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#Chapter 103 Odette’s Library

her slender fingers down my chest.

Groaning, I steal one last kiss before returning to my starting position. Bracing myself for the imminent battle, I try to put myself into a mindset that will allow me to do what is necessary. You’re helping her, you’re helping her, you’re helping her. I think somewhat manically.

“Go!” Selene calls with absolute determination.

This time I’m finally able to lunge at her with true ferocity, growling and snapping like the wild animal I keep buried deep inside. However it seems I’m no longer the problem, because while I attack my mate with total commitment, she cannot seem to safeguard herself. Her defensive stance relaxes even as I charge forward, a beautiful smile stretching across her face as my wolf attacks.

It seems Selene is no more capable of fearing me, as I am of threatening her.

This is hopeless.


Things have been very uncertain since Selene returned. The entire city has been in an uproar every second of the day, and convincing the aristocracy to accept my daughter-in-law and granddaughter has been no small feat.

Needless to say, the last few weeks have been an emotional roller-coaster, but I’m convinced it’s all for the best. Bastien has been a shadow of himself ever since Selene left – a condition I understand all too well. I’m beyond thrilled that his heart and spirit has been restored, and I want nothing more than peace for my family.

Still, when I enter the garden this afternoon and find my son in his wolf form, mid-way through an attack on his mate, can’t help but pull up short. Granted, Selene doesn’t seem the least bit bothered. In fact, she looks somewhat delighted to have her mate treating her so aggressively.

“What in the Goddess’s name are you doing?” I question, glancing back and forth between them.

“I’m trying to get Bastien to attack me, but he’s too chicken.” Selene complains, her lovely eyes glittering with mirth.

My son growls, and Selene shivers with delight. For a moment I’m reminded so viscerally of Gabriel that my heart hurts. I remember that glorious tension between l**t and fear so profoundly that I feel a loss even now, so many years after my mate died

“And why do you want him to attack you?” I ask skeptically.

Selene rolls her eyes as if her next words “Because, the other day someone tried to attack me -”

“What’” i interrupt, incapable of smothering my instinctive response. “Are you alright? What happened!”

“I’m fine, honestly, everyone is missing the pointi” Selene exclaims, showing more defiance and backbone than I can ever recall seeing from her before. “Which is that I was able to repel them without touching them.” Her two-toned eyes bore into mine, imploring me to understand, “It was like magic. I tapped into some sort of new power, and we’re trying to recreate the phenomenon.”

It’s a serious matter, but I cannot contain my amusement. Laughter bubbles from my chest in an irrepressible rush. “Well of course that won’t worki” exclaim, “he’s your mate, you know he won’t hurt you.”

“What?” Selene murmurs softly

“It doesn’t matter how tough or threatening he acts,” I share, “you trust him on an intimate level, he’s never going to Ingger the survival instincts you need

“That may be.” Bastien argues firmly “But I’m not letting anyone else attack her.”

“Honestly my darlings, it’s not as if violence is the only solution.” I state simply “Why don’t you come with me, Selene.”

“Come with you where? Bastien asks hesitantly. I swear, the man is so protective of his inate that even I’m not above suspicion

“To my library “I drawl, rolling my eyes. “I have a few books which might offer a bit more insight, and none ci them will put your health or relationships at risk”

#Chapter 103 Odette’s Library

Selene seems ready to come along without complaint, but Bastien catches her around the waist, whispering something in her ear so quiet that even my keen ears can’t hear. Selene flushes bright red, and I have a feeling that whatever her mate just said was deeply personal indeed.

When he finally leaves us alone, I ask, “How are you doing, my love, truly?”

“I keep waiting for the rug to get dragged out from under my feet.” Selene admits. “I mean, I know Bastien loves me. At least, I’m coming to realize that and trying to convince myself to trust it. Still, everything I’ve ever known has taught me the opposite. I don’t really know how to deal with it.”

“Tunderstand.” I affirm gently, “It’s difficult to accept that other people love you when you’ve been conditioned to think you aren’t worthy of it.”

“Exactly.” Selene murmurs, “he’s so confident, so sure of his feelings and beliefs – when I’m just trying to keep my head

above water.”

“Do you think finding this new power will help even the playing field?” I ask. I know what it is to be an Alpha’s mate, to question your own strength alongside that of such a dominant wolf. I wish I could tell Selene she has nothing to worry about, but the truth is that these issues never go away.

“I don’t know.” She admits, “I just want my family to be safe. I want to know my pup won’t have to live in fear.”

“She won’t,” I promise, my own protective instincts rising to the forefront as I pull a volume from the packed shelves of my bookcases. I splay the text open for Selene, displaying the table of contents for the Volana history annals. Of all my books, this text offers my daughter-in-law and granddaughter all they could ever wish to know about their heritage.

“Because you’re going to learn to harness your power, and when Lila’s time comes, you’ll teach her too.” I affirm. “Together you’ll have the world at your fingertips, and that’s a strength no one can ever take away from you.”

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