One Night Surprise Chapter 463

Chapter 463 I Don’t Want to Get Married

“I don’t want to get married,” Shay spoke openly about his true feelings. He appeared to be more relaxed than Courtney in front of the cameras and could ignore them as if they didn’t exist––possibly due to his many years of experience in front of the cameras.

But Courtney had no idea whether what he said was true or if he was simply taking advantage of the opportunity to explain himself in front of the cameras.

For the past five years, there were always constant rumors about him. As he was a public figure as well as a hot celebrity, there were many female celebrities who wanted to get close to him to take advantage of his popularity, and he did not stand firm in rejecting them. This was a big change from his personality when he first debuted, and it raised a lot of questions among his fans.

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Only she knew that he was hiding his fear deep within his heart behind such an attitude.

Whatever prompted him to say such words, she could tell he was worried that his relationship with Casey would be revealed. Hence, she comforted him, “Don’t get married then. Many people nowadays share the same thought.”

“Marriage is just a formality. Eternity is in your heart if you truly love someone.” Courtney and Shay were both surprised to hear this and cast a doubtful gaze at Angie.

Shay had no idea about Angie’s relationship, but Courtney did, and that was exactly what she had been worried about recently. When she heard what Angie said, she felt as if her headache was returning.

Angie was just a seventeen-year-old girl who had not yet reached adulthood. Girls of her age pursue their love with no second thoughts; even if they knew what lay ahead of them was an abyss, they would still jump right in and no one would be able to talk them out of it.

Because of what she said, Courtney wasn’t in the mood to continue on the topic anymore and they ended it hastily.

Angie seemed to notice her bad mood as well. As a result, Angie went straight to her room after dinner to play video games, completely ignoring the lively shooting outside.

The show must go on. In order to create a relaxing atmosphere, the photographer seemed to be playing the role of an invisible man, quietly hiding in the tent at the corner as well as the store room.

Courtney, on the other hand, was using her day off to clean the entire house, followed by the dishes. She would occasionally talk to Shay so that the crew would have something to edit on, and as time passed, she forgot about the cameras and began communicating naturally.

When it was time for dinner, Casey appeared at the door uninvited.

While Courtney was preparing the ingredients for their steamboat dinner later that night, the doorbell rang.

It rang for quite some time, but no one paid any attention to it. She stuck out half of her face from the kitchen window, her hands covered in the blood of the fish she had just handled, and shouted toward the living room, “Can someone open the door please?”

Shay and Tina were playing video games together, each with one controller, and completely ignored her.

“Porridge for tonight if no one answers the door. None of you can have the fried fish I made.”

Right after she ended her sentence, both Shay and Tina dropped the controller in their hands and dashed toward the door.

Shay, who had longer legs, reached the door sooner than Tina. However, upon opening the door and seeing the one standing in front of him, his expression changed. His original smile was replaced by a solemn expression.

Casey, dressed in a slim-fit dark suit, was standing upright before him. His height, which almost reached the door frame, gave him an authoritative air.

“What brings you here?” Shay tried to dodge his gaze.

Casey looked back at him with his deep gaze. Then, with an intriguing voice, he replied, “I’ve just heard from your manager that you’re having a shoot in Melrose, so I dropped by to see if there’s anything I can be of help.”

To that, Shay immediately replied, with his face looking embarrassed, “Everything is fine here and there’s nothing that needs your help. Go back first. I’ll look for you when I’m free.”

After he finished his words, he pushed Casey outside.

They hadn’t seen each other since their fight about a month ago. Casey had no idea when the current show began filming because even Shay’s manager kept it from him.

“Who’s that?” Courtney came out of the kitchen and saw Shay blocking the door.

Seeing her hands filled with blood, Casey was stunned. But as an experienced mature man, he regained his senses within seconds and greeted her calmly, “Hi, Courtney. It has been a long time since we last met.”

“That’s right. It’s been a long time, President Lewis.” Courtney took a few moments to realize what was happening. “Come in and have a seat. Dinner time is approaching; do join us for dinner as well.”

Shay did not want her to worry about their matters. Thus, despite his unwillingness, he did not oppose her offer directly and allowed Casey to enter the house.

“Enjoy your conversation. I’ll prepare some tea.”

And immediately after saying that, Courtney went back into the kitchen to wash her hands.

Tina, on the other hand, wasn’t familiar with Casey. Seeing that Casey had already entered the house, she pestered Shay to continue playing the video game with her.

But Shay wasn’t in the mood to do so. “Let’s get some rest and continue later. You can watch some cartoons first, Tina.”

“I don’t want to. That’s for small children.”

Tina was someone who was easily pumped up. Coupled with the fact that Shay had been spoiling her since she was small, she relentlessly pestered him despite what he said.

Casey found himself a seat on the sofa behind both of them.

“What’s the game? I’ll play with you,” Casey spoke up.

Hearing that, Shay was taken aback and looked at Casey with skepticism.

“Do you know how?” Tina looked at Casey with disbelief.

“I can try.” Casey took a controller and continued, “Let’s try this out, shall we? If I lose, I’ll buy you chocolates.”

“Really?” Tina’s eyes brightened up and she immediately picked her controller up.

Shay understood Casey well. He knew that Casey wasn’t someone who would lose out. He would not even have any pity for young children. This was his nature of being a businessman—always trying to gain some advantages over the others, no matter who they were.

With this thought in his mind, Shay immediately interrupted and asked, “Wait. You’ve only mentioned what you will do if you lose. But what if Tina loses?”

Casey looked up when he heard his question. His gaze, seemingly filled with some deeper meanings, met Shay’s. After a brief silence, he looked at Tina again and said, “If you lose, could you please lend me Shay for ten minutes? One box of chocolate for Shay’s ten minutes; this is worthwhile, right?”

Just as he finished his sentence, Shay smiled confidently.

Tina was his die-hard fan; it was impossible for her to agree to such a condition. She wouldn’t agree to it even if she were offered an entire basket of chocolate, let alone a box of it now. Hence, he mockingly said, “It’s impossible for her to…”

But before he could finish his words, Tina’s clear voice resonated from behind. “No problem.”

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