One Night Surprise Chapter 441

Chapter 441 Rumors Are Always Exaggerated

“Since when did I cause a scene? She was the one who insulted me earlier! What were we talking about earlier? We were merely expressing our displeasure at work. Where is this doctor from? How dare you slander me in this way! Even if we were to clear things out in front of President Duncan and the Young President Duncan, you can’t prove the mistake that I made. Do you even have the evidence for that?”

Apart from being a busybody, the said woman was also quite skilled at distorting the truth.

When Courtney heard the woman’s words, her facial features immediately tensed up. With such people around Jordan, something would definitely be stirred up if she’s not sacked immediately.

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“Dr. Hunter?”

A familiar voice rang from the door, which ended the confrontation.

Both representatives from Sunhill Enterprise had returned to their senses in a much quicker manner than Courtney. As soon as one of them saw the person at the door, she exclaimed, “Mr. Menzie?”

The person who arrived was actually Caleb Menzie. Courtney was stunned for a moment before she figured out what had happened after giving it a thought.

Caleb’s position in Sunhill Enterprise was one of out of the ordinary; the two female representatives profusely apologized after he entered the room and chatted with Courtney. The air of arrogance that both women radiated had completely disappeared by this point.

“Since both of you are from the secretary department, I’m not in the position to lecture you. However, if I see this again, you need to know that it’s not a big deal for me to fire two menial employees,” Caleb coldly warned the two female representatives as they stood outside the room where Courtney took blood samples.

Meanwhile, she stopped whatever she was doing and anxiously glanced at them from the corners of her eyes

After both women left, he approached Courtney and consoled, “I hope you weren’t frightened?”

Courtney shook her head. After a moment of hesitation, she summoned her courage and clarified, “You already knew that I’m not Linda?”

There was an expression that resembled a dry smirk on Caleb’s face. “If I don’t even know the background of my blind date, I guess I’ll have to resign as a lawyer.”

“Why didn’t you expose me earlier?”

She felt as though her cheeks were on fire. She had previously done so many embarrassing things on their blind date when he had already known the truth. How impressive of him!

Caleb merely gave a slight smile. “If I had exposed you, the blind date would have ended by now. I haven’t even seen Linda, so I don’t want to end it first.”

“You’re already acquainted with her?”

“We were neighbors when we were youngsters, but she is two years my senior. I think she has probably forgotten about me now.”

Courtney raised her head to appraise the man from head to toe in shock. This sounds more like robbing the cradle!

It was only after a while that she understood both Linda and Caleb had tricked her. Although Linda had used Courtney as a decoy, she didn’t know that Caleb had outsmarted her by using Courtney as his decoy instead. With that, he could continue to contact Linda rightfully and be more justified in his actions.

If this incident was exposed, Linda would be the one at fault after all.

At exactly 12:00PM sharp, the health check was momentarily stopped so that the doctors and nurses could have their lunch at the cafeteria of Sunhill Enterprise.

Once Courtney had finished packing her things, her heart immediately sank when she saw Caleb waiting for her as soon as she walked out of the room. Now that I have managed to use this health check as a reason to finally avoid Linda, why am I running into Caleb now?

Judging by his behavior, he seemed to have grabbed the opportunity to speak to Courtney and not intending to let her off the h**k until he could establish contact with Linda himself.

“I bet you aren’t busy now, Dr. Hunter. Let’s have lunch together.”

“That’s fine. I’ll just grab my lunch at the cafeteria since I still have to continue with the health check for the rest of the afternoon. I’m in a bit of a rush today.”

“That’s a good idea.” Caleb nodded. “Since it’s more convenient to eat at the cafeteria, let’s do so.”

With that, he went to the cafeteria with Courtney.

Along the way, she was at the receiving end of everyone’s gaze in Sunhill Enterprise. Their stares seemed to have pierced her, yet she felt a familiar sensation. She was also the enemy of many single women in the corporation because a certain man had flirted with her at this very spot many years ago.

Caleb was young, capable, and handsome. With those qualities of his, he was definitely a ladies’ man in the company.

What have I done to deserve this?

Meanwhile, Eric sat at one of the tables in the cafeteria after ordering a set of steak. He had overheard some gossip from the new employees about Caleb, so he paid more attention to what was being said.

“Are you saying that Mr. Menzie knows that doctor?”

“Of course. He harshly reprimanded the two representatives from the secretary department because of her. It’s as if he was exasperated by their actions. I’ve never seen him being this angry, so it’s such a shame.”

Of course, rumors would always be exaggerated. Caleb had merely warned the woman, yet when the news came to the cafeteria, the story morphed into him blowing his top and wanting to fire them.

The moment Eric heard it, he couldn’t resist joining the gossip.

As he overheard their conversation, the volume of their voices suddenly lowered. One of the folks warned, “Oh, they’re here. Let’s stop this conversation for now.”

Eric followed their gazes—it was either a sneaky one or openly appraising the subjects of the gossip—and saw a familiar figure.

To be precise, he saw two familiar figures instead.

It was none other than Courtney who entered the cafeteria with Caleb.

After watching them for a while, Eric was initially confused before he suddenly slapped his thigh as he comprehended the situation. “I understand now.”

I was just thinking that Courtney looks familiar when I saw her at the apartment the other day. I had seen her from across the street that day! She was on a blind date with Caleb, wasn’t she?

The people around him who had gossiped earlier didn’t understand why he had reacted in such manner. “What do you understand?”

Eric was still fantasizing the situation in his mind when he suddenly remembered how Alexander had listened to everything that Courtney told him. In that instant, his face paled as he blurted out, “Oh, no! This is bad!”

The other employees from the secretary department who were gossiping earlier awkwardly looked at each other, not comprehending the situation that had just occurred.

It was something that he didn’t bother explaining either. Instead, he stopped eating, placed his cutleries aside, and immediately ran out of the cafeteria.

A lunch set was already placed on the table in the president’s office of Sunhil Enterprise, but Jordan was eating alone. Alexander, on the other hand, was attentively perusing documents without showing any intention of eating.

After knocking on the door, Eric entered the room and froze as soon as he saw Jordan. Now that Jordan was around, Eric suddenly had no idea what to tell Alexander.

“Why did you suddenly return?” Alexander shot a glance at his assistant. “Is there anything urgent?”

“Um…” Eric looked at Jordan from the corner of his eyes whereupon he cleared his throat before tentatively speaking, “I saw the doctor who changed the bandage for you the other day.”

With that, Alexander had already raised his head and shot Eric a nonchalant glance. “Okay.”

Alexander’s calmness was something that Eric never expected. After a moment of silence, Eric suddenly understood something else. Before this, the hospital whom their company would collaborate with to offer health checks was already confirmed, but the arrangement was suddenly changed this year.

Seeing as how Alexander thought everything was under his control, a slightly nervous Eric reminded, “Um… Mr. Menzie is now having lunch with the doctor in the cafeteria.”

Sure enough, the expression on Alexander’s face immediately changed. “What did you just say?”

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