One Night Surprise Chapter 445

Chapter 445 Do You Want Cash or Online Banking?

After all, there was no one in this world who understood these two girls better than their own mother. Even though one of them had been brought up by Alicia since birth, Courtney was very much aware of their personalities and temperament. Josie is cold-tempered and frustrates people with her words, but luckily, Tina doesn’t hold grudges well, so the two of them usually reconcile the next day after their quarrel.

“I’m bringing them out for shopping tomorrow. Are you coming with us?”

“No.” Courtney waved her hand. “I have to work tomorrow evening, so I need to sleep in the morning.” After that, she saw that it was already 4:00AM. “It’s late now and I’m going to sleep. You should rest early too.”

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“I know. I’ll head to sleep once I finish my water.”

After Courtney closed her room door, the house descended into silence.

Angie then poured the cold water in the glass down the sink before she turned around to grab a can of beer from the fridge. After hesitating for a while, she squatted in front of the fridge to open the can.

A cloud of mist appeared from the mouth of the can with a fizzy sound as some foam oozed out.

The moment she drank the beer, she felt its ice-cold bitter taste from her throat all the way to her stomach.

Moments after Angie returned to her room, she saw the contents of the chat box on her computer screen—it was an animated heart, which complimented the upcoming season of Valentine’s Day. Her hands paused on top of the keyboard for a long time before she finally replied to the person with one word—‘Okay.’

The chat box was quiet for a second before a series of texts and emojis flooded the application, which was the other person’s way of expressing their excitement.

Soon, the one word that Angie typed was buried under the pile of messages. Then, she moved her mouse to scroll back to the text where she had previously replied before she carefully read the other party’s subsequent words. In the end, there was a bright smile on her face.

‘Angie, I have really liked you since you first came to class and I even learned Otharian because of you. After much consideration, I’ve decided to confess my feelings before Valentine’s Day. If you are agreeable to it, we can spend Valentine’s Day together in Otharia.’

‘And what if I say no?’

‘Then, I’ll think of another way since I’ve already bought the plane ticket and I can’t ask for a refund.’


Now that Angie repeatedly read the young man’s naive yet passionate confession, she felt that for a moment, she was adapting to a world where she should be in for her age. This is what my life should be, right?

The next morning, the three girls took turns to visit Courtney in her room while she was still asleep.

“Goodbye, Mommy.”

“Goodbye, Courtney.”

A drowsy Courtney replied in a daze, “Bye, sweetheart…”

After giving Courtney a morning kiss, the three girls gently closed the door and headed out for shopping.

In the shopping mall, Angie led the two youngsters to the fashion and cosmetics stores where they were dazzled by the various brands.

“We are doing this the old way. You choose the gift and I’ll pay for it.”

A confident Tina nodded. “Leave it to me. I know what Mommy likes best. I mean, she likes the gift that I choose for her every year.”

A soft yet condescending voice was then heard next to her. “That’s because you are Mommy’s daughter. No matter what you give her, she will still like it.”

However, Angie was able to cover Josephine’s mouth and prevent the little one from speaking further in time before advising, “Young lady, please be quiet and don’t talk that much for today.”

When she saw the seventeen year old foreigner leading a twelve-year-old and five-year-old who looked a little more mixed-blood, the sales assistant behind the counter didn’t pay much attention to the three girls.

“This bag looks gorgeous. Mommy usually wears casual outfits, so she can shove a lot of things in this large purse.” Tina pointed to the shelf on the counter that was a head higher than herself before she asked the sales assistant, “Miss, can you please grab this bag for me?”

Even though the three girls didn’t look like they had the financial ability to spend much, Tina had a cute face and an angelic voice. Besides, since there was no one else in the store, the beautiful sales assistant was kind enough to grab the purse for Tina to survey.

After Angie tried to use the purse, she commented, “I’m okay with it. It’s actually quite practical.”

The said item was a dark gray leather bag that came with simple designs.

Tina glanced at Josephine and silenced her before she even had the chance to say anything. “Just don’t say anything since you don’t have the eye for aesthetics at all.”

Josephine raised her brow whereupon she refused to give any comments.

After deciding to purchase the bag, Tina suddenly had a stomach ache and headed for the toilet. Meanwhile, Angie happily took her credit card out and picked up the tab, which came as a surprise to the sales assistant as she hurriedly packed up the purse. Kids these days really are big spenders.

“Hey, this bag looks lovely. Is there another one?”

Then, the voice of a woman was heard behind Angie. As both the sales assistant and Angie simultaneously turned their heads, they saw a woman in a Chanel dress with long brown hair. She had a delicate face that was covered with makeup intended to soften the heart of every man.

“I’m sorry, Miss Yves. This is the only one left. It is a limited edition that just arrived at our store.”

The woman was obviously a regular customer of the store since the service assistant was able to recognize her.

When the woman heard those words, she immediately expressed her dissatisfaction. “Why didn’t you inform me that there’s a new limited edition purse? I haven’t seen a bag that I like for a long time.”

“I’m sorry, Miss Yves. It just arrived today, so we weren’t able to inform you in time.”

As the woman by the name of Miss Yves and the sales assistant wrangled over the bag, Angie and Josephine grabbed their package and were about to leave since they weren’t in the mood to stay and watch the scene.

Suddenly, Kelly halted them. “Wait.”

Her high heels echoed against the floor as she walked over and caught up to them. “Little girl, I like your bag a lot. Why don’t you sell it to me at your desired price?”

Angie furrowed her brows and immediately rejected Kelly’s offer. “I’m sorry, but this is a birthday gift for someone in our family. We aren’t selling it.”

A smiling Kelly continued to try her luck. “Please sell it to me. I can pay you whatever price you want.”

An annoyed Angie was losing her patience, but Josephine’s soft and cold voice was heard next to her. “Alright. We want a million. Do you want it, Grandma?”

Kelly’s expression immediately changed as her eyes landed on the petite girl.

Although Josephine was around five or six years old, she had extremely neat short hair and she was wearing light blue striped-overalls. Even though she was at such a tender age, her eyes were exceptionally sharp.

Now that Josephine had addressed her as ‘Grandma’, it instantly made Kelly embarrassed.

“Grandma? A million? You… Kid, do you know how much a million is? It’s enough to buy 20 of your purse.”

A calm Josephine responded, “In that case, you can go and purchase 20 of them.”

For a moment, Kelly was left speechless. It is a limited edition bag, so there’s not many of it in the market. Where can I go to buy 20 of them?

As the situation reached a stalemate, a young boy’s voice was heard behind her. “I’ll pay you a million for it,” was what he said.

Jordan suddenly emerged from behind Kelly. Although he was a twelve-year-old in a white casual outfit, one could easily see his mature temperament.

As Angie looked at him, she was stunned.Why does this kid look so familiar?

“You want it?” Josephine furrowed her brows as if she didn’t expect it.

“Yes. Girl, you’re not backing out now, are you?”

Way before Angie could return to her senses, Josephine had already taken the purse in Angie’s hands away. With that, the little girl’s clear voice was heard at the store’s entrance in the shopping mall.

“A million it is. Do you want to pay me by cash or via online banking?”

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