One Night Surprise Chapter 457

Chapter 457 Old Flames and New Loves

‘Romantic Ways to Confess’—that was the first plan Eric selected from the many proposals that he received. It was also the proposal with the highest success rate. It required Alexander to personally put on a Pikachu costume and dance in the square, attracting Courtney’s attention, before giving her a rose and taking off the headgear of the costume at the right time.

As the headgear came off, fireworks would have to go off in the distance. Though trite, the plan was popular for being romantic in such a way that no girl could resist.

Who knew that Caleb would appear in the middle to turn the entire plan upside-down?

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There was nothing Eric could do but assure Alexander that there was another plan and that it was highly unlikely they would also run into Caleb during the execution of the second plan.

To avoid the mistakes of the previous time, Eric deliberately chose Courtney’s workplace as the meeting place and set the time for a workday at noon.

Surely a workaholic like Caleb wouldn’t skip work to come out at noon.

During midday the next day at the Melrose City Hospital parking lot, Eric was assuring Alexander confidently as they sat in the car, “Things will definitely work out this time, President Duncan. Women are always nostalgic. As long as you try and wow her back using the things you gave her when you were together, she will be moved and once she is moved, you will be able to win her over.” With that, Eric glanced at the backseat. “What have you prepared, though? Can I take a look? I’m afraid our plan will fail if we step on a landmine.”

Handing Eric the box that he had prepared a long time ago, Alexander told him, “See for yourself.”

It was a black rectangular suede box that looked like the kind to hold a necklace, but Eric gasped upon opening it. “What are these, President Duncan?”

Inside the box was a row of ten diamond rings in various stylesthe cheapest of which carried a diamond that was certainly no less than 5 carats—glittering so brightly that they nearly blinded Eric.

“Engagement rings—” Alexander answered calmly, “—for when I proposed. I didn’t know what style she liked, so I commissioned ten different ones.”

The look in his eyes became complicated at the mention of what happened all those years ago.

If it weren’t for what happened back then, the both of them would be married by now and his daughter would have grown up by his side instead of being so unfamiliar and apathetic toward him.

“Ten?!” Eric tried his best to calm down before carefully closing the jewelry box and handing it back to Alexander. “You’d best make your way there quickly.”

Eric’s jaw would have fallen open in shock at this moment if it weren’t for the fact that he had called Josh beforehand to ask about Courtney. After all, the Alexander that Eric knew would never be so utterly smitten with a woman.

In contrast, it would be strange that any woman in the world could remain so unmoved by such an act from a powerful man.

After getting out of the car, Alexander strode directly through the main doors of Melrose City Hospital. His well-built figure struck a particular contrast against the common crowd, and he drew the attention of many onlookers.

At noon, there were fewer people in the clinical laboratory than at other places. The moment Alexander exited the elevator, he saw Courtney leaving the laboratory and going farther down the corridor.

Overjoyed, he strode toward her, only to see her accepting a thermal lunch box from another man. Because Alexander was so far away, he couldn’t hear what they were saying, but she was smiling brilliantly in a way that he hadn’t seen in five years.

As he clenched the box in his fist, he subconsciously took a step forward, wanting to demand answers only to realize that he didn’t have any right to be asking questions at the moment. And so, after some hesitation, he turned around and left.

Currently, Courtney was holding onto a thermal lunch box and asking Caleb curiously, “It’s rare to see you outside the office, Mr. Menzie. Why have you personally come here today? Where’s your mom?”

“She’s a bit busy and I also feel like it’s time to have a chat with Linda.”

“Why don’t you deliver her lunch yourself, then?”

“I’m afraid she won’t eat it if I give it to her myself, so I’ll have to trouble you one more time. I’ll talk to her once she’s done with lunch.”

“Alright.” Teasingly, Courtney asked, “Does that mean I won’t have to cover for you from today onward?”

With a warm, gentle smile, Caleb answered, “Yes.”


And so, still carrying the lunch box, Courtney headed to the Cardiac Surgery chief’s office. The moment she stepped through the door, she noticed Linda staring at her phone and sitting as motionless as a monk who was deep in meditation.

“What on earth are you doing, chief?”

Linda’s head jerked up. “You scared me!” Upon glancing at Courtney, she continued, “Is that lunch from Caleb’s maid?”

“Yup.” Courtney set the box down on Linda’s desk. “Eat it while it’s warm. I’m leaving now.”

“Hold on a minute,” Linda stopped her. “It’s been almost half a month since they started delivering food, but you’re always either not in the hospital or not feeling well enough to eat what’s been made. I’m starting to realize I’ve eaten everything they delivered.”

“That’s right.” Courtney batted her eyelashes. “It was always meant for you, anyway, so how could I possibly eat it? Don’t forget you’re the one they’re interested in.”

For a moment, Linda was rendered speechless and it took a while before she pointed out stupidly, “But you’re the one Caleb’s been meeting.”

“We met a total of two times.” Courtney held up two fingers before glancing meaningfully down at the phone on the desk. “Only twice. But you’re the one who has been chatting with him.”

Linda’s face turned red in the blink of an eye. “Chatting? What are you talking about? I-I haven’t said anything to him!”

“Sure.” Courtney snorted. “At any rate, I won’t have to pretend to be you anymore.”


“Nothing. I’m leaving now.”

Given Linda’s conflicted expression right now, Courtney was certain the former had fallen for Caleb. While she was deathly curious how Caleb had managed to win the affections of Linda—the woman least interested in dating men in all of Melrose City Hospital—solely by talking to her online, Courtney dared not brazenly ask.

Upon recalling that Caleb would confess to Linda after lunch and that she would no longer have to play pretend in front of Linda once everything was cleared up, Courtney let out an internal sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, Eric was headbanging to some rock music inside the car when he noticed a figure walking toward him from afar. Caught off-guard, he tripped over himself to turn off the music.

With a bang, the car door slammed shut so violently that the whole carriage shook.

“P-President Duncan? Why are you back so soon?”

The box of rings that was still clenched in Alexander’s fist was glaringly obvious through the rearview mirror.

After a pause, Eric continued hesitantly, “Is Dr. Hunter not at the hospital? Last I checked, she’s on duty today.”

Seemingly not hearing his words, Alexander only stared dazedly out of the window. He couldn’t help remembering the two times he had seen Courtney by Caleb’s side, during which both times she was smiling broadly.

To her, Caleb was her new love.

New loves were like fresh fruit—free of any defects.

Alexander, on the other hand, was an old flame. Once the affection was stripped off, there was nothing left but a rotten core.

“Start the car. We’re going back to the company.”

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