One Night Surprise Chapter 424

Chapter 424 You Want Me to Go On a Blind Date on Your Behalf?

Linda crossed her arms and smiled in an innocent way.

“Yes, I don’t always invite people out to dinner. I suppose I’m doing so now because we have a good relationship.”

Intuition told Courtney that Linda was up to no good, so she replied, “I really don’t have time, Chief Hass.”

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“Chief Hass? Just call me Dr. Hass from now on. There’s no need to be so polite. Come to dinner tonight, and I’ll wait for you.”

With that, Linda left without waiting for Courtney’s reply, leaving the latter standing there alone. Courtney had no idea what was going on, but she did not have time to think further because the hospital was busy, and she had to go make her rounds after putting on her white coat and stethoscope.

“Courtney, the patient in the VIP ward is particularly bad-tempered, so be careful. Don’t tell him what’s wrong with his heart, and don’t ask him much unless he’s willing to tell us what’s wrong with him.”

“How do you know?”

“This morning, Bob was originally in a ward conducting a physical examination on a patient with me, and then he was called out temporarily by the head nurse. I was curious so I followed to take a look, and it turns out it was for this eccentric old man who scolded a group of nurses until they cried.”

Bob Sandstone was the only male nurse in Melrose City Hospital. Generally, if male patients had concerns about the gender of the nurses, Bob would be the one doing the examinations, so he was very important in the whole of Melrose City Hospital.

Courtney had seen many bad-tempered patients before especially while shadowing senior doctors at hospitals overseas, so it did not really scare her. However, since her coworker was kind enough to tell her about it, she nodded in appreciation.

After the ward door opened, Courtney entered the ward with the other housemen.

“How do you feel, Mr. Duncan?”

A low voice with a hint of resentment came forth from the room.

“Not good. The smell in this hospital of yours is too unpleasant. Even if I’m not sick, I’ll get sick staying here.”

Courtney’s eyes suddenly tightened when she heard that voice, and from the gap in the crowd, she saw the figure on the hospital bed, which was much more shriveled than 5 years ago. Surprisingly, it was Scott Duncan.

At that moment, she remembered that Tessa had told her about Scott’s undesirable health condition, so she hurriedly left after being there for just a few moments.

The hospital’s electronic archive contained all the hospital cases, so after leaving the ward, Courtney went straight to the electronic archive and found Scott’s medical records. When she saw the hospitalization records, her face gradually changed.

After staying there for a long time, she began to take pictures of the medical records. When she was about to turn off the computer, she suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Caught you.” Linda’s voice came from behind Courtney while the former had a hand on the latter’s shoulder with a smirk on her face.

“Why aren’t you making rounds? Why are you here slacking off?”

Courtney’s expression tightened as she quickly hid her phone behind her back. “I came to check some information about the patient whom I’ve visited just now to understand more about him.”

“Cut the c**p. You’re a pediatric psychologist and you’re only here to learn a little outside of your specialization. You’re not required to perform surgery or consult patients at all. Besides, this patient is an old man and not a child, so he has got nothing to do with your area of expertise. Why are you so concerned? Is he a relative of yours?” Linda said while glancing at the computer screen.

Hearing that, Courtney replied calmly, “No. I just came to check his records purely out of academic interest. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.”

“Really? Then I will ask as many questions as I want.”

“Go ahead.”

Courtney would never admit the truth. After all, she did not leak the patient’s information, so she was not afraid of Linda’s questions.

“You are this old man’s illegitimate daughter, right?”

When Courtney heard those words, she almost fell. Luckily, there was a bookcase next to her which she could hold on to.

“How can that even be possible?” she exclaimed. “Chief Hass, your imagination is running wild.”

“Well, you did tell me to ask questions.” Linda blinked and spread her hands in an innocent manner.

Courtney felt helpless. Is she for real?

“Actually, it’s fine if you are. That old man is the richest man in Melrose City, so don’t feel self-conscious. I won’t laugh at you because of this, and I promise not to tell others.”

“When have I said that it’s true? Chief Hass, can you stop assuming?” Courtney suddenly had a feeling that this matter would spread throughout the entire Melrose City Hospital before the end of the day to the point that even the cafeteria workers would know about it.

However, Linda looked as though she had completely believed it. “I can help you keep it a secret, but you have to promise me one thing.”

“But it’s not true at all!”

“Then I’ll ask the old man myself.”


“Hey, you’re coming with me.” Linda scrutinized her.

At once, the expression on Courtney’s face changed. After a while, she said in a muffled voice, “Fine, what do you want me to promise you?”

Seeing that Courtney was willing to comply, Linda immediately grinned. “Why didn’t you agree earlier? It took me so long to convince you.”

Hearing that, Courtney was rendered speechless. She’s still complaining even after I’ve agreed to do what she wants?

“It’s no biggie. I just want you to come to the matchmaking party this weekend.”

“Chief Hass, you must be kidding. My child is in high school! It’s not appropriate for me to attend