One Night Surprise Chapter 447

Chapter 447 What Do You Mean Shameless?

Courtney had been going to Sunhill Enterprise for a few days now to change Alexander’s dressing.

However, she was able to control the time of her arrival and departure very well. Even when Alexander asked her to stay for a meal, she never agreed to it once because she wanted to avoid suspicion but unfortunately, anything involving him was bound to be talked about.

At noon, just as Courtney was about to leave the hospital and go to Sunhill Enterprise, she accidentally overheard the nurses’ conversation in the washroom.

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“Do you know that beautiful Otharian intern in the pediatrics department who just came back from France?”

“Of course I do. Courtney, right? When she first came to the hospital, all those single young men were obsessed with her but in the end, they found out that she was already married and had three kids.

“She doesn’t look like an honest woman at all. Some time ago, she was rotated to the clinical laboratory and was dispatched to a company to carry out physical examinations on new employees, but do you know what she did?”

“What did she do?”

“I heard that she was seducing the president of Sunhill Enterprise. Holly from administration told me that she went to the Sunhill Enterprise to sign a financial handover yesterday. Rumors are going wild in the company and some of the staff members there even asked Holly about Courtney.”

“Are you sure? I thought Dr. Hunter was already married. The deputy chief pursued her when she first came, but she rejected him and said that she was already married with kids.”

“It’s obvious that the deputy chief doesn’t meet her standards. We are now talking about the president of Sunhill Enterprise! His name shows up on the headlines of the financial newspaper every three days and he is the dream man of every woman in Melrose City. I reckon that she is now busy getting a divorce with her husband.”

“That is so shameless!”

Meanwhile, Courtney stayed inside the washroom and waited for the two nurses to leave before coming out.

Even though she was a little infuriated, she seemed rather calm. It was probably because of her many experiences with previous slanders that she was now immune to all of it.

After carefully washing her hands, she still went to the Sunhill Enterprise.

On this day, Courtney decided not to go back to the company after she was done changing Alexander’s dressing. Most of his wounds have started to scab. From now on, I won’t be responsible for him. After all, it’s his own business and not mine.

“President Duncan is having a meeting outside and he hasn’t returned to the company yet. Please wait for him here, Dr. Hunter.”

“Alright, then. I’ll wait for him in his office.” Courtney had been here many times before, so it was no surprise that the secretary knew that she was here to change Alexander’s dressing.

“Dr. Hunter.” The secretary suddenly halted her with an aggrieved expression. “Mr. Reynolds and President Duncan aren’t here, so we can’t really allow people to enter President Duncan’s office. Can you please wait while I make a call to Mr. Reynolds?”

“There’s no need to go through all that trouble. I’ll just wait in the lounge.”

To Courtney, it was all the same and she didn’t have a need to wait in his office, so she didn’t think it necessary to call Eric just because of this.

However, the secretary seemed to be thinking about something else as a hint of contempt flashed through her eyes. “Please follow me.”

After leading Courtney to the lounge, the secretary left and the former waited inside for more than 10 minutes without a glass of water to drink. She then took a look at the time and noticed that it was about time Alexander came back, so she endured her thirst.

Suddenly, the voice of a woman was heard outside the lounge.

“I’ve called President Duncan and he told me that he would be free to meet me this evening. Are you lying to me?”

“Mrs. Yves, why would we lie to you? President Duncan really isn’t here, but he should be back in a minute. You can wait for him in the lounge.”

“You better not be lying to me. You should know that my daughter is now dating President Duncan and she will be Mrs. Duncan in the future, so if any girl who doesn’t know better wants to approach him, you have to tell me.”

The woman’s voice sounded particularly mean and carried with it an inexplicable hint of arrogance.

“Of course.” The secretary smiled as she led the woman into the lounge. “Mrs. Yves, she is President Duncan’s doctor. She is also here to meet him.”

“Doctor?” The middle-aged woman called ‘Mrs. Yves’ looked at Courtney thoroughly. “Are you that female doctor who kept coming to the company in the past two days?”

Upon hearing that, Courtney could feel that something was wrong because the woman had put a lot of stress on the word ‘female’. Also, by the looks of it, the woman must have known earlier that Courtney had been coming to the company frequently, so it was possible that she heard some rumors.

Therefore, Courtney furrowed her brows and explained, “President Duncan has injured his arm, so I need to change his dressing every day. I was the doctor who treated him at the hospital, so I was put in charge of him after that. Today is the last time I come to change his dressing, though.”

It was obvious that Courtney was disassociating herself with Alexander.

The woman let out a cold grunt in response. “I can see that you are clever enough to say these words in front of me, but do you really think I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes? You are nothing to President Duncan, so I advise you to just focus on your work and stop being delusional. You better not cause any trouble here.”

For a moment, the atmosphere became tense.

“Mrs. Yves, I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Do you really not know what I’m talking about?” The woman’s voice grew sharp and contained a hint of arrogance as she thundered, “President Duncan now has someone by his side to take care of him but even if he doesn’t, he still wouldn’t ask a mere doctor like you to serve him. Don’t use the dressing as an excuse since there are many doctors out there who can do the same job. Also, I heard that you are just an intern who came here for inspection. Am I right? Are you trying to punch above your weight?”

A few staff members gradually gathered outside the lounge and most of them were secretaries. Many of them came to whisper about what was going on while only several of them were here to mediate the situation. However, some of them said, “Mrs. Yves, please don’t be so harsh. Dr. Hunter is just here to treat President Duncan’s illness.”

“What illness?” The woman immediately refuted, “If he is actually sick, why couldn’t he appoint a personal doctor? Why does she have to come here every day just to treat him? She is just a shameless woman!”

Courtney originally wanted to settle the situation calmly but at this point, she was rather enraged. “Mrs. Yves, you should be careful with your words. What do you mean ‘shameless’? I’m a doctor and my job is to cure people. Are you saying that I should stay away from President Duncan and not save him just because he is a bachelor? Besides, you aren’t even related to him, so who gave you the right to point your finger at me?”

“What did you say?” The woman’s voice became much sharper. “You little b*tch! You have quite a sharp tongue but I’ll have you know that President Duncan is my future son-in-law, so who are you to show off in front of me? As for being ‘shameless’, was I wrong? You already have three children at such a young age, so why are you still here seducing other men? Doesn’t that make you shameless?”

The tirade caused an uproar among the crowd outside the lounge.

It was true that Alexander treated Courtney differently. This much was evident from Eric’s attitude toward her, but no one expected her to be a married woman.

“Let me tell you something—don’t think that you’ve successfully seduced President Duncan with those little tricks of yours. Men usually see women as new toys. After he is done with you, he won’t even remember your name. If you know any better, you should leave. My daughter might be fine with all this because she has a nice temperament, but I’m not as nice as her.”

Listening to the older woman’s words, Courtney clenched her fists silently while her expression darkened.

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