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#Chapter 19 Bastien Doesn’t Answer My Calls

the scent which startles me, but the realization that I’m smelling it at all. Ever since I lost Luna my wolf senses have been nonexistent – I should not be able to smell anyone this way,

What should and should not be quickly ceases to matter as the man from the bus appears in front of me. He is easily a foot taller than me, with thick black hair and icy blue eyes. At least twenty years my senior, he closes in, “Hello beautiful.”

My heart stops, and I back away carefully, once again inevitably frustrated by Bastien not picking up his phone when I needed him. “Hello.”

A wide smile splits his cheeks, “Oh come on, don’t look like that sweetheart. I want us to be friends”

I shake my head. “I’m not interested.”

“How can you say that when you don’t even know me?” He counters, his ogling stare belying the reasonable tone of his voice.

“I know because I’m married.” I say, sounding much braver than I feel.

“Not for long from the way I hear it.” He replies gruffly. “What’s wrong, the Alpha doesn’t want you anymore angel?”

“Whatever may be happening in the future, at this moment I am still your Alpha’s wife.” I remind him. “Whether he loves me or hates me, if you put your hands on me, you will be challenging him directly.”

“Is that so?” The man sneers.

“Yes.” I insist.

He laughs cruelly, “I don’t think so. If he cared about you he wouldn’t be leaving you.”

I turn to run, but he catches my wrist, jerking me into an alleyway. I try to cry out but his hand clamps down over my mouth. I thrash against him, biting down on his palm. He jerks away with a pained yelp, then delivers a harsh backhanded slap across my face. I lurch to the pavement, feeling nausea curdle in my belly as stars swirl in my vision.

I flip over, crawling away from him as he looms over my vulnerable body. His hand reaches toward me, coming within inches of my throat before he is propelled backwards, flying through the air and landing on his back at the mouth of the alley.

Igaze up at my savior, my breath coming in gasps. Drake Cavanaugh stands over the man, his booted foot crushing the stranger’ s larynx. “What in hell do you think you were doing?”

“She was asking for it, just look at her.” My would be assaulter babbles in panic.

Drake looks over his shoulder, surveying me carefully before turning his attention back to his prey. “And you asked for this.” He growls, slamming his foot down on the man’s head.

I stare at the unconscious man as Drake helps me to my feet, waiting for him to jerk awake and attack once more. But he does not move, he lies there on the pavement, blood trickling from his lips. I try to scrub the image from my memory, letting Drake lead me out of the alley and into the light.

“I hate to say it Mrs. Durand,” He says with a kind smile, “But you seem like a magnet for trouble.”

I almost laugh, but my nerves are too frayed. “You’re not wrong.” I agree gloomily, “I don’t know what I ever did to deserve it.”

Drake pulls up short, taking me by the shoulders. “That isn’t what I meant. You didn’t do anything wrong whatsoever.” He frowns, “I think we should call your husband.”

I shake my head. “He won’t pick up.” I’ve called Bastien half a dozen times over the past couple of days, each time getting no response.

“Then tell me what I can do for you.” Drake implores me, there must be something.”

“Actually there is,” I hedge, taking a steadying breath. “You can tell me about the Eros pack.”

“Why do you want to know all this?” Drake is sitting across from me in a small tea shop, sipping a mug of chamomile and willingly answering the bevy of questions that have poured from my mouth uninhibited over the last hour.

I watch him closely, weighing whether or not he can be trusted. He has a kind face, and he’s saved me twice in under a week. Of course this is not a guarantee that he is a good person or anyone suitable to confide in, but something deeply buried instinct

#Chapter 19 Bastien Doesn’t Answer My Calls

urges me forward. “Because I’m not staying in Elysium after the rejection.”

“Oh.” Drake says, his brow furrowing. “So you’re looking for a new pack?”

I shrug evasively. “I’m looking for someplace I will be safe, somewhere people won’t come looking for me.”

“What people,” He asks sharply, “Bastien?”

A bitter smile stretches across my face, “He wouldn’t have any reason to seek me out, but I wouldn’t want him to find me if he did.”

Drake doesn’t look convinced. Are you in some sort of trouble Selene?”

“My husband doesn’t want me.” I remind him, “Isn’t that trouble enough?”

The young Alpha’s mouth is set in a hard line as he sets down his tea, pinning me with a stern glare, “I want to help you, Selene. And I give you my word that I will, but only if you are honest with me.”

Ignaw on my lower lip, considering the man in front of me, “And if I tell you something you don’t think should be kept secret.**

“It’s your life,” He assures me gently. “Not mine. I’ll respect your confidence.”

Call me a fool but I believe him.

‘I take a deep breath, furtively scanning the room to make sure we will not be overheard, before giving him the full weight of my

attention. “I’m pregnant.”

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