One Night Surprise Chapter 438

Chapter 438 You Are Not the Reason for My Return

“Do you know Josh?”

Eric was utterly confused.

Now that Courtney saw him stupefied, she suddenly felt a surge of anger within her. “Is that even important now? Do you want to call him to verify this?”

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He was about to say something when Alexander shot him a look and interrupted in a low voice, “Stop the nonsense and bring the trash bin here.”

Eric was stunned for yet another moment; it was only when he saw Alexander’s terribly wounded arm that he returned to his senses. Then, he quickly brought the trash bin over.

The moment that the hydrogen peroxide was poured onto the wound, white bubbles emerged from the flesh as the remaining fluid dripped into the trash bin.

It looked extraordinarily painful, yet Alexander didn’t even blink once and maintained his stare at Courtney, who was focused entirely on disinfecting the wounds for him.

Her eyebrows were knotted into a constant frown as she made no attempt to hide her displeasure and annoyance.

When Eric saw this scene, he felt that his scope had widened and that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch this rare sight.

“You have to change this every day.” After Courtney tied the bandage, she directly instructed Eric without even looking at Alexander. “When Josh worked as Alexander’s assistant, he was also the part-time nanny. Since you can’t do that, at least take care of his health. If you want Alexander to have a longer lifespan, take him to the hospital to change the bandage and make sure that he eats at regular hours.”

After observing the situation for a while, Eric knew what was going on and nodded profusely.

Then, he followed Courtney into the kitchen and took advantage of the loud water noise when she opened the tap. “What if President Duncan doesn’t listen to me?” he asked softly.

“You should ask Josh about that.”

“You really know him?” This had piqued Eric’s interest. “What is your relationship with President Duncan? Why haven’t I heard him mention you?”

“He has never mentioned me?” Courtney stopped washing her hands and raised her head to look at Eric.

“Not at all.” Eric nodded seriously. “President Duncan doesn’t have any woman by his side, hence all the entertainment magazines assume that he is gay.”

Alexander was in the midst of wearing his clothes when he heard those words, which immediately caused him to frown. “Eric, if you don’t want to work with me anymore, you can submit your resignation letter to human resources. I’m not deaf, you know.”

Eric immediately blanched. “President Duncan, I’m saying that you are so disciplined. Ever since I started working for you, I have never seen you being involved with another woman, which made me extremely nervous.”

“What are you nervous about?”

“Of course I would be nervous. What if the rumors of you being gay are true? In that case, I would be in danger, wouldn’t I?”

With that, silence fell on the entire apartment.

Alexander was green in the face as he blurted out, “Even if I’m gay, do you think I would have the hots for you just because you’re a man?”

With that question, the air seemed to have frozen.

Courtney looked at him with a conflicted expression and disbelief in her eyes.

Eric also realized that he had said the wrong thing, so his face turned as pale as a sheet of paper. Then, he made his escape. “President Duncan, um… I think I will make a U-turn downstairs first. You can have a chat with Dr. Hunter in the meantime.”

Alexander was already furious, yet Eric fled faster than a rabbit.

On the other hand, Courtney merely observed Eric’s panicked escape. Now that she compared him to Josh, she couldn’t tell whether these two were indeed related and she suddenly felt wistful.

Now that the newer employees had replaced the senior staff, it seemed that no one would be able to stay for long with Alexander from the beginning.

“What Eric said earlier was not true.”

“No?” A doubtful Courtney looked at him. “If it isn’t true, which media company would dare to take the risk of offending you to spread such lies?”

She was merely joking as she thought it would be entertaining to mistake Alexander, a straight man, as a gay person. However, she didn’t know that he couldn’t withstand such jokes, so his expression became even darker as he commented, “Others might not know the truth, but you know, don’t you?”

Courtney’s smile slowly stiffened on her face. Suddenly, she felt a lump in her throat and could not utter a word.

“The reason why I even allowed the media to spread those rumors is to reduce any unnecessary trouble,” Alexander explained seriously with a frown. “After Sunhill Enterprise and Duncan Group had merged into one and whereupon they entered the entertainment industry, the circle was simply too complicated. In order to prevent people from having thoughts that they shouldn’t have, it indeed saves me a lot of trouble if the media thinks that I’m gay.”

“You don’t have to explain that to me.”

Courtney avoided his gaze because his earlier words had reverberated in her ears and made her blush.

“I think it’s necessary.” Alexander looked at her. “Courtney, I have a question to ask. If I were to tell you that I haven’t forgotten about you all these years and never intended to let you go at that time, what would you do if I want us to have a fresh start now?”

His words sounded strong and firm.

However, Courtney’s expression stiffened.

It was impossible for her to claim that she had never thought about him. However, for her to admit that she still harbored feelings for him, a tiny voice in her subconscious was warning her that it would be difficult to reconcile. After all, they had been in an on and off relationship many times before, yet each time never ended well. How many five years do we have in our lives to allow the wounds to heal?

“You are not the reason for my return.” Even though her voice was not loud, her words were clearly enunciated in the quiet living room.

“Then, what about Jordan?” Alexander asked. “You have already been back for so long. Haven’t you thought about visiting him?”

In the past, he had most despised it whenever others used children as an excuse to tie him down. In fact, he even felt displeased when Courtney always worried about their children and never prioritized herself. However, five years later, he realized that apart from Jordan, he had nothing else on the table to discuss with her.

At the mention of children, guilt flashed in Courtney’s eyes. “He should be living a good life with you.”

“If you haven’t even seen him, how would you know that he’s doing well or not?” Alexander slowly calmed down. “If you have the time, bring him out for a meal. Even though he hasn’t mentioned you over the past few years, I know that he misses you.”

She could not reject such a request from him.

The rain slowly subsided into drizzles after Alexander was gone.

The sudden storm had seemed to come with him and destroyed her originally peaceful life while wrecking havoc along the way.

It was a bright and sunny day the next morning. After Courtney reported her attendance, she wore the white robe and prepared to conduct her first morning round.

Starting from this week, it was her turn to head to the clinical laboratory to resume her shift. With that, her roundings could finally come to an official end.


A voice rang from the door, which made the few interns in the room simultaneously raise their heads. Then, they saw an angry Linda standing by the door with a red, swollen face as she glanced at every one of them.

“Courtney Hunter, get out here.”

Everyone’s gazes fell on Courtney, who was holding a cup of coffee. When she turned and saw Linda’s ferocious stare, her heart sank as she thought, Jesus.

After that, Linda almost pulled Courtney all the way to her office and slammed the door with a loud thud.

“Miss Hass, I still have to inspect the laboratories. What are you doing?”

“What am I doing? Don’t you already know it? Why don’t you tell me what kind of complaints you have lodged about me? Why did you intentionally frame me?”

I have way too many complaints about her, but I’m not an idiot to voluntarily tell her and make my life harder. “Since when have I framed you?”

“The lawyer went home last night to explain to his mother that he has no problem marrying me. What the hell is going on? You have three minutes to clearly explain everything to me.”

Courtney’s expression froze the moment she heard that.

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