One Night Surprise Chapter 434

Chapter 434 I Enjoy Clubbing the Most

There was a significant shock that flashed across Caleb’s face, but he soon calmed down after he suddenly recalled something. “Well, she hasn’t mentioned this at all.”

Meanwhile, Courtney faked an apology. “Gosh! My mom’s so careless! She should have clearly explained this to you. I’m sorry about that.”

“That’s fine. It’s not too late to know about this now.”

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“I still feel bad about it. Mr. Menzie, you’re an eligible bachelor with a bright, shining future ahead of you after all. You must be speechless that you have gone on a blind date with someone like me. I can totally understand that.”

“It’s not a big deal.” Caleb was so calm that it was beyond Courtney’s expectations.

Furthermore, his answer left her in a state of shock.

Who in their right mind would think that it’s fine for their blind date to a divorcee with two kids?! Perhaps he’s merely putting on an act? Courtney silently considered the situation and took the chance to study him from top to bottom just as the waiter came to serve their meal. She was trying her hardest to look for a crack beneath Caleb’s chivalrous behavior.

“Dr. Hass, you must be generally busy with your work at the hospital. It must be quite tough to balance your work with looking after your kids.”

Moments after the waiter had walked off, Caleb took the initiative and brought up the topic about her kids.

Courtney revealed a slight smile. “It’s not that bad. I’m fine with it, but I don’t plan on having more kids in the future. After all, two is more than enough for me.”

Most men in this world would yearn to have children of their own, so she was quite confident that he would lose his patience when he heard her response.

However, he continued to slowly carve his steak with the same expression after she gave her answer. “If that’s the case, then that’s awesome! I share the same sentiments and I don’t want any kids either.”

“Huh?” She was stunned.

“I don’t have the confidence to nurture a child up to my expectations, so I think I’ll be lucky if I’m able to live my own life well. However, I realize that it is something difficult to reconcile with. To be honest, I didn’t harbor much hope before coming to meet you today, but after hearing your words, I think that we would make a great match.”

“What?!” Courtney’s expression took a turn. “You must be kidding me, right?”

“I don’t tend to joke around.” At that point, Caleb had carved a slice of his steak and placed it on the side of Courtney’s plate. “Try some of this. This restaurant makes one of the best beef wellington.”

Courtney had no choice but to take a bite of it when her mind was on the words that he spoke earlier.

“Dr. Hass, is there anything else about me that you would like to find out more about? Feel free to ask me about it. Neither do I smoke nor do I drink. I don’t have any unhealthy habits either. Other than having to go on business trips frequently, I guess I am considered a homebody. We’ll have the place to ourselves once we get married. I’m quite a boring person, though. Other than taking the occasional hike, I’m basically reading at home most of the time.”

Caleb seemed to express that he would be more than happy to be with her as he started to introduce more about himself.

Meanwhile, she had goosebumps as she heard his words. It was only after some time that she finally recollected herself. She gritted her teeth and plastered a warm smile on her face before she replied, “Is that so? Then, I guess we complement each other quite well. I enjoy having fun, especially heading to nightclubs. I’ll bring you along next time. By the way, I don’t think I’ll be able to give up smoking or drinking just yet. I could try to quit if you don’t like it.”

Courtney clearly noticed that Caleb’s expression had stiffened, which merely encouraged her to continue. “By the way, do you enjoy playing poker? Our whole family enjoys a good game of poker and even my twelve-year-old daughter likes it too. She’s nearly as good as me at playing the game.”

Going clubbing, drinking, smoking, playing poker, and being a divorcee with kids were all such deal breakers that even the mere mention of one of them could frighten a potential partner during the blind date. If it hadn’t been because he couldn’t care less about her prior marital status and the fact that she had kids, she would never have mentioned any of the additional deal breakers.

However, after speaking incessantly for quite a while, she didn’t get a response and merely noticed that he had a strange expression.

Courtney’s voice gradually died down and somehow, she felt quite anxious all of a sudden.

“I thought that you’d be drowning in work. How do you actually lead such a colorful lifestyle?”

“Y-Yeah! I’m not that busy. After all, I’m the chief physician in the department.” An awkward Courtney gulped.

“That sounds good, though. I can go clubbing with you next time since it should be a much safer option.”

She felt more awkward as she clarified, “Mr. Menzie, don’t you mind?”

After all, his behavior wasn’t considered normal for an ordinary person who had heard her words.

He still maintained his gentlemanly behavior. “I don’t mind it at all. My usual lifestyle is quite boring, so I can’t possibly expect my wife to stay home all day long as well. I mean, such a lifestyle would be no different to when I was on my own. Frankly speaking, I’m quite appreciative of someone like you who knows how to draw a line between your work and actual daily life.”

Meanwhile, Courtney thought, I sound like someone who suffers from split personality rather than someone merely leading separate lifestyles in work and daily life!

Even after their meal had ended, Caleb still maintained his composure. He seemed to have perfectly accepted Courtney’s introduction of her strange habits, which was indeed hard for her to comprehend

“Do you have time in the afternoon? I have two concert tickets…”

As she hadn’t completed her assignment from Linda, Courtney had no choice but to nod her agreement. “Yup.”

Since Caleb had the patience of a saint, Courtney started to suspect that he was trying to hide his sexuality under the guise of marriage. As such, he was so forgiving and didn’t have any specific requests—as long as it was a female, that was already good enough for him.

At that moment, a black car gradually came to a halt opposite the restaurant.

“President Howell’s secretary has just called me to confirm the contract. They’ve also signed the contract, so we’ll be in possession of that piece of land in Australia soon. Josh will be able to start work there soon,” Eric’s voice rang out from the driver’s seat.

“Sure.” Alexander maintained his gaze on the scene outside and he sounded distracted in his reply.

Then, Eric pulled the handbrake in place as soon as he parked the vehicle and thereafter alighted from the car to open the back door.

Due to the earlier rain, the pavement was wet and slippery. It had been cloudy for the entire day and at the current moment, it looked like there was going to be another downpour.

At this moment, Eric trailed behind Alexander, but Alexander suddenly paused in his tracks.

“What’s wrong, President Duncan?”

At that moment, Alexander’s eyes were fixated on the scene across the road—there was a couple who had just exited the French restaurant and the lady was so stunning as she had a mature aura to her. As the wind picked up speed, her forehead and a pair of glittery dark jewel-like eyes were revealed when her long jet-black hair that fell loosely by her shoulders flew to one side.

The man next to her was much taller and when Eric saw that figure clad in a well-pressed suit, he suddenly paused and asked, “Isn’t that Mr. Menzie?”

After Eric had asked that, he took another look at the woman next to Caleb. “Mr. Menzie’s blind date seems great. No wonder he took some time off to come and meet her.”

“What blind date?” Alexander suddenly turned around.

“Didn’t he mention that he was going on a blind date? That woman must be his date then.” Eric took a tentative look at Alexander.

He had been working for Alexander for nearly three years, but had never seen this side of Alexander.

Alexander seemed to shoot daggers at Eric with such murderous expression whereupon he stared intently at Eric for a second before turning to cross the road.

“President Duncan, watch out for the car!” Eric’s eyes widened as he exclaimed loudly and reached out with an arm.

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