One Night Surprise Chapter 425

Chapter 425 Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You

After Courtney promised Linda to help her with the blind date, Linda used her position to shift Courtney to the emergency department earlier than planned and thus preventing Courtney from having to make rounds at the in-patient department every morning.

In the office, Linda nudged Courtney’s arm with a smug look. “Am I not virtuous? I helped you with this even though I had to risk my position here.”

“Yes, you really are virtuous.” Courtney tugged the corner of her mouth, but inwardly she was completely speechless.

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“The time, address and name of the guy have been sent to your phone. He is a corporate legal adviser, and he only knows that I am a doctor. When the time comes, you just have to find a way to get rid of him.”

“Actually, I think there is nothing wrong with blind dates. Why are you so resistant to it? If you go take a look at him, maybe you’ll find him as a suitable match?”

“Suitable match? What kind of person would go on a blind date these days?” Linda gave her a look and spoke with a grimace. “If he is physically and mentally normal, why can’t he find a girlfriend? Nine out of ten people who go on blind dates have problems, so why am I wasting my time?”

“Well, there’s still the odd one or two normal people out of ten.”

“Do you think I’ll have this amazing luck to meet them? Even when the patient and the patient’s family know that if the success rate of surgery is too low, they would rather choose conservative treatment, instead of risking themselves at such a small probability event as it is tantamount to gambling.”

Linda had all the characteristics of an excellent woman competent in science. She was sensible and decisive, as well as logical and professional. Moreover, she also had the contempt a strong woman standing at the top of the social pyramid felt for such things as love.

Looking at the information on her phone, Courtney sighed. It was unfortunate that she was coincidentally supposed to rest this weekend. She had been planning to take the two girls out for some fun, but now she had to waste at least half a day on Linda’s blind date.

During lunchtime, Courtney found time to call Angie. “Have you brought Tina to the acupuncturist?”

“The session is already over,” Angie spoke loudly. “I’m shopping with Tina right now. When are you coming back home? Will you make us dinner?”

“I can’t. I have to work overtime. Tina can c**k, so let her do it. If not, you two go ahead and eat out.”

“If that’s the case, it’s better if we eat out. She’s good at cooking, but she forces me to do the dishes after.”

“You’re just lazy.”

Although Angie was from a deserted island, nobody had restrained her temper since childhood, so she was fearless and wild. Even though Courtney had nagged her to learn social etiquette and rules, Angie spent most of her time with Elijah, who never forced her to learn all of this. Because of that, she was more accustomed to being lawless. Thus, it was as if she did not hear Courtney’s admonishment when she said, “I’m not continuing this conversation. It’s delaying my shopping.”

In an instant, the line was disconnected. Courtney helplessly glanced at the phone screen that had gone black. Hesitating for a moment, she dialed a number from the address book and it took a long while for the caller to pick up.

“Hello, Courtney, what’s the matter?” Elijah’s voice was a little drowsy. Courtney took a look at her watch and realized that it was nighttime over there.

“I’m sorry, did I disturb your rest?”

“It’s fine.” Then came the sound of someone lifting the quilt and getting out of bed. “What’s up?”

“I wanted to tell you that Angie has arrived at my place. I didn’t tell you yesterday because it was too late.”

The other end of the phone was silent for a while, and then Elijah’s voice came in shock and confusion. “Angie is at your place? What do you mean?”

When Courtney heard this, her heart raced. “Don’t you know that Angie is coming to spend the summer with me? She said she talked to you about it.”

“She told me there’s a summer camp at school and she wouldn’t be coming home this summer. She…” Elijah’s words came to an abrupt halt as if he suddenly realized something. Then, his voice suddenly trembled a little as he continued, “Courtney, I have something to check out. I’ll contact you later.”

The line had already gone dead before the confused Courtney could speak. Finding out about the situation, Elijah was in the dark about the fact that Angie came to visit her for summer vacation. No wonder he did not call Angie and ask if she had reached after the girl got off the plane yesterday. Suddenly, Courtney felt that there was something fishy about this matter.

Meanwhile, in the mall called Pinnacle Shopping Center, there were two girls shopping. One of them was particularly eye-catching as she had colorful hair braided in a hip-hop style. Her style formed a sharp contrast with the shorter girl beside her. The shorter girl was very pretty and wore a pink puffy dress. Although she was only 11 or 12 years old, everyone could see she was a natural beauty. They were a true sight to behold as they walked into the mall.

“This store is good; I like their style.” Angie held a black studded leather skirt and compared it to Tina’s body. “You go try it.”

Tina rolled her eyes and pointed to the shiny studs on it. “Who are you trying to poke to death by wearing this? I don’t want this; it’s not my style.”

“Come on, people can’t stay the same all their lives; you need to try more new things, okay? Don’t you feel tired of wearing such cute clothing all day long?”

Tina’s gaze shifted. “Try more new things? Then you should try to change your style too.”

“What do you want?”

“It’s simple. I’ll pick a set for you, and you pick a set for me.”

Hearing that, Angie sized up Tina and turned up her nose. “Your style is for little girls. I really can’t wear that.”

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

“What do you mean?”

Angie grew up without much education, so she had no idea what Tina was talking about. With that, Tina helplessly explained, “It means that since you dislike my taste, you should also think about how I dislike your taste too. Why do you want to force me to accept your style yet refuse to accept mine?”

Angie pondered for a moment. “Who said I can’t accept your style? Let’s go and do what you suggested.”

Tina immediately looked at her bitterly and asked, “Are you using reverse psychology on me?”

However, when Angie made up her mind, no one could persuade her otherwise. She immediately dragged Tina to try on clothes. One loved fanciful and dark Harajuku style, while the other was more interested in cutesy pink clothing. When the two of them changed styles, they simply looked bizarre.

10 minutes later, Angie stood in front of the mirror wearing a beige halter dress with a pair of brown Mary Janes. Surrounding her were a few shoppers who were watching and gossiping.

“Why do I feel that I look a little odd?”

“Well, of course.”

Tina twitched her mouth. Feeling so embarrassed, she wanted to dig a hole, hide in it and pretend she did not know Angie. As for Angie, her colorful braids and tattooed left arm juxtaposed against the sweet dress she was wearing.

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