One Night Surprise Chapter 461

Chapter 461 Be Brazen-Faced

Moments after she was done with her sentence, the grievance on the other end of the call seemed to disappear instantly and it was replaced by a warm reassurance. “Don’t worry! The real filming will take only half a day. However, they will be there earlier to install the cameras in your house, and that will take up to two days. The devices team should be arriving at your house by tomorrow afternoon.”

“What? Tomorrow?” Courtney was stumped. “You’re so certain that I will agree to it?”

Ever since Shay was spoiled by Casey, Shay had mastered the trick of behaving pitifully to get what he wanted––even Tina could not compete with him.

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“I’ll send you my flight details. Remember to pick me up the day after tomorrow.”

Shay did not respond to Courtney’s question and focused on the trivial things he wanted to say instead. He then patronized her by saying he didn’t want to disturb her sleep and abruptly hung up the phone.

Courtney was irritated, but she found him amusing at the same time. In the end, she couldn’t do anything but place her phone down and sleep.

A notification sound rang just as she set her phone down. She figured it was Shay sending her his flight information, so she wasn’t bothered by it and fell asleep right away.

It was noisy outside the next morning.

She had initially assumed that some renovation was being done upstairs. However, as the sound continued, she found it weird, as if it resonated from outside her door. She then heard a man’s voice, which caused her to immediately jump out of her bed. Feeling fearful, she took the golf club beside her bed, walked carefully toward her room door, and opened it.

Outside, there were about seven to eight men crowding at almost every corner of the house. As if they were really doing renovations, they were all busy doing something, if not giving instructions.

Angie, Tina and Josephine were standing in a line in ascending order. Josephine appeared as if she wasn’t awake at all as she kept nodding off while obstinately standing.

Angie was the first to see Courtney standing by her door. Upon seeing her, Angie greeted, “You’re finally awake, Courtney. These men said they’re here to install the cameras for Shay’s show.”

“I see; just to install the cameras.” Courtney then secretly threw the golf club behind her and went out of the room after tidying up her hair.

Shay’s assistant, who knew Courtney and the other three children, was the one who brought the men over.

Being Shay’s top fan, Tina was ecstatic to know that Shay would be coming for a shoot. And now that she knew that, she ran to the house in excitement.

“Is Shay coming to stay with me when he comes? Does my room need to have cameras installed too?”

Courtney took a glance at her and replied on behalf of the assistant, who was already bombarded with Tina’s questions, “No. You’re already eleven. Shay will be in trouble if he stays with you.”

“No, that won’t happen. I won’t kick the blanket anymore.”

Josephine, who was standing beside them, acted as a small adult and explained, “The trouble that Mommy is referring to is that girls over the age of five need to have gender awareness.”

Hearing that, Tina was dejected. “But we don’t have any guest rooms anymore! Where would Shay sleep then?”

“Who told you that he is going to stay here?” Courtney didn’t want to continue hearing her ramble on, so she tried to explain everything patiently, “He’s only coming to film a program. The longest he’ll be here is until dinner, and he’ll leave thereafter. Of course he wouldn’t stay here. Stop thinking too much, Tina.”

Tina was not comforted by her words, but she instead became more depressed.

Even if it were a toy, she wouldn’t like it for this long. Nobody has said anything yet, but she has started worrying about him for no apparent reason. Oh, how will she be when she grows up?

A helpless Courtney sighed.

When she went to work in the afternoon, she took a day off specifically for Shay’s filming. As it was unusual for Courtney to do so, her superior gladly granted her two days off.

Getting two days off from the hospital was a huge accomplishment worth celebrating.

Meanwhile, Alexander was in the CEO’s office of Sunhill Enterprise.

He had just ended a meeting when Eric suddenly knocked on the door and walked in, deliberately tilting his head to reveal the person behind him—Josh.

“President Duncan, I’m back.”

Upon hearing Josh’s voice, Alexander immediately raised his head from the piles of documents he was reading.

Eric had previously messed important things up. To prevent the same thing from repeating, Alexander decided to call Josh back from Australia. He was so reliable and efficient enough that he flew back almost immediately after Alexander’s call.

Seeing that Alexander wasn’t overjoyed about Josh’s return and even appeared to be more indifferent than usual, Eric was happy in his heart. However, after signing the last contract he was going through, Alexander stood up and instructed, “Send these documents to their respective departments, Eric. I need to talk to Josh about something and I don’t want anyone else in the room. So, when you leave, close the door.”

Eric was stunned at first when he heard Alexander’s words and since there was nothing he could do but agree, he left unwillingly.

Isn’t it obvious that they’re leaving me out? What is so important that they have to exclude me, the chief assistant of the President? he pondered.

On the coffee table in the room, two cups of scented tea were bubbling hot with steam.

“Courtney is in the hospital now and she has met Grandpa…”

“That’s not important now.” Josh then turned on his tablet and pushed it to Alexander. “President Duncan, look at today’s headlines.”

The moment he opened Facebook, he saw the top few topics in the trending lists were all about Shay, and worse still, it wasn’t only about him.

‘Shay’s fans have associated him and his adoptive sister as a couple.’

Almost the entire half of the trending list was about similar things. Surprisingly, even the netizens’ comments were in agreement.

‘All the fans are begging for Shay to be together with his sister. No one treats him better than her.’

‘They are childhood sweethearts. It’s just so wonderful. Shay, just be with your sister.’

And there were more similar comments.

Seeing that all the netizens were trying to match Shay and Courtney, Alexander was at a loss for words.

“Are all of them blind? They can’t even notice the relationship between Shay and Casey.” He was so furious that he almost smashed the tablet so that he would not have to see the news anymore.

“The trending list was published last night. When the PR team saw it, it was already too late to remove it. So, they can only leave it be for now.”

“Remove it.” Alexander’s face was ashen with rage. “By h**k or by crook, take this trending list off.”

“Yes, sir,” Josh replied swiftly. From his understanding of Alexander, he would be Alexander’s next target if he did not agree with what Alexander said. He then quickly changed the subject. “Eric is still young. He was merely being childish in the previous matter and did not give it much consideration.”

To this, Alexander said nothing.

“Regarding the ways to court your ex, I believe there’s only one trick.” After Josh said this, Alexander immediately focused his gaze on him. “What trick?”

He knew that people always said to persevere or be determined, but for him, all these were useless and couldn’t be of any practical help at all.

In response, Josh gave him a light smile. With an indecent expression on his face, he uttered, “Be brazen-faced.”

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