One Night Surprise Chapter 449

Chapter 449 I Bought Gifts for You Every Year

“I know that you asked Great-Aunt Alicia to let Aunt Kate take care of me because you’re scared that I would be bullied. Aunt Kate treats me very well.”

The boy’s eyes were red like a rabbit’s as he sat there in the huge office.

Courtney felt as though she was seeing the previous version of Jordan five years ago, when he always hugged her leg and was never willing to talk. However, he was now almost the same height as herself.

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“Sweetheart, I’m sorry that I’m always not by your side.”

When she left Melrose City five years ago, she was too worried to let him stay here all by himself, but there was nothing she could do since he chose to stay by Alexander’s side.

Then, Alicia’s adopted daughter, Kate, had just graduated from university and was looking for a job. After she heard about Courtney’s situation, she took the initiative to apply for a job in Sunhill Enterprise. Kate applied for the job through official procedures but Alexander found out her true identity afterward, which was why she was soon arranged to be Jordan’s assistant in order to look after him.

Since then, Kate’s identity had become an open secret within the company but five years later, most of the staff members had changed, so no one knew who Jordan’s real mother was, causing many rumors.

Jordan was always grateful for Courtney and understood that everyone had their hardships, so he quickly wiped away his aggrieved tears and changed the topic.

“I know that you have your own difficulties. By the way, did Tina come back too?”

Courtney was now overwhelmed by feelings as she wiped her tears and hiccuped, “Yes, she’s back. I’ll see if I can take her along to meet you in two days.”

“How long are you going to stay here this time?”

“My plan is to stay here for two years.”

Other than bringing Tina back to treat her illness, Courtney also came back to focus on her studies. Her plan was to complete her two-year internship in Melrose City Hospital, but she also needed to finish up a thesis on child psychology within the same period. However, the specific timing still depended on her research progress.

“Then we’re not in a hurry.” Jordan delightfully breathed a sigh of relief. “Wait! I have something to give you.”

He then walked behind his desk and took out a big shopping bag before handing it to her. “I remember that your birthday was two days ago, so here’s a gift for you.”

“Why would you prepare a gift for me?” Courtney was stunned at that moment.

“I bought gifts for you every year,” Jordan answered with a clear youthful voice and a smile on his face. “I bought birthday gifts for you every year knowing that you would come back. I bought this two days ago and haven’t had the chance to bring it home yet. The rest is at home, so I’ll give them to you next time.”

Then, someone knocked on the door. Turned out it was Kate.

“Court, President Duncan is back and he has ordered lunch in his office. He is asking if you want to have lunch with him and Young President Duncan.”

Courtney was surprised, but Jordan had already pulled her out of her seat as he murmured, “I haven’t had lunch yet. Let’s go.”

By the time she got dragged into Alexander’s office by Jordan, the dining table by the window in the southeast corner was already filled with food. The home-cooked food looked appetizing, especially for someone like Courtney who rushed all the way here after attending to patients for the entire afternoon.

“I came back late because I had a meeting. I heard from the secretary that something happened just now.”

The moment Alexander said that, Jordan muttered, “You can always come back later so that Mommy can be bullied more. By then, you can finally marry Miss Yves.”

“It’s already pretty good for your mom to not bully others.” To be fair, what Alexander said was right. Although Courtney had a good temper, she was never one who would submit to oppression, not to mention that she always held a grudge against Kelly’s family. Even though Courtney had never met Kelly’s mother, the former still couldn’t stand anyone from that family.

However, Alexander’s words sounded particularly harsh in Jordan’s ears, so the boy growled, “Dad, if you don’t wish to eat with us, I can take Mommy outside to eat something else.”

His feisty looks were completely different from how adorable he acted in front of Courtney just now.

“That’s enough.” Courtney quickly stopped the duo from arguing any further. “I wasn’t bullied because Jordan got there in time. Now, eat your food before it turns cold.”

After listening to her words, Jordan calmed down and spooned some food for her. “This is delicious, Mommy. You should eat more.”

Meanwhile, Alexander felt lonely as he sat opposite them, so he furrowed his brows and mumbled, “You haven’t changed my dressing yet.”

Upon hearing that, Courtney looked at him and said, “Why don’t—”

“Since you came back so late, it seems like you’re not in a hurry to change your dressing. I should remind you that Mommy is here to eat with me and not be your maid.” Looking at his father, Jordan uttered casually, “Dad, if you really are in a hurry to change your dressing, I would suggest you go to the hospital.”

At that, Alexander frowned and muttered, “Are you really my son?”

However, Jordan ignored him and continued spooning food for Courtney while he asked about Tina’s medical condition.

Her asthma was basically cured abroad and it hadn’t occurred in recent years. The reason Courtney came back was to use Otharian acupuncture to bring it under permanent control.

After hearing her explanation, Jordan breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s good.”

Suddenly, Courtney remembered Scott’s situation, so she glanced at Alexander and asked, “By the way, what are you going to do about Old Master Duncan’s illness?”

“The director of the cardiac department recommends performing a heart bypass surgery, but as you know, Grandpa is getting older so we are now using drugs to control the situation. We’re still waiting for the hospital to give us any specifics on what to do next.”

Scott’s heart wasn’t in a healthy state. Although he seemed fine in the hospital, all his medical results indicated that his health was below average. Not only that, he should also prevent himself from getting too emotional; otherwise, he might go into shock and never wake up again.

The moment Scott’s illness was mentioned, the atmosphere at the table instantly turned serious.

While serving Courtney a bowl of soup, Alexander paused for a brief moment before placing the bowl in front of her. “Everyone in the family thinks that the heart bypass surgery is the best choice, but Grandpa isn’t willing to do it.”

It’s not a surprise that he is more concerned now that he is getting older. It’s not easy to make a choice that will determine your life. The heart bypass surgery comes with a huge risk.

Courtney’s face froze for a brief moment as she understood the reasoning behind Scott’s stubbornness.

“Great-grandpa can’t bear to let us go.” Jordan’s sudden voice interrupted Courtney’s thoughts. “He said that there’s a risk for the surgery and if it fails, he won’t be able to see how dad will do for the rest of his life. Also, Great-grandpa mentioned that he is waiting for you to come back so that he can tell you something.”

Courtney was left startled upon hearing that.

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