One Night Surprise Chapter 451

Chapter 451 He’s Only My Ex

At Melrose City Hospital, since Courtney returned, she had been standing at the clinical laboratory window conducting blood samples collections and delivering test results.

“Tell me the truth—are you playing with me? What on earth did you tell Caleb for him to tell my mom that I’m his soulmate and only choice for marriage? No, he must be referring to you.”

“Has Cardiac Surgery found itself a lot of free time lately for you to be able to come to me at your leisure to discuss private matters, Chief Hass? If our superiors catch you…” Exasperated, Courtney eyed Linda, who was reclining in her chair.

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“I don’t care if they catch me. I need to clear things up with you by today. If you’re truly interested in Caleb, can’t you just come clean to him about your identity and start dating him?”

“I swear I’m not interested in him. I’m only doing what you told me to.”

“I don’t believe you. If you really did as I told you to, why does he still keep having his maid send you lunch every day—”

“His maid?” Courtney suddenly interrupted. “What are you talking about? What maid? I thought the person delivering lunch was—”

“Chief…” Pushing open the lab door with a panicked look on her face, a nurse on duty interrupted before Courtney could finish speaking. “Oh—Chief Hass, you’re here as well. Is Chief Kenell here?”

“What’s the matter?” Courtney paused for a moment. “Chief Kenell is attending a PTA meeting at her kid’s school. She just left.”

Chief Kenell was the clinical laboratory chief. Because the clinical laboratory department wasn’t as busy receiving patients as other departments, the chief was usually not on-shift in the laboratory.

“Someone outside is throwing a fuss,” the nurse explained anxiously. “I don’t know if she’s a patient, but she wants to see a doctor from the clinical laboratory department. I asked her which doctor it was but she couldn’t tell me, so I hurried here to notify Chief Kenell.”

“Throwing a fuss?” Linda repeated as she stood up. “This batch of patients must be mad! The incident from two days ago made the news. Come now, I’ll help you deal with it.”

Seeing that she was saved, the nurse quickly nodded. “Thank you, Chief Hass.”

After all, Linda Hass was well-known in the hospital for having a temper that could not be crossed. She had her own method of dealing with patients and as of yet, no patient had been able to outmatch her.

Afraid that things would get blown out of proportion, Courtney hurried after them.

From afar, they could already see a figure being held back by several nurses in the corridor.

“Why are you all holding onto me? Don’t touch me! I already told you that I only want to look for a doctor from the clinical laboratory. The shameless sl*t has been seducing my boyfriend! Aren’t I allowed to speak with her?”

“Outsiders aren’t allowed to simply walk into the clinical laboratories, ma’am. If you give us her name, we can have her summoned.”

“Why would I come here if I knew her name? At any rate, it’s the doctor who has been conducting physical examinations at Sunhill Enterprise these few days. She’s so shameless to be seeking an opportunity wherever she finds it!” The woman’s voice was particularly livid, harsh, and shrill.

“Sunhill Enterprise?” Linda stopped in her tracks and glanced over her shoulder.

Naturally, Courtney lifted her head and realized that Linda was staring straight at her. Currently, the former was also startled and her gaze tracked the sound of the voice to see a very familiar figure being surrounded by a crowd of nurses.

Who else could go about constantly toting limited-edition purses and dressing up like a Chanel model who was afraid of being perceived as poor other than her so-called cousin Kelly Yves, the niece of her stepmother Susan?

“Courtney?” The moment Kelly saw Courtney, the anger on her face turned into astonishment. “Why are you here?”

In response, Courtney tried to tug the corners of her mouth upward into a smile, but she quickly gave up when she realized she couldn’t. “There are too many people here. Do you want to talk in my office?”

Perplexed for the moment, Kelly blurted, “But I’m not here for you. I’m here for a doctor. She—” And then, her face suddenly paled as she realized Courtney was wearing a white coat. In disbelief, she asked, “You? Y-You’re the one who’s been going to Sunhill Enterprise every day to change Alexander’s dressings? It’s you?”

“Dr. Hunter has been going to help the President of Sunhill Enterprise change his dressings every day?”

“This is the first I’m hearing of it.”

“I heard a long time ago that she was assigned to Sunhill Enterprise to help their employees conduct medical examinations.”

“Oh my god! She must have some skill. Could you have been assigned to it?”

And it went on and on.

Intrigued, the flock of nurses gathered in the corridor to gossip, looking between Courtney and Kelly from time to time.

It had to be proof that hospital work was too dull, for why else would they watch on as trouble plagued a member of their staff with such great relish?

Of course, Courtney felt so embarrassed that she wished she could disappear into a hole in the ground, but she could only explain to Kelly in front of everyone, “Don’t misunderstand. I don’t have any relationship with him. I’m only carrying out my job as a doctor for an old friend. Whatever your relationship is with him has nothing to do with me.”

Seemingly humiliated by Courtney’s response, Kelly huffed. “Don’t act innocent in front of me! Other people might not know what your relationship is with him. But I do, and God knows he never got over his ex-wife! He didn’t even tell me you came back. It’s no wonder your son told me two days ago that he wanted to buy you a birthday present. Who do you husband and wife both think you’re trying to fool?”

“Husband and wife?”


The corridor instantly exploded in murmurs.

Helplessly, Courtney rubbed her temples. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that all sorts of gossip had to be flying around the various social circles in Melrose City Hospital by now.

Yet, like a lit cannon, Kelly continued to go off. “I don’t care whether you get back together with Alexander, Courtney Hunter. I’m in no mood to be strung along by both of you. Goodbye!”

With that, she stormed off without turning back, her heels clicking against the tile of the corridor with sharp, clear force.

All at once, the audience of doctors and nurses turned to stare at Courtney.

In the end, Linda was the one to speak up first and give her a thumbs-up. “Impressive, Dr. Hunter. No wonder you wouldn’t tell us what your husband did for a living. Turns out he’s the richest man in all of Melrose City. Very impressive indeed.”

“I never knew you had so much hidden away, Dr. Hunter.”

“You should treat us to dinner tonight.”

“Yes, you must! If you don’t, I’m withholding the data you wanted and extending your internship.”

And so on.

In the midst of all that chatter, the only thing Courtney could sense was the money in her purse growing wings and flying away.

How terrible did her luck have to be for Alexander to be indirectly hurting her so long after they broke up? Why couldn’t the women interested in him be more strong-willed? Why did they have to give up the moment they saw her?

“Alright, alright! I’ll treat everyone to dinner, but the question is whether or not you’re free to attend.”

“We can order in and have it delivered to the hospital canteen. And then, we can take turns eating. It can be a banquet!”

“Do you think my money grows on trees?”

“How can you say that? Your husband is the richest man in all of Melrose City! I think you should share your wealth with everyone.”

“He’s not my husband; he’s only my ex!”

“I, too, wish to have the richest man in Melrose City as my ex! What kind of luck do you have? I think it might rub off on us if you treat us to dessert and supper as well.”

Upon hearing that, Courtney could only sigh helplessly.

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