One Night Surprise Chapter 439

Chapter 439 Au Naturel

Linda was so furious that she trembled as she told Courtney the gist of what had happened; she even gestured and swore as she went along.

Although Courtney couldn’t really understand what was being said, she slowly began to comprehend the situation.

After she had finished watching the musical with Linda’s blind date, he had gone home to inform his mother that he was extremely satisfied with her and thought of her as a suitable candidate for marriage.

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It was the mothers of the man and Linda who had arranged for the blind date. To them, as long as their children liked each other, there won’t be any issues in continuing with their relationship. Although the man had a certain level of authority in his family to express his opinions, Linda didn’t have such privilege.

Seeing that Linda was almost 30, Nurse Simmons was extremely anxious about Linda’s marriage. Finally, after all of the relatives managed to convince Linda, Linda finally relented and claimed that as long as the man fancied her, she wouldn’t have any further objections. It was only when Nurse Simmons heard those assurances that she finally heaved a sigh of relief. As Linda was her daughter after all, she didn’t take the matter lightly and chose Caleb after sieving through hundreds of options.

Linda had meant for Courtney to mess the blind date up so that the man would reject Linda. It was the only way in which she could get away with her authoritarian mother. “You even managed to confirm the marriage just after one date. Do you hold a grudge against me?”

“I swear!” Courtney raised her right hand in the direction of the sky as she deposed to the big man himself, “I already told your date that not only do I smoke, I love drinking and going to pubs. I was also once married with a kid in tow. Yet, he still thought that highly of me. Chief Hass, Nurse Simmons has found a man with the best temper and the most patience that I’ve seen. I don’t know what to do anymore.”

“Bullsh*t.” Linda became anxious again. “I don’t believe that a man in their right frame of mind would want to marry such a woman.”

“He really accepted the flaws, though.”

Once again, Linda appraised Courtney from head to toe. Then, she suddenly understood something and probed, “What did you wear that day? Did you put on some makeup? You had also dressed up, right?”

“I didn’t even wash my hair and I had zero makeup on,” an indignant Courtney replied.

Although Linda did not believe Courtney, it wasn’t as if she could speak to the man to obtain the proof herself. Hence, she was beyond annoyed that she didn’t follow them on their blind date, which would have prevented such a difficult position today from happening.

“I don’t care! Since you went on the blind date, the woman he has fallen for is you. You have to resolve this problem for me.”

Courtney was both exasperated and humored at the same time. “How do you want me to fix it? Do you want me to marry him on your behalf?”

“Pfft!” Linda glared at her. “Can you have better wishes for me, please? Do you really think I would marry him just because he has requested it? Since you are the root cause of this problem, you have to go out with him if he asks you out again in the future. I won’t let this slide if you don’t resolve it.”

“Then, I’ll inform Nurse Simmons that you have asked me to go on the date on your behalf.”


Courtney took the opportunity of Linda’s preoccupation to open the door and fled the scene as fast as she could. Then, she told Linda from afar, “Chief Hass, I have a shift to attend to at the laboratory. I think you better come clean to her yourself.

It was actually a small matter, but since Linda had been tortured with the subject of marriage for such a long time, she no longer wanted to listen to Nurse Simmons nagging. That was the reason why she came up with such a childish idea.

Now that Courtney had evidence that Linda asked her to go on the blind date instead, she wasn’t worried that Linda would pick on her.

However, after pondering on the matter, Courtney felt that it would be better if she totally avoided Linda for the time being, lest the woman obtain knowledge of any of her other vulnerable points. If that were to happen, it would be an unfortunate thing for Courtney.

Meanwhile, an undemanding meeting to utilize some of their workforce was held in the laboratory.

“The hospital will arrange for a few medical staff to visit several corporations and schools to perform health checks for them. Are there any volunteers?” The chief of the clinical laboratory, Chief Kenell, nudged her round glasses onto the bridge of her nose as she solemnly surveyed the crowd.

“Me.” Courtney raised her hand without any hesitation to participate in the said activity.

She couldn’t wait to conduct field tasks outside the hospital to avoid Linda and creating further problems.

In the end, Chief Kenell appointed five people for the task. “The specifics of the team formation will be announced before the end of your shift today. When that happens, gather at the hospital entrance and just follow your team when they leave.”

When Courtney heard her instructions, she tentatively asked, “Will the chiefs of each department be tagging along?”

Chief Kenell shot her a glance. “They are all busy with their surgeries, so they won’t have the time to follow you guys. What you need to perform for the health checks are relatively simple, so apart from some doctors from the clinical laboratory, the rest are merely nurses and interns.”

She immediately heaved a sigh of relief. This means that Linda won’t be coming.

On the other hand, in front of a random meeting room in Sunhill Enterprise, a secretary stopped Kelly from entering the said room.

“Miss Yves, President Duncan is having a meeting inside. You really can’t enter the room.”

“What do you mean by that? Are you new here? Don’t you know that I’m from the board of directors? Is there any company meeting that I can’t join in?”

The conflicted secretary elaborated, “Miss Yves, I’ve been working here for more than four years now. I was already here when our company merged with the Hunter Group, so please don’t give me a hard time.”

Kelly raised her chin slightly, looking especially haughty when she did so. “So what if you have already been working here for four years? You are just a secretary, aren’t you? Are you blind or something? Don’t you know who the hell I am?”

“Of course I know who you are. You just said so yourself—you are one of the directors.”

Ever since Sunhill Enterprise had merged with the Hunter Group, the Hunter Group had sold most of their shares to the former for the entire shares to be reallocated. However, the chairman of Hunter Group—that would be Susan—and her family members refused to sell their shares. In the end, they relied on the tactic of taking Sunhill Enterprise’s bonus shares before the merger was completed.

Although the secretary was still polite to Kelly, she did not move an inch away from the door that she had been guarding.

Now that Kelly looked at her, she was indeed a familiar face. “What’s your name? You aren’t Alexander’s secretary, are you?”

“Oh, you don’t have to say something like that. The entire enterprise belongs to him, so it doesn’t matter whose secretary I am.” With that, the woman gave a slight smile as she humbly continued, “You are right, right. I’m Young President Duncan’s secretary and my last name is Somerfield.”

The moment Kelly heard the reply, she immediately frowned. With a conflicted expression, she mumbled, “No wonder you’re stopping me!”

Just as she said those words under her breath, another secretary approached with some snacks and advised in a friendly voice, “President Duncan’s meeting will last for a while longer. Why don’t you wait at the guest room instead? I will inform you immediately once he is done with the meeting.”

After Kelly had been convinced to leave, Kate heaved a sigh at the other secretary standing guard with her in front of the meeting room.

“Katie, why did you go against Miss Yves? It’s not a big deal for her to join the meeting as she is part of the board of directors after all.”

Kate frowned after hearing those words. “She’s part of the Yves Family and they shouldn’t have been a part of the board in the first place.”

“Oh, I can’t believe that you would dare to make such comments, but I guess it’s understandable, seeing that you are the aunt of Young President Duncan. The rest of us wouldn’t even dare to stop her now that the entire company is suggesting that it’s possible for a marriage to happen between the Duncan Family and the Yves Family. Look at how often she comes to the company nowadays.”

A condescending expression appeared on Kate’s face as she watched Kelly resting in the guest room. “Even if she comes here so often that she might injure her legs, that would still be impossible.”

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