One Night Surprise Chapter 462

Chapter 462 Chase Him Out Unconditionally

At Melrose International Airport, Courtney estimated Shay’s arrival time and parked her car just outside the arrival building. Soon after she parked her car, she noticed a large crowd of fans rushing out of the arrival building’s entrance, holding brightly lit boards and banners.

Shay was wearing a pair of sunglasses and was surrounded by five to six bodyguards. He was dressed simply in a white t-shirt and casual pants, but his superstar aura could not be hidden.

At that moment, the fans even blocked the view from the car’s window. The moment Shay got in, Courtney started the car immediately without even greeting him. She could even see from the rearview mirror that some fans were chasing her car.

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On the co-driver seat was the photographer who had been following Shay for the entire show. Fortunately, the photographer was focusing his attention on Shay and not on her, so she was at ease. She only managed to leave all those insane fans behind after she got to the airport highway.

“You’re punctual this time. I didn’t wait for long.”

She looked at Shay through the rearview mirror and asked, “Have you eaten? I have a sandwich here if you’re hungry.”


“In the fridge under the seat.”

Hearing that, Shay bent his waist to find the fridge, and he took out a sandwich in a glass container. Courtney had prepared it this morning just in case he did not eat anything on the flight.

“When Tina found out she’d be on the show with you, she asked Angie to go shopping with her yesterday and even bought new clothes.”

“Claim the expenses from me.” While eating the sandwich, he laughed. “Courtney, you don’t need to deliberately find something to talk to me about. They’ll edit the videos later. Just focus on driving and don’t do anything on purpose.”

His words made her blush and she gave him a glare through the rearview mirror.

In recent years, his career in showbiz has progressed rapidly. He was no longer the Cello Prince who transformed into a singer a few years ago. Now, all his concerts were always sold out with no seats untaken. Of course, he worked hard for it, but it would not have been possible without Casey’s help.

She wasn’t very optimistic a few years back when she knew about him and Casey as the road ahead was difficult. However, five years had passed now, and Casey had protected him well. She was no longer worried about them.

The entire car fell into silence after Courtney stopped talking. Feeling helpless, the photographer tried hard to signal to her, using his eye contact, so she could find something to talk about, but she deliberately did not do so. Instead, she asked him what had happened to his eyes, which frustrated him so much that he almost suffered internally as a result.

Behind them, Shay had already fallen asleep after having the sandwich. She then drove for more than one hour before they reached her place.

By then, even the corridors of her house were installed with cameras.

The moment they opened the door, they heard a loud bang, followed by many pieces of colorful shredded paper falling and covering their faces. Both of them were shocked by it and luckily for Courtney, Shay managed to catch her before she fell down from shock.

“Shay!” Tina rushed into his embrace just like the way an insane fan would do.

Courtney was so surprised at the crowd that welcomed them at the door that she forgot to remind Tina to address Shay properly. Angie was the first one by the door, followed by Josephine, then Tina, all of whom were having small celebration firecrackers in their hands. What was even more surprising was that Hannah was here too.

“Hannah? You’re here too?”

Though her appearance changed throughout the past five years, Courtney could still recognize her.

“I called her over, Courtney.” Angie took a side glance at the camera and explained the situation before Tina did, “I met her that day when u fetched me from the airport.”

As there were cameras around, Courtney could not probe further even though she was still perplexed.

“Let’s head in first.”

Shay was being pushed into the house by the girls, especially Hannah and Tina. They were both staring at him with such agitation that their eyes seemed to shine.

Tina then preoccupied herself with showing him her video games. The living room was very lively as a result of their presence.

Thereafter, Courtney took this opportunity to pull Angie into her room.

Apart from the washroom, only her and Josephine’s rooms did not have cameras in them.

“Why is Hannah here?”

She asked straightforwardly right after she closed the door.

Angie immediately gave her an innocent expression, holding up her hand, and answered, “I swear I’m not the one who asked her over.”

She said so earlier just to prevent Tina from saying anything inappropriate. Tina yearned for Courtney to reconcile with her biological father. Hence, she might disclose the messy relationship between Hannah and Courtney in front of the cameras. So, to prevent such trouble, she did what she had previously done.

“Hannah came just after you left this morning. She said she followed Shay’s schedule here. I refused to let her enter at first, but Tina was so friendly that she invited her straight into our house. What can I do?”

Courtney frowned hearing this. “This girl…”

It wouldn’t be a big deal if Hannah was here because of Shay. But Courtney was afraid that this wasn’t her purpose of coming over.

“How did you tell the crew of the show then?”

“I said she’s my friend. Not related to you at all.”

Courtney heaved a sigh of relief.

“Would it bother you? If yes, let me think of some ways to ask her to leave,” Angie suggested.

“It’s all right.” After a brief pause, Courtney continued, “This shouldn’t be a big problem. It’s getting late and I need to prepare lunch. Help me to keep an eye on her. Hannah was a timid girl; it’s unlikely that she would come here just to chase after her idol. Perhaps…”

Perhaps someone asked Hannah to do so.

She wouldn’t be surprised if Alexander showed up in front of her door later to look for this aunt of his.

“What if Tina’s biological dad really comes later?”

“I’ll chase him out regardless of what happens.”

“But the cameras are shooting.”

“Don’t worry. That father of Tina’s is not an easily-bullied person either. He would never allow such embarrassing moments of him to be broadcasted out. That scene will definitely be cut.”

Based on her understanding of him, this was definitely what he would do.

While she was preparing lunch, Shay entered the kitchen and offered to help. However, he only managed to pluck some vegetables before she chased him out, saying that he wasn’t fast and nimble enough.

And the camera managed to record such a scene. This scene could be the highlight of the show appearing in the trailer.

Their meal was simple; all of the dishes were typical home-cooked food. Since Hannah showed herself up shamelessly, it would not look good to chase her out, hence all of them sat by the dining table. A glance around the table would show that Shay was the only guy here, but he wasn’t awkward at all.

While they were eating, they talked about relationship issues for the purpose of the show.

Angie and Hannah, as young ladies approaching the age of young adults, joined the conversation at the director’s suggestion.

“Dating and getting married are totally different things altogether. Don’t you think so?”

Shay, who was mindlessly poking the beef in front of him, voiced his opinion, “Dating is all about sharing your joys and sorrows. But marriage seemed to be more about shouldering life’s burdens together, with no apparent connection to the feelings involved. I’m not interested in getting married.”

Following that, Courtney said, “You can date forever, and you will realize that the sharing during the relationship will eventually turn into shouldering burdens. Both of them are not mutually exclusive.”

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