One Night Surprise Chapter 464

Chapter 464 I’m Already Downstairs

Shay had never expected a reply as such from his ardent fan. How was he comparable to a box of chocolate?

Tina and Casey began the game, the winner being the one who won two out of three rounds. The first round was easily taken by Tina.

But it was obvious to Shay that Casey threw the game.

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Others may not have realized it, but he knew Casey far too well. Outside of work, Casey spent most of his time collecting antiques and playing video games. He didn’t even travel frequently. Anything that could be done at home became his hobby, and he was an expert in it.

Thus, he could easily win against a ten-year-old girl.

The second and third rounds were, without doubt, won by him. Just after they ended the third round, Tina threw the game controller in her hand and sighed. “Why are you so good at this?”

“I can teach you in the future.”

Casey smiled and his normally emotionless face tinged with gentleness. “But you have to keep your promise now and lend Shay to me for ten minutes.”

“Fine.” She nodded and walked toward Angie’s room obediently.

After she entered the room, the sound of her speaking to Hannah could be heard from the outside, praising Casey for his game skills. Hannah wasn’t impressed by what she said and wanted to have a game with him, but Tina stopped her.

“I lost, so I have to lend Shau to him for ten minutes. Don’t go out for the moment.”

“Lend Shay to him for ten minutes?” Hannah’s tone sounded weird, even revealing a shady sense. “So lovely.”

“What is so lovely?” Tina didn’t understand what Hannah meant.

“You’re still young so you can’t understand. This is something about relationships that is different from what you currently believe. You haven’t reached the age of breaking through your inherent mindset yet.”

Hannah waved her hand at the same time she spoke as if she was unwilling to elaborate further to such a young child. She then exchanged glances with Angie, and they both laughed simultaneously. They were both around the same age and had studied abroad, so they shared liberal values.

Angie’s room was poorly insulated. As a result, Shay heard all of their laughter and blushed immediately.

“What do you want?”

Hearing his question, Casey frowned and replied, “I didn’t even do anything.”

“Why are you here? I’m shooting a show here.”

“My presence here will not disrupt your shooting. You’re the one who should explain why you’ve been avoiding me for the past two weeks.”

When Shay heard this, his brow furrowed, and he turned to the photographer hiding in the tent at the corner and said, “Stop recording, and delete the earlier part.”

The photographer was taken aback and hesitatingly stuck his head out from the tent and looked at Casey.

Casey was the biggest investor of this show and thus, it was for him to decide whether to continue shooting.

It was understandable for the photographer to do so, as he had his own considerations and it was necessary to avoid upsetting the investor. But such action offended Shay instead. He stood up from the sofa and said, “Are my words now meaningless? I’m not continuing with this show anymore.”

Right after he finished his words, he removed the microphone clipped on him and walked outside.

The director immediately ran out from the store room to chase after him, but was stopped by Casey’s firm and stern gaze.

Everyone stood there motionless while Casey went after Shay and left Courtney’s house.

Now, only the cameras remained silently standing in the house.

Courtney then came out with a pot of tea in her hand. Seeing that both of them had left, she helplessly placed the teapot on the coffee table and let out a sigh.

She deliberately stayed inside earlier as facing them would only make things more awkward.

Then, she heard a heated argument reverberating from the balcony outside the house, and she vaguely heard them mentioning the wedding ceremony. However, it was quickly drowned out by the sound of them arguing again, so she wasn’t sure if she had heard it right.

Nevertheless, she thought that was illogical too. Same-s*x marriages weren’t recognized by the country and were not legally protected. For both of them, a wedding ceremony was merely a meaningless formality that added nothing but worries to their lives.

Though she knew that eavesdropping wasn’t a good thing, she couldn’t help but focus on their conversation and continue eavesdropping. However, both of them seemed to have quieted down and she could see them smoking at opposite ends of the balcony through the curtains.

Seeing that, she silently heaved a sigh and went to the kitchen to continue her preparation for dinner.

She initially thought that since things had gone awry, Casey would not be staying any longer, but when everything was ready and served, they both walked out from the balcony and sat at the dining table. Sitting at the opposite ends of the dining table, they were facing, and glaring, at each other.

She didn’t want to ask why they were arguing because she knew it would be about their relationship. All she wanted was to get through the night as soon as possible so that the shooting could end.

Shay had never intended to spend the night at her house. Thus, after the dinner, they merely had a brief conversation before he left, and Casey left shortly after him. It appeared that they would be having a huge fight later on.

It was already late at night when the photographer took off all the cameras. Courtney wanted to send Hannah home as it wasn’t safe for a seventeen-year-old girl to go home alone this late, but Hannah shamelessly refused to leave.

“I had a fight with that useless nephew of mine two days ago and I’ve no other friends here. Can I stay here for a couple of days? Such a pretty and kind lady like you won’t decline my request, right?”

Useless nephew. What a good choice of words, Courtney thought.

With that, she had no choice but to get Hannah some clothes to change into and allow her to sleep in Angie’s room.

After Courtney took her shower, it was already past midnight, and the entire house was quiet.

When she returned to her room, she noticed two missed calls on her phone. Though she did not save the number that called, she remembered the number by heart that knew instantly who the caller was. After some hesitation, she texted him.

‘Why did you call me at this hour?’

Given the time now, she assumed she would not receive a response. However, to her surprise, her phone rang within minutes after she sent the message, its echo filling up the house, notifying her that she had a new message incoming.

‘Hannah quarreled with the family. She told me that she was at your place, so I wanted to confirm that.’

‘She’s indeed here now. I’ll send her back tomorrow. Don’t worry.’

‘It’s not appropriate to trouble you for this. I’ll pick her up now.’

‘Isn’t it too late now?’

‘It’s fine. I’m already downstairs.’

Courtney was taken aback when she read this, and immediately walked to the window and pulled her curtains.

The street lights shone dimly on the roadside below the apartment. A black car could be seen parked along the road, and a man stood upright beside it, looking at his phone.

Five minutes later, she casually put on a coat to cover her pajamas and walked out of the apartment’s door.

Seeing her, Alexander then bent his waist and took a paper bag out from his car.

“I remember that you loved this in the past, so I bought it on my way here.”

She took the paper bag over and saw that it was filled with fried chestnut.

This was her and Cameron’s favorite snack in the past. She knew it was purchased from the most well-known shop in Melrose, where there was always a queue at any time of the day and usually, it would be sold out by five in the afternoon. She, of course, did not believe that he bought it on his way here.

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