One Night Surprise Chapter 444

Chapter 444 We Have a Daddy

Courtney suddenly felt a sharp pain radiating on her wrist, which caused her brows to narrow, but she lacked the courage to struggle for the fear that she would touch his injury. “Let go of me.”

“Did you think that your departure back then was for the greater good? You must have thought that once you have left, Jordan and I would be able to return to our normal lives like before and pretend that you never existed.”

Her ears buzzed as Alexander challenged her.

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While looking straight at his furious eyes, Courtney countered, “Isn’t that the truth?”

Flames of anger raged in his eyes. When he saw how she reckoned that she was in the right, he was speechless. After staring at her for a few seconds, he pressed her against the couch with a sudden move of his hands before he leaned toward her.

The sudden kiss sealed Courtney’s thoughts and caused her head to stop processing at that instant.

In actual fact, Alexander was more familiar with her body than Courtney herself. Making use of his deft tongue, he easily pried open her teeth and stuck his tongue inside to entangle with hers. He had kissed her with such intensity that he was depriving her of air.

Now that she was losing oxygen, she not only forgot to think, but she even lost the ability to do so.

Then, he slid his freezing hands under her T-shirt and slowly explored upward from her waist. His movements were rather rough, as though he was punishing her, but it implied that he was seeking her attention at the same time.

As a result, a pained Courtney was unable to stifle a moan. “Ahh—”

Alexander’s pupils contracted the next instant and his actions grew more urgent. He hastily yanked the zipper of her jeans down in an attempt to remove the barriers between their bodies.

The cool air from the air conditioner brushed against her lower body and snapped her back to her senses. Courtney abruptly pushed Alexander away and tugged her crumpled T-shirt downward before she withdrew to one side to catch her breath.

A stunned Alexander suddenly returned to his senses as well. “I’m sorry. Let me use the bathroom.”

After the door to the bathroom was shut, the sound of rushing water rang in the air, but she had already left by the time he exited the bathroom.

As Alexander stared at the empty office, a hint of frustration appeared on his face.

He wanted to be on his best behavior in front of Courtney so that she wouldn’t despise him, but whenever he saw her, he had somehow forgotten everything as his emotions and actions were out of control.

Angie brought Tina and Josephine home to their apartment in the city from the youngsters’ Great-Aunt Alicia’s house later that evening

As soon as they entered the house, a suspicious Angie surveyed the area and stated, “We had a visitor. It was a man.”

“A man?” Tina poked her head out from her room. “That’s impossible.”

“There are two used cups on the table that were left unwashed. Although the bowls used to serve noodles in the rack have been washed, they aren’t in their original position; it’s obvious that someone has used two of them.”

“These can only prove that someone was here, but you can’t say for sure that it was a man.”

Angie gleefully picked a pair of disposable flip-flops from the trash can and countered, “A disposable slipper of size 9.5. I doubt the visitor would have such a large shoe size if he was a woman.”

As Tina was shocked to hear that, she came out from her room. Although she found it hard to believe what Angie said, the evidence had left her with no other choice. “Mommy brought a man home to spend a night with her? That’s impossible!”

“Why not?” A five-year-old little girl took a bottle of beverage from the refrigerator. Despite her young age, she was calm and composed, which resembled that of a little adult. “Mommy is not even thirty years old, so it’s normal for her to be in a relationship or even settle down. She shouldn’t stay single for the rest of her life just because she needs to care for us. We should encourage this.”

“Why should we encourage her in this?” Tina frowned. “We have a father.”

At the mention of this, Josephine rolled her eyes with a scorn. “I’ve never met him anyway, so I won’t acknowledge him.”

“Daddy is a nice guy.” A flustered Tina placed her hands on her hips before she declared in an elder-sister demeanor.

“Girl, did Great-Aunt Alicia badmouth Daddy to you? That’s because she is on bad terms with Daddy, so what she has said is biased.”

“Why isn’t she on good terms with Daddy?” Josephine’s question had instantly rendered Tina speechless.

“Alright, alright.” Angie, who was standing at one side, tried to ease the situation. “Don’t take it too far, you two. How could siblings quarrel for something that isn’t concrete yet? Courtney will be home in a while, so you two can ask her any burning questions. Wouldn’t that be much better?”

“You are the one who brought this up first,” Josephine nonchalantly countered, “If anyone should ask, you are the one who should do so. Count me out; I’m not interested to know anything.” With that, the little girl marched into her room without looking back.

“Angie, look at her—Great-Aunt Alice has definitely spoiled her,” a dissatisfied Tina commented. “The kiddo has actually encouraged Mommy to look for another man when Daddy still has a place in Mommy’s heart.”

Angie cleared her throat and replied, “Actually, I think that it’ll be better for both of you to stay out of this matter. Tina, you are only twelve and your sister is five. Little kids shouldn’t mind these things.”

“Does she look like a five-year-old kid to you?”

“No.” She honestly nodded with a glance at Tina before she added, “You don’t look like you are twelve yourself, though.”

As a matter of fact, both of Courtney’s children were shrewd, especially her five-year-old daughter. When compared to her peers, Josephine’s personality was that of an old woman, but nobody could tell whether it was an acquired quality or a congenital one. Despite her young age, not only was she indifferent toward matters regarding relationships and marriages, she would often be seen lecturing others just like how an elder would.

Even Angie was rendered speechless by that girl many times before, let alone Tina.

It was deep into the night when Courtney returned home after her graveyard shift.

The two younger girls had already gone to bed; only Angie, a night owl, was still playing computer games with vigor, as though she was accustomed to a different time zone. She happened to pour herself a glass of water during the half-time after winning a round when she heard the door being open. She raised her head and saw Courtney entering the living room.


“Why are you still awake? What time do you think it is now?” Courtney darted her a glance before changing into her flip-flops to step inside.

Angie’s gaze rested on the slippers at the door, which involuntarily reminded her about the incident earlier in the evening. Hence, she poured two glasses of water and walked to the living room. As she handed one of them to Courtney, she asked, “Were there any visitors when we were not at home for the past few days?”

“Visitors?” Courtney casually evaded the topic by saying, “I’ve been overworking for these two days and have had graveyard shifts for consecutive days. I won’t be making breakfast for you all tomorrow morning. Settle it among yourselves since I have to catch up on my sleep.”

Angie nodded thoughtfully while she contemplated the incident about the man’s disposable flip-flops. She won’t keep it a secret if nothing really happened. On the contrary, there’s something fishy if she’s trying to hide it. It seems like Josie is right—Courtney is seeing somebody behind our backs.

“Where are the two girls?”

“They are asleep. As they quarreled earlier in the evening, they went to bed with anger.”

“They are mad at each other?” Courtney raised her head to glance at Angie between sips of water to chuckle. “It must be Tina being mad with Josie. Josie doesn’t care much about anything.”

“A mother sure knows her daughter well.” Angie unhesitatingly gave Courtney a thumbs-up.

Then, Courtney placed the cup down and she looked in the direction of her daughter’s room with a gentle expression. “Let’s wait and see. Tina will forget all about this tomorrow morning after she wakes up from her sleep.”

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