place, you can hear people speaking inside as if they are standing next to you.

My tack pays off when Bastien’s low voice carries to me a moment later. “Don, Selene’s about to leave for the store. I want you to follow her.” He must be on the phone. There’s a pause, then he continues, “Yes, I want guards on her 24/7 if she’s not in this house.”

Getting to the hospital undetected is not easy. Donavon, as it turns out, is quite a skilled stalker. I have to circle two parking garages and run a red light to ditch him. Luckily I also remembered to turn off my phone, as well as the tracking built into the car.

I’m going to be in trouble when I get home, but not as much trouble as Bastien. After I ditched Donavon and the sheer inconvenience of his order waned, the outrage rose up to take its place. Though I’m not sure what’s going on, it’s clear Bastien lied to my face about whatever threat I face, and further saw fit to invade my privacy by having me followed without my consent.

More concerning still, Bastien having a constant guard on me is extremely inconvenient when I am trying to hide such a large secret. What happens if Drake is correct and I decide leaving was the right plan after all? How in the Goddess’s name will get away?

By the time I arrive at Dr. Kane’s office, I’m so worked up that my blood pressure is through the roof and the nurse makes me sit and do breathing exercises for ten minutes before retaking it.

When doctor Kane enters the exam room with a wide smile and begins putting on surgical gloves, I stop him. “I’m not here for an exam.”

He pauses his movements, looking at me curiously. “Oh?”

“You were really helpful when I was here before.” I begin earnestly, praying he’ll take pity on me, “So I was hoping you might be willing to help me again now.”

Though he seems curious, he doesn’t seem cold or annoyed, “What is it you need, Mrs. Durand?”

“I want to know if there is anything you can prescribe me to…” I trail off, unable to find the words.

“To what?” He prompts. “It’s okay. Everything we say in here is confidential and I promise there’s nothing you can ask that i haven’t heard before.”

to know. So they can’t

“Is there a drug that can mask the scent of my pregnancy hormones.” i blurt, “If I don’t want people smell it on me?”

Dr. Kane purses his lips, taking a seat next to the exam bed. “Mrs. Durand, I’m going to ask you something and I need you to be honest with me.”

“Alright.” I agree nervously,

“I’m obligated by law to report cases of abuse if I suspect it, and after your visit last time and now this.. it’s clear something is not right in your marriage. Now, I understand your husband is the Alpha,” He pauses, looking guilty for a moment, “I should have said earlier, I’m very sorry for your recent loss.”

I barely get in a “thank you” before he goes on.

“So I realize reporting it isn’t really an option. But if you aren’t safe, we can find another way to get you help.” He concludes “Now. Selene, are you unsafe -physically or mentally – in your home?”

“No!” I exclaim. “Bastien wouldn’t ever hurt me, not in a million years.” I vow. “I have my own reasons for wanting to hide the pregnancy – one’s I’d prefer to keep private if that’s okay.”

“Of course.” Dr Kane says, relaxing. “I apologize, but I had to ask.”

“Not at all, it’s good you ask. It shows you care for your patients.”

“Thank you.” He smiles widely, “Now to answer your question, yes there is something I can give you to mask the scent of the hormones. But it’s not exactly available on the open market, if you know what I mean.”

I frown. “Is it legal?”

“Perfectly, it’s just not something for which there’s a commercial market – so it doesn’t get produced as a pill or shot.” He explains, “It’s a tea, a fairly unpleasant one. And you’ll have to drink it every day.”

“That should go well with my morning sickness.” I mutter sardonically.

“Now that I can prescribe something for.” Dr Kane offers with a twinkle in his eye.

For the first time all day I feel like smiling. “Dr. Kane, you’re a lifesaver!”

When I get home I sneak up the back stairs to the apartment, a few grocery bags in my hands to maintain my cover story. I slip inside as silently as I can, sweeping my eyes through the cozy rooms to confirm I’m alone. Sighing with relief, I deposit the groceries on the kitchen counter and begin unpacking.

I have less than 30 seconds of peace before a guttural voice sounds behind me. “First lesson in sneaking around, Little Wolf.” | spin around to find Bastien emerging from behind the front door. “Always clear your corners.”

My jaw drops, and my mind struggles to decide whether to focus on his presence or the oddity of his hiding spot. “Were you waiting there the whole time I was gone?”

“Sweetheart,” He says in a tone that implies anything but sweetness, “I heard you the moment you drove up.”

I cross my arms over my chest, “Then I presume you came up here to apologize.”

His claws shoot out so quickly I almost miss it in a blink. Whoops. “Me apologize?” He snaps.

I shift from foot to foot, my heart beginning to pound uncomfortably hard. “You lied to me and then you had your men stalk me.”

“I had my men guard you,” Bastien rumbles thunderously, “and you ran away from them and deliberately put yourself in danger!”

“What danger, Bastien?” I challenge, “I know you’re not having me followed 24/7″ because of petty women’s harassment.”

He prowls forward with a lethal glare. “Take your pick Selene: Two weeks ago my father was murdered in this house and we have no idea who did it or why.” He lists off his fingers, “The pack is against you and Goddess knows what lengths those “petty women” might do to get you out of the way. Oh, and there’s a psychopath looking for you so he can drain and drink your blood like you’re a human juice box!”

Images of Garrick shouting and raging at me burst across my vision, and I cower away from Bastien, stumbling over my own two feet. He catches me before I fall, but I flinch at his touch, whimpering in fear.

Swearing under his breath, Bastien sweeps my body into his arms, “I’m sorry.” He breathes, snuggling me close. “I’m sorry, Little Wolf, I didn’t mean to yell.” Bastien coos, shushing me gently. “You just scared me.”

Irelax into his arms, my fear receding as quickly as it came. Yet a kernel of doubt remains in my heart. Bastien has never raised his voice at me like this before, he knows shouting and loud noises trigger me and no matter what has happened in the past, he’s always kept his temper in check. Always.

What’s more, he doesn’t seem to think he did anything wrong, and I don’t think I can make him understand that his behavior wasn’ t okay. As far as he’s concerned, my safety gives him permission to use any means and go to any lengths to protect me, no matter how I feel or what I want.

Even as I accept his pets and kisses, embracing the affection and comfort, I can’t help but feel something was broken between us today. And I don’t think it can be fixed.

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