One Night Surprise Chapter 440

Chapter 440 He Is Just a Child

A couple of buses were parked in front of Melrose City Hospital on the day that they were sent to conduct the health checks. Courtney stood at the entrance along with other interns as they gathered there. Another post-graduate student by the name of Celia Lyons, who was pursuing her doctorate under Linda the cardiologist, ended up being in the same team as Courtney. The moment Celia saw Courtney, she ran over to Courtney to greet her.

“Courtney, I’m on the same team as you.”

Courtney smiled warmly; it was like how a senior would behave. “It’s quite exhausting to conduct health checks on the field. What’s there to be happy about?”

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“No matter how tiring it is, it won’t be as tiring as learning from Dr. Hass.”

Then, Celia imitated how Linda usually pulled a long face whenever she lectured her students. In a low voice, Celia spoke, “The sutures that you guys have done is worse than what the veterinarian did for a pig. By the time you’re capable enough to perform surgery in the operating theater, the number of patients waiting would be so long that the entire hospital would be flooded…”

It’s quite similar!

Courtney tried to suppress her laughter. After all, she was only a few years older than the interns, so it wouldn’t be a good example if she joked around with them. Apart from that, she even reminded Celia, “And you even dare to imitate her in such a loud voice? Aren’t you worried that I might tell Dr. Hass about this?”

“Hehe! Nope.” Celia had a mysterious look as she continued speaking in a low voice, “We all know that you have been avoiding Dr. Hass for the past few days. As soon as we came out from the laboratory, I even saw her looking for you everywhere. I bet she has been so worried about her blind date that she didn’t see the list of people who were sent to do the health checks outdoors.”

“What?” A nervous Courtney looked around. “You didn’t tell her, did you?”

“Of course not.” Celia giggled. “I told her that the clinical laboratory has been busy lately, so another department chief might ask you to help out.”

When Courtney heard that, she was impressed and complimented, “I bet you will be one of the earliest interns to be able to perform a surgery.”

“That aside, I’m more curious about the reason why Dr. Hass has been looking for you every day in the hospital.”

“Um, about this… If I don’t tell you the reason, she will continue to look for me all over the hospital, but if I tell you about it, once she catches hold of me, she might attack me with two scalpels.”

Celia’s eyes widened. “You’re only making me even more curious.”

Courtney was well known in the hospital for having her lips sealed. Otherwise, Linda wouldn’t be causing trouble for her. Even though Celia had pestered Courtney throughout the entire journey, she didn’t spill the beans whatsoever.

After the bus came to a stop, their team leader asked everyone to exit the vehicle and move the apparatus. As soon as Courtney steered clear of Celia, who was still bombarding her with questions, what greeted her after she got off the bus left her stunned.

The huge golden words of ‘Sunhill Enterprise’ gleamed brightly on the top of the tower. As everyone stood in front of the tower’s entrance, it was beyond obvious what this had meant.

There are so many corporations and hospitals in Melrose City. On top of that, there are also a lot of medical employees in the hospital. Out of all these possibilities, I landed on the smallest possibility ever. What the hell is this?

Since they had already arrived at the entrance, Courtney could not possibly leave. Hence, she merely gritted her teeth and followed the crowd into the tower. Since we are here to do health checks for new employees, it’s quite unlikely that I will meet Alexander here. With that thought in mind, she heaved a sigh.

Sunhill Enterprise had arranged for them to perform the health checks in a gym located on the fifth floor that spanned several regions. The employees undergoing health checks all held pamphlets that described today’s activity as they waited in separate lines to check different parts of their body.

As Courtney had been sent over by the clinical laboratory, she stayed in the room that extracted blood samples.

For a huge corporation like Sunhill Enterprise, the turnover rate for the entry-level employees was extremely high. Hence, whenever it was the hiring season around May or June, a huge bunch of employees would start working for the company.

