One Night Surprise Chapter 446

Chapter 446 That’s a Bit Cliché

Looking at the petite girl who was shorter than his chest, Jordan had a strange feeling of déjà vu and his usual cold voice seemed to soften as he explained to her, “Don’t be angry, little girl. I’m buying the bag from you because I like it very much and I want to give it to someone as a gift.”

“Don’t call me a little girl. I don’t know you.” Josephine had a proud personality and she couldn’t stand the act of depriving others of the things they liked. Initially, she thought that Kelly would never want to buy the bag for a million, but she didn’t expect Jordan to show up all of a sudden. Now that Josephine had laid out her condition, she had no choice but to hold back her anger and give them the bag. “You can transfer the money to us. We won’t be able to carry that much cash.”

Before Jordan could say anything, Kelly walked up to him from behind and spoke in a sharp voice. “Hey, are you two trying to scam Jordan because you think he is still young and doesn’t know anything? I don’t want your bag anymore.”

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Josephine rolled her eyes at her while the inherent arrogance on her face became more apparent. “Madam, if you don’t have the money, please don’t ask other people about the price. It’s so embarrassing when you can’t afford it.”

“You rude little girl! Where are your manners?”

“Who is the one who doesn’t have manners here?” Angie pulled Josephine behind her. “My sister is just telling the truth. Do you really think you are the only rich people in Melrose City? Why should we sell this to you when you’re putting on this kind of attitude? Do you think you own this place?”

At that, Kelly instantly put on a gloating expression. “As a matter of fact—”

Suddenly, Jordan was there to interrupt, “Miss, please give me your account number.” He looked at Angie and said solemnly, “I’ll transfer the money to you.”

Angie rolled her eyes at Kelly and gave Jordan her account number. “Kid, don’t you think your nanny is a bit too arrogant? You should probably replace her as soon as possible.”

“Who are you calling a nanny? You b*tch!”

“Miss Yves!” Jordan glared at Kelly indifferently as he admonished, “Please mind your language when speaking in front of children. I don’t think you want me to go back and tell my dad what you just said, do you?”

Listening to him, Angie finally could tell that the arrogant woman was probably his stepmother. Judging by his attitude, it’s obvious that he doesn’t want to pay much attention to her.


Then, a text popped up on her phone as she had received the payment.

“I got it.” She handed the bag to him. “There you go, kid. We’re leaving now.”

Jordan nodded his head but after Angie took two steps, he suddenly called out to her. “Miss, have we met somewhere?”

However, she didn’t stop as she only turned her head around and gave him a faint smile. “Don’t you think that’s a bit cliché, kid?”

After that, she took Josephine along and left without looking back, leaving Jordan standing there alone, his face full of doubts that didn’t match his young age.

He really felt that the two girls looked familiar but at that exact moment, Kelly’s voice interrupted his thoughts.

“Jordan, I’m sorry that you have to go through all that to buy such an expensive bag for me. I’ll still return that one million to you later on; otherwise, your dad will think that I’m being childish. Come on, you can pass that to me.”

“There’s no need for that.” Jordan glanced at her emotionlessly as he commented, “I didn’t buy it for you. I bought it for Mommy.” And just like that, the smile on Kelly’s face froze almost instantly as she stared blankly at the young boy in front of her as he left with the bag. “Miss Yves, I’m done shopping, so I’ll be going back now.”

When Courtney returned from the hospital, she could hear the sounds of the three girls playing games in the living room.

The latest Switch game was plugged into the computer, and both Angie and Josephine were having a great time playing with their gamepads. As for Tina, she was looking unhappy while sitting on the couch behind the two of them with her arms and legs crossed. Her gloomy face looked exactly like a sculpture.

“What happened to you?” Courtney went over to her and pinched her face with a smile. “Who angered my little sweetheart again?”

“You can ask them. All they have their eyes on is money.”

“Money?” Courtney didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “What does that have to do with anything?”

“That’s not true.” Angie turned around and placed one hand on the edge of the couch. “It would be stupid for us not to see the deal through.”

Still focusing on the game, Josephine nodded without turning her head around, implying that she agreed with what Angie said.

After a long while, Courtney finally understood the reason behind the conflict between the three of them.

“We originally bought that bag for 50,000, but that kid was actually willing to buy it from us for a million. What an idiot!”

“You two still did it for the money. That’s the gift that I picked for Mommy.”

“You can’t blame me! It was Josie who wanted the one million.”

Josephine was done with her game, so she turned around and nodded. “Yes, I was the one who brought it up, but I didn’t expect anyone to be stupid enough to buy it.”

At that point, Tina was beyond infuriated. “Mommy, look at her—”

In the end, Courtney could only try to mediate the dispute. “Alright, alright. It’s nothing serious. I don’t understand why you keep calling that person an idiot, though. Shouldn’t you be happy that he was willing to buy your 50-thousand-bag for a million? You’ve made a profit of 950,000, so what are you all arguing about? Why don’t you use the money to go to the theme park tomorrow? With this money, you can spend your entire summer in the theme park.”

Tina loved going to theme parks ever since she was a kid, so her mood got significantly better after listening to her mother’s words.

Reading the situation, Angie added, “You’re right. We can go there tomorrow. I heard that the theme park at the east side of Melrose City is the largest theme park in the continent. We haven’t been there before.”

“We should go there.” Tina turned toward Courtney. “Mommy, will you be coming with us?”

Upon hearing that, Courtney shook her head resignedly. “I’m afraid I can’t tag along. The hospital has been busy for the past two days, so let’s wait and see. I need to c**k for you now.”

Looking at Courtney’s figure, Angie touched her chin thoughtfully.

“Do you think something has happened to Courtney recently? Is she really that busy?”

Tina’s expression changed slightly at that. “What if that’s really the case?”

“That’s easy.” Josephine glanced at the two of them. “You can use the theme park as an excuse to follow her tomorrow. Then, you’ll find out what she has been doing or who she has been meeting lately.”

Actually, it wasn’t hard to come up with this plan, but it was still admirable for Josephine to speak out about it first and put it into practice. After listening to her plan, Tina disregarded her previous grudges and looked at the younger girl with great appreciation.

“You’re right.”

And so, Angie and Tina exchange tacit looks.

If our plan is exposed, we can just put the blame on the person who came up with it in the first place.

With years of tacit understanding, the two of them now had a clear plan in mind.

Even though Josephine had a more mature mindset, her two other sisters were not that far off either.

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