One Night Surprise Chapter 437

Chapter 437 An Unnecessary Explanation

It was already late at night, but Alexander’s assistant still hadn’t arrived.

Since it was a stormy night on top of being the weekend, there were many reports of accidents in Melrose City. It was perfectly normal to be caught in the traffic congestion, so it was nothing strange if Eric was late.

Even after Courtney had cleaned the cutleries, the smell of fried eggs was still in the apartment.

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The flower tea in front of Alexander had been swapped for a glass of warm milk.

As Courtney lowered her head to wash the dishes with the tap flowing, she wore a calm expression but her feelings had resembled the weather instead.

Time wasn’t able to make her forget him. She still loved and hated the man in front of her and no matter how much time had passed, those feelings would still be there regardless.

There weren’t any movements in the living room for a while. After she had done the dishes, she froze when she saw Alexander resting on the couch.

She initially wanted to wake him up, but after approaching him, she saw his exhaustion. Even though he was asleep, there was still a deep frown on his face as it seemed like he couldn’t relax. Compared to the Alexander of five years before, he seemed to have more worries now.

He had finished all the milk, leaving behind just the empty glass on the coffee table.

Courtney stood there for a while and took a nearby blanket. Just as she was about to cover him with the blanket, her doorbell rang.

Ding dong!

Her fingers froze as the man on the couch immediately opened his eyes.

As their gazes met, there was an inexplicable atmosphere in the living room.

Courtney quickly rose to her full height, but Alexander grabbed her elbow, which made her stumble before she fell into his sturdy chest.

“What are you doing?” she asked in a low voice that was laced with anger.

“I should be asking you that question. What are you doing?” He looked at her with tenderness.

“You’ve been quite indifferent and cold ever since you saw me to the point where you feigned that you don’t care about me. If that’s the truth, why did you swap the tea to a glass of milk when you heard that I have gastric, though? Why did you want to give me a blanket?”

“I shouldn’t have let you come in.” Courtney gritted her teeth as she seethed in anger.

“Yet you still did so.”

Alexander looked at her with his lips twitching. At this moment, he actually gave a dry smile.

An angered and panicked Courtney immediately struggled to break free from his embrace.


He suddenly took a sharp breath as his exquisite facial features winced in agony.

“What are you pretending again?” She glared at him in annoyance, but she soon realized that he was really in pain. From the corner of her eyes, she saw blood seeping out of his shoulders whereupon her expression immediately changed. “What’s going on?”

His white shirt was stained with blood that quickly colored his sleeve in the same color. The red stain on his shirt made him look even more terrifying.

“Don’t worry about it.” Alexander forced an unnatural smile with a pale face. “It’s just the previous injury, which you have seen for yourself before. It’s not a big deal since it’s a superficial injury that formed scabs. I’m sure the scabs have just fallen off.”

However, Courtney did not believe him. The injuries before were not serious at all. Even though it’s been a week, why isn’t his wound healed yet?

The doorbell continued to ring impatiently from outside.

“I think your assistant is here. Open the door for him and remove your shirt. I’ll grab the first aid kit.”

With that, Courtney quickly went to her room.

The moment Alexander saw her slightly flustered reaction, the pain slowly disappeared on his face and it was replaced with a rare warmth. His usual cold face actually became much gentler at this moment.

After he opened the door, Eric walked in to nobody’s surprise.

“President Duncan, I’m sorry for being late. The traffic was quite heavy,” he apologized as he seemed to have brought the cold with him. Even though he was being respectful, he closely surveyed the apartment and was shocked at what he saw. From the decorations and the design of the unit, this is a woman’s place.

“Shall we leave now?” He was slightly unsure when he asked this question.

“Let’s wait for a while here. Come in.” Alexander looked at him meaningfully with annoyance.

When Eric turned around, he saw the shocking blood stains on Alexander’s sleeves.

He gasped and quickly followed Alexander into the unit. “President Duncan, you are injured.”

“What are you complaining about?” Alexander merely glared.

Eric quickly shut his mouth and didn’t dare to utter another word.

In no time, the door of the bedroom was opened and it revealed Courtney bringing out a white first aid kit out of the room. She was now wearing a pair of checkered pajamas with a scarf wrapped around her neck. Her long black hair was tied into a ponytail, leaving only a few loose strands of hair on her forehead, and it made her look gentle.

Eric’s eyes widened when he saw her. It’s now in the middle of the night with lightning outside and there’s a beautiful woman in her pajamas with an injured and indifferent Boss inside here. What kind of situation is this?

Courtney placed the first aid kit on the coffee table and greeted Eric simply before she looked at Alexander. “Didn’t I ask you to remove your shirt?”

Eric’s mouth became so wide that he could swallow a whole duck egg. “D-Do you need me to wait outside?”

“There’s no need for that.” Courtney threw him a gaze. “I’m a doctor and I’m just changing the bandage for your boss.”

Indeed, her explanation was rather unnecessary.

There were many hospitals in Melrose City and the Duncan Family even had their private doctor. As such, there was no need for Alexander to come all the way here for her to change his bandage.

Based on Eric’s instincts of being Alexander’s secretary for the past three years, he knew that something was amiss as he rubbed his chin to reflect on the matter.

Alexander casually took off his shirt to reveal his beautiful muscles.

As soon as Courtney saw how the bandage was wrapped around him, her expression immediately changed as she queried in a high-pitched voice, “Alexander, are you nuts? Haven’t I told you that you need to change your bandage daily at a hospital? It has been a week, yet you haven’t even changed it once! Look at the weather we’re having! Are you planning to allow your wound to rot?”

The way she lectured Alexander had caused the entire room to sink in silence.

At this point, Eric was not just shocked; he was also in great trepidation and disbelief. When he looked at Courtney, it felt like he was looking at a lunatic.

Apart from Old Master Duncan, Eric had never seen anyone who dared to speak to Alexander in this tone. As such, he couldn’t imagine that there would be a woman who had the courage to address Alexander in such an obstreperous manner.

Apart from that, it was even rarer that Alexander would quietly endure Courtney’s scoldings. Just who the hell is she?

When she saw how silent Alexander was, Courtney proceeded to remove the bandage with a cold face. Sure enough, the wounds were infected. The areas where a scab should have formed by now were rotten, which made it difficult for anyone to look at it. If this was the case, it was better not to wrap a bandage around the wound and instead allow it to heal by itself.

Her heart raced as she assessed his situation. After that, she took the medicine out of the first aid kit in a much rougher manner than before. It was as if she had vented her anger because she was noisily searching the kit.

“Bring the trash bin here.”

Eric froze for a moment and pointed at himself in confusion. “Me?”

“Otherwise? Who else is here?” Courtney glared at him and also chastised him at the same time. “What are you doing as his assistant? Back when Josh was around, he would never allow his boss to self-harm. Is your salary lower than his?”

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