One Night Surprise Chapter 448

Chapter 448 I’m Still His Mother No Matter What

Outside the ring of people, two figures—one tall and one short—stood upright.

The young man’s clear voice penetrated the whispering sounds, carrying with it an undisguisable rage.

“What’s your daughter’s relationship with President Duncan? Who gave you the right to interfere in his personal affairs?”

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Immediately, the crowd was startled as the scene fell into complete silence.

Courtney was also stunned by the voice, so she blankly turned her head to look at the approaching person.

The crowd automatically stepped aside to make a path. With a steady pace, a boy walked to the door of the lounge and glared at the woman with eyes as cold as Alexander’s.

“Oh—Little Master is here.” Based on Mrs. Yves tone, she obviously wasn’t taking Jordan seriously. “This is between us adults, so a kid like you should stay out of it. I am helping your dad to take care of the people around him who don’t know their actual worth. It’s not something a kid like you should hear.” After that, she looked at the assistant behind Jordan and said, “Take him away quickly. A kid like him should stay at home, so why do you allow him to stay in the company all day long?”

With an indifferent expression, Jordan’s assistant, Kate, replied, “Mrs. Yves, Young President Duncan has shares in the company. Even though he is not yet an adult, President Duncan requested for him to stay in the company so that he can adapt to the company’s management. Where do you want me to take him? If you are already that desperate to drive him away when Miss Yves hasn’t even married President Duncan, I can’t imagine what will happen to our Young President Duncan if the two of them actually get married.”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Mrs. Yves instantly flushed as she countered, “I never said those words. How dare you speak to me like that? You are just an assistant!”

Seeing that the situation was getting out of hand, the secretary who brought Mrs. Yves into the lounge couldn’t help but tug at the older woman’s sleeve and whisper, “She isn’t an ordinary assistant. She is Little Master’s aunt.”

“So what?” Mrs. Yves grunted coldly. “His own mother has already abandoned him, so I don’t care if his assistant is actually his aunt. At such a young age, a child should be studying in school and not hanging around with adults. Otherwise, he’ll end up being used by someone.”

Seeing her own son being ridiculed in front of everyone, Courtney could feel the rage burning inside her as she growled, “Shut up! It’s none of your business whether his mother has abandoned him or not.”

“Did you just tell me to shut up?” Mrs. Yves’ face darkened and she looked as if she couldn’t wait to tear Courtney apart. “I can’t believe this! Who do you think you are? Are you that desperate to become his stepmother? I’ll have you know that it’ll never happen even in a million years!”

“The person who is desperate to become his stepmother is your daughter. No matter what, I’m still his real mother.”

“You… Where are the security guards?” Mrs. Yves was trembling in rage and she acted as if she had heard the joke of the century. “Can they do their job and drag this crazy woman away from here?”

“There’s no need to call them. I’ve already brought them here just now,” Jordan suddenly announced while glancing at his assistant.

Kate immediately understood his intention and shouted at the people who were standing outside the crowd. “Come here and drag this troublemaker away.”

At that, two muscular security guards came in and grabbed Mrs. Yves on each side before dragging her out.

“Hey! What are you doing?!” she screamed. “Are you crazy? Do you know who I am?”

The crowd was in shock as they watched security drag Mrs. Yves out.

The secretary, who was obviously on Mrs. Yves’ side, looked on in disbelief. “M-Miss Somerfield, she is related to Chairman Yves and is Miss Yves’ mother. How dare you drag her out like this?”

Upon hearing that, Kate glared at her and muttered faintly, “Looks like I have to do more than just drag her out. You can go to the human resource department this afternoon to resign from your position immediately.”

“What?!” The secretary was shocked as she shrieked, “Why?”

However, Kate was not in the mood to explain things, so she looked around and said, “You can all leave now. You are not allowed to speak about what happened here today. You should know the rules of working in the secretariat.”

Listening to her, everyone else quickly scampered back to their posts.

Kate’s seniority in the company was higher than that of everyone in the secretariat. Even Alexander’s personal assistant, Eric, arrived at the company later than her. Not only that, she was also Jordan’s aunt, so she was able to gain the respect of the directors in every department.

In the end, the secretary who got into trouble was the only one left in the lounge at a loss.

Meanwhile, Jordan remained silent while his eyes turned red, showing the rare grievance of a child.

Looking at him, Courtney felt utterly distressed. She had so much to say to him that for a moment, she didn’t know where to start.

Then, Kate broke the awkwardness and coughed. “Court, let’s go to Young President Duncan’s office first.”

“Court?” The secretary was stunned while she looked at Kate blankly, as if she couldn’t believe what she just heard.

If Dr. Hunter is so close with Kate, does that mean she is Young President Duncan’s…

However, Courtney and Jordan had already left the lounge. Before leaving, Kate glared at the secretary and said coldly, “You should know what to say and what not to.”

The secretary collapsed in the chair almost instantly as her face turned pale.

Jordan’s office was on the 9th floor. No one knew whether his office was deliberately separated from Alexander’s, but the overall decorations of his office still looked a lot like Alexander’s.

Even though Jordan was more mature compared to his peers, he was still a 12-year-old kid after all. Be it his voice or appearance, he still looked immature in everyone’s eyes.

“Court, I’ll leave you two alone now,” Kate said.


The door was closed gently, leaving only Courtney and Jordan in the office.


“Mommy, when did you come back?” The youthful voice seemed to have a hint of sadness as it rang out from opposite Courtney. With his head down, Jordan spoke in an aggrieved tone. “Why didn’t you come back once after you left?”

Courtney was at a loss as she answered, “I came back not long ago.”

“If Aunt Kate didn’t tell me today that you came back, were you planning to leave again without seeing me?”

Upon hearing that, Courtney was at a loss for words.

She couldn’t answer his question. Even though she wanted to see him, she didn’t know how to.

Suddenly, Jordan lifted his head, revealing his tear-filled face as he cried, “Do you think that Tina is enough for you, so you don’t want me anymore? Is that why you don’t want to see me?”

“Of course not!” Courtney immediately panicked and she went to sit next to Jordan. Then, she took a tissue from the table and wiped his tears. “I was afraid that I would be more reluctant to leave after seeing you…”

Upon hearing that, Jordan pushed her hand away and plunged into her arms before letting out a huge cry, as if he was venting all the grievances that had piled up inside him for so many years.

After a long time, he finally lifted his head like an aggrieved child and said sensibly, “I know that you couldn’t leave me alone, so you asked Aunt Kate to look after me, but Mommy… I really missed you after you left.”

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