There were two representatives from Sunhill Enterprise in the room; they looked as if they had been sent here to supervise the progress of the said health checks. As they casually chatted to each other, Courtney overheard their conversation while she prepared the equipment to extract the blood samples.

“The fresh graduates nowadays are so different from us. Back then, as soon as we graduated, we had no idea what the corporate world looked like and were more than satisfied at being able to nail a job.”

“I know, right? I’ve taken a look at the list of employees for this year. Nine out of ten of them are being recommended internally. Four of them have already been introduced by Director Yves. Do you know I’m able to spot them?”


“It’s through their resumes. They are all graduates from unknown universities abroad. It was beyond obvious that they bought their certificates with money. Perhaps it’s also because I’m a busybody; I asked other secretaries a few questions and learned that Director Yves was the one putting them there.”

“I thought she never participates in the meeting that the board of directors organizes?”

“It’s because Director Yves has never dealt with company matters, which is why she acts haughtily as if she’s an experienced director. Since it’s rather rare for her to make such requests, President Duncan only approved it to maintain her dignity.”

Courtney was speechless upon hearing that. I’ve never seen Alexander maintaining the dignity of anyone from the board of directors, and I wonder who this Director Yves is.

As she thought about what they had said, those two people suddenly lowered their voices. Since Courtney was placing all the equipment on the table, she was quite close to them in distance and could clearly hear their conversation.

“So, are all those rumors in the company true? Is Chairman Yves’ niece really going to marry President Duncan for real?”

A shocked Courtney was in the midst of setting up the equipment and paused for a second before she looked in their direction. However, they were completely oblivious to her reaction and continued their conversation in excitement.

“Haven’t you seen how often Miss Yves visits our company? She would stay in the president’s office for the entire afternoon every time she comes. In my opinion, their marriage is somewhat almost confirmed.”

“I heard that Miss Somerfield from the secretary department has been denying it. Judging from her tone, she seems to hate Miss Yves a lot and Young President Duncan doesn’t seem to like Miss Yves either.”

“Well, that’s without a doubt, of course. Let alone Young President Duncan, any other kid wouldn’t want their dad to look for a stepmother for them. On top of that, he is a precocious kid, so he must have seen his fair share of internal arguments among the rich families. Think about it—if his stepmother gives birth to younger siblings, he would have to split the inheritance with them.”

“He’s only twelve. I don’t think he would think about that.”

“So what if he’s only twelve? Haven’t you seen him lecturing other employees in the office? He is almost exactly like President Duncan, albeit a younger version only. Actually, I would think that he is even colder than President Duncan himself. Two days ago, Young President Duncan caught me being careless and he almost fired me on the spot. Since he doesn’t have a mother, I think he has been raised to be a robot who excels at business but an unkind person. If he already behaves like this at such an age, it remains to be seen when he is an adult.”

Courtney finally couldn’t stand listening to the conversation anymore and placed the equipment in her hand on the table as she demanded in a low voice, “He is just a kid. How could you say such things about him?”

The two women who were engaged in the conversation froze. The woman discussing Jordan’s behavior raised her head and shot a glance at Courtney. Although Courtney was slightly guilty when she saw the glare, the said woman still stood her ground.

“What are you talking about? Have we said anything wrong? This is the Sunhill Enterprise, not your hospital, so you should stay out of our business.”

With a stony expression, Courtney retorted, “You are the one who made those mistakes to begin with. What is wrong with your boss lecturing you? You insisted on making a big deal out of other people’s age. An employee like you who gossips around should have been fired a long time ago.”

Even if they were in the full view of others, Courtney didn’t even spare some respect for the other woman in her ruthless retort. Everyone else was stunned as a result, not comprehending what had just happened.

However, the woman became anxious when she heard Courtney retaliating. “Hey, who are you to say this about me? Who the hell—”

Before the woman could even finish her sentence, her companion next to her pulled her back and said in a fluster, “Miss Gibson, stop making a scene now. Otherwise, other people will hear about this.”

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