One Night Surprise Chapter 450

Chapter 450 It’s Time to Put Our Plan Into Motion

It had been half a month since Scott got admitted into the hospital and since then, Courtney had never met him. To be fair, there was also an element of her avoiding him. After all, they almost became a family in the past, so she felt that it would be awkward for them to meet since she didn’t know what to say.

Courtney knew the things that both Alexander and her did back then must have hurt the old man, but she never expected that Scott’s refusal to perform his surgery was because of her.

After lunch, Kate drove Courtney back to the hospital.

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“Court, everything happened so quickly today. After assessing the situation, I decided to tell Jordan because I was worried that Mrs. Yves would make a big fuss and the rumours about you have been increasing in the past two days. I hope you’re not angry at me.”

“It’s okay. You’re only doing this for me.”

“You can say that I’m a bit biased too.” Kate chuckled and added, “I was worried that I wouldn’t know what to do if Alicia knew about the grievances you suffered in Sunhill Enterprise.”

“You don’t need to be worried. In fact, I should be grateful that you’ve been taking care of Jordan for all these years.”

“If Alicia hadn’t sponsored me throughout university, I would have stayed in the village after high school, teaching primary school students for a living. Now that I’m doing pretty well, I should be grateful. Everyone has their own choices, and the choice that I made back then was actually an opportunity all along.”

Sitting in the passenger’s seat, Courtney couldn’t help but look at Kate as she repeated, “An opportunity?”

Kate was a student from an impoverished area who got financial aid from Alicia and William. Five years ago, when Kate just graduated from university, she managed to pass the preliminary national examination and interview so at that time, she was one submission of her personal documents away from getting a job. Also, with William’s care, the rest of her life should be smooth sailing for her.

However, Kate rejected the job that countless people dreamed of having and submitted her resume to Sunhill Enterprise. She only told her family about it after she got her acceptance notice, so it was already too late for her to change. Afterward, Alicia was angry at her for not discussing things with them before making the decision.

“Court, this might sound cliché, but I’m now capable of buying my own house and paying my grandma’s hospital bills without asking for money from Alicia. Not only that, I am also able to buy a decent birthday gift for Alicia and Josie, and the people in the company are now treating me with respect. This is the life I want to live.”

Courtney understood why Kate was desperate to prove her worth back then, but the former also pitied Alicia and William. “Kate, don’t you think that Aunt Alicia and Uncle William planned out your future for you so that you don’t have to suffer? To them, you are like their own daughter.”

Courtney believed that they adopted Kate back then so that they could treat the latter as though she was their actual daughter, and they must have hoped that Kate would treat them as her own parents. Sadly, that wasn’t the case. Just like what Alicia said, it was as if she was destined to live a life with no children.

Holding onto the steering wheel, Kate murmured, “Court, we are not the same. I knew from a young age that if I ever wanted something, I would have to fight for it with my bare hands in order to have any hope of achieving it. I feel that the things that are provided by others will never last long.”

Upon hearing that, Courtney felt a bit disappointed. “So you’re saying Aunt Alicia and Uncle William are ‘others’ and not your family?”

“That’s not what I meant. You know that it was hard for me to be adopted at an older age since I still have my grandmother to take care of, so I can never forget about my original family. However, I can promise you that I will always remember what Alicia and all of you did for me.”

Courtney stared at Kate for a while. The former was hesitant to speak about what she felt, so she remained silent.

“Aunt Alicia and Uncle William just want you to be happy, so I hope that you understand what you’re doing.”

Kate was an orphan who was adopted by Alicia and William back then, but it was only known to them after all the adoption papers were signed that she still had a grandmother who was too weak to take care of her, which was why she was placed in an orphanage. However, Kate was very stubborn back then, so after two days living with the Somerfield Family, she ran back to her old home.

Alicia and William looked around for her and when they finally found her, the girl was covered in dust while she stood on a stool cooking for her grandmother at home. They never thought of adopting another child at a younger age, so they allowed Kate to live with her grandmother. However, they would give them money every month and visit them from time to time until Kate finally graduated from university.

Kate always went with her ideas ever since she was a kid and she could endure a lot, so she would usually inform Alicia and William about her plans only after doing it.

As for Courtney, she was itching to ask Kate if she gave up on a stable job previously to join the Sunhill Enterprise as a secretary because she knew about Courtney’s relationship with Alexander. Because of me, Jordan would definitely trust her and Alexander would treat her differently as well, which would give her respect from everyone in the company. This is probably why she achieved a solid status in the company in just five years. However, Courtney chose not to ask this as she believed that everyone had themselves to look out for. Overall, Kate is still a kind person. Even though she has used some means to get here, she is still doing all this for herself and her grandmother, so it’s understandable.

“We’re here. Drive safe on the way back.”


Inside the president’s office of Sunhill Enterprise, Alexander looked thunderous after hearing from Eric about the ruckus Kelly’s mother caused today, “Is it settled?”

“It’s settled. I have notified the reception to not let Mrs. and Miss Yves in no matter what.”

“Other than the company’s shares, I will officially announce the removal of Kelly from the board of directors in our monthly meeting, so I want you to contact the other directors to get their votes.”

“Understood.” Eric furrowed his brows and commented, “However, I’m afraid it might be difficult to persuade Chairman Yves since Miss Yves is her niece. It won’t be pretty if we forbid her to participate in the meeting.”

Upon hearing that, Alexander glared at him and said angrily, “She never participates in the meetings but for some reason, ever since the merger, she was able to control some of the stubborn directors and spread rumors within the company. Not only do I not want to see Kelly again, I must buy back the shares from Susan as soon as possible.”

“Didn’t you say that we should take this slowly? We shouldn’t rush it.”

“It’s time to put our plan into motion,” Alexander said with an indifferent expression. “Otherwise, she’ll think that it is okay to do as she pleases just because she has more than twenty percent of the company’s shares. She should be reminded that this isn’t her playground.”

Looking at Alexander’s fierce-looking gaze, Eric couldn’t help but tremble inside. Because of Courtney, the boss has now decided to implement the plan of removing the board of directors in advance, so who exactly is she? It seems like I have to call Josh to ask about it.

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