One Night Surprise Chapter 443

Chapter 443 Why Are You Being So C***y?

Kate, who was Alexander’s female assistant, was making coffee at the pantry. Since they had run out of coffee beans, she went into the pantry’s storage to search for it and do some restocking at the same time. While she was in the midst of her search, she heard a conversation outside. She could tell that the voice belonged to another secretary working at the reception outside the president’s office.

“Mr. Reynolds was the one who brought the doctor over and she stayed in President Duncan’s office for almost an hour—I doubt that she needed to stay inside for so long to tend to his injury. Also, President Duncan didn’t ask any one of us to enter even once, but someone saw that there were some snacks and drinks inside, which means that it was President Duncan who prepared it himself.”

The secretary paused for a while to listen to what the other person in the call said.

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“Don’t take this too lightly. I have a gut feeling that the female doctor is somewhat different from the others. President Duncan seems to know her and even Mr. Reynolds treats her respectfully.”

The conversation was a short one; it was probably because the person on the other end of the line didn’t have the patience to listen anymore.

After the call ended, the secretary who was in the pantry mumbled, “What’s wrong with her? She’s the one who asked me to inform her if there’s a slightest whiff of trouble, but now that I have done so, she’s disregarding my words. What a crazy woman.”

Kate remained in the pantry’s storage. It was only after the female secretary left that Kate emerged with the things that she wanted. Then, she casually restocked the items and made a cup of coffee before heading toward Alexander’s office.

Meanwhile, at a beauty salon somewhere in Melrose City, Kelly hung up the call before she extended her hands at the manicurist to have her nails painted.

Kelly’s female friend beside her reminded, “How could you not mind that? I heard that. President Duncan from Sunhill Enterprise is the dream man of many girls in Melrose City. Even if you have an advantage over the others by being able to stay close to him, you still have to be careful not to allow him to escape. If that happens, there will be no use crying over spilt milk.”

Kelly snorted nonchalantly, “I have someone keeping an eye on him so that he won’t fall into another woman’s trap. There are some b*tches who will resort to dirty tricks once they learn that pursuing him doesn’t work. Having said that, I have never seen any girls who are able to get close to him in public.”

“S*x is one of humans’ basic needs. You may have not seen it before, but it doesn’t mean that he is indeed a celibate. Otherwise, where do you think his little prince came from?”

“You have a point.” She darted her friend a look. “That woman is an exception—the one and only exception.”

“Which woman? Little prince’s biological mother?”

“Stop asking. Anyway, that woman won’t be returning. Let the bygones be bygones.”

A reluctant Kelly seemed unwilling to mention that person and stopped the topic without even bringing up that person’s identity.

“I’ll be going shopping with that kid in two days’ time. His birthday is just around the corner, so I told him that I’ll be getting him a gift. He’s just a kid who listens to his father in everything. When it was Alexander who made the arrangement for us to go shopping, the kid agreed.”

Kelly and her friend continued to chat for some time.

In the afternoon, at the Melrose Hospital, Courtney knocked on the door of Linda’s office while holding a Thermos container.

“Miss Hass, here’s your lunch.”

“Lunch again? He sure is persistent. Why don’t the two of you just be together?” Then, Linda raised her head from behind the computer screen and added, “I’m not eating. I want to go to the canteen.”

Nevertheless, Courtney placed the lunch box on Linda’s desk with a face as impassive as she explained, “Mr. Menzie was supposed to be your date in the first place, so the lunch is for you. I’ll eat if I have the time, but you are aware that I’m busy in the afternoon for these two days. I’ve informed the restaurant to send lunch to your office starting tomorrow.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Why not? It’s not like he personally sent this; he ordered it at a restaurant. In other words, he merely ordered a takeout, which illustrates that he’s not exactly that sincere, no? Just eat. Don’t waste the food. There’s braised pork ribs and stir-fried shrimps with green beans as well as wild mushroom chicken soup.”

“Seriously?” Linda gulped.

“I’m running late. I shall take my leave then, Chief Hass.”

After dropping off the lunch box, Courtney glanced at the time and fled the scene.

Caleb had specifically ordered lunch for Linda; hence, even if Courtney had the time to do so, she wouldn’t touch the takeout. As Linda had tricked her before this, Courtney didn’t feel the slightest guilt in lying, but she felt excited instead.

After Courtney left the hospital, she went straight to the Sunhill Enterprise.

As she fully knew Alexander’s character, she understood that he definitely wouldn’t be swinging by the hospital to tend to his wound after he had made that fact clear to her. If it wasn’t because of his habit of overworking, he wouldn’t have been suffering from gastric all this while.

“Dr. Hunter, please hold on for a minute. President Duncan is now in a meeting. It will end shortly.”

It seemed that Eric had been waiting for Courtney at the entrance and the moment he saw her, he led her to Alexander’s office.

The secretaries, who worked outside the president’s office, gaped at those two. One of them who worked at the reception immediately asked, “Mr. Reynolds, who’s that? Why did you bring her to President Duncan’s office?”

“She’s a doctor. She’s here to change the dressing of President Duncan’s wound.” He then cast a glance at that secretary. “Don’t ask questions that you are not supposed to ask.”

Eric’s words had stunned her whereupon she cast a profound gaze at the office.

The furnishing in the spacious office looked similar to how it had been in the past. The only difference was that there were a couple of brand new items in addition to more books on the shelves.

As Courtney had no idea how long she had to wait, she randomly selected a book from the shelves to read. The book she chose was an English fairytale about a prince’s adventure.

After flipping two pages, she was surprised to see that there were explanations written in blue ink on the pages.

She could tell that it wasn’t Alexander’s writing at first instance. The handwriting was rather childish, but each letter was neatly and nicely written. As she held the book in her hand, she stared at that page for a long time and internally speculated on the identity of the person who wrote those notes. She couldn’t help but touch the little words, her gaze glued to that same page for a long time.

Not long after that, she heard the sound of the door being opened followed by Alexander’s footsteps, which she still found familiar, ringing behind her. Sure enough, she saw him entering the room when she turned back to look.

“Eric didn’t inform me that you are here. You must have waited for a long time. Let’s eat first.”

“There’s no need for that. I’ll leave once I have tended to your wound.” She closed the book before casually returning it to the shelf.

When Courtney changed his bandage, she couldn’t help but stare at the row of fairytale books on the shelf. “Are those Jordan’s?”

“Yes, he reads them during his free time whenever he is here.”

“Have you ever read them to him?

“No,” Alexander honestly answered. “I have been extremely busy these few years. This is also why I never allowed him to attend school. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to care for him. So, whenever I head for business trips or have meetings, he always reads while waiting for me at one side.”

Ah, I see, Courtney thought and nodded thoughtfully. No wonder the notes written on the storybook about a prince’s adventure were actually the final bidding prices.

She was naturally in no place to point her finger at Alexander for bringing Jordan into the world of adults when Jordan was still a child. After all, she herself hadn’t spent much time with the child. Hence, she didn’t know how to continue with the conversation now that they had arrived at this stage.

“Since Jordan’s birthday is around the corner, I’ll hold a birthday banquet for him.” Alexander’s voice was heard from the side.

Courtney was initially stunned to hear that, but she replied, “Okay.”

“Oh?” Alexander turned to face her. “Does that mean to say you won’t be joining?”

She frowned slightly. “No, I won’t be joining. I haven’t met the kid for so many years, so he probably doesn’t remember me. I shouldn’t just show up and mess with his life.”

“Courtney.” With traces of anger apparent on his face, he caught her hand when she was bandaging his wound. “Why are you being so c***y?”

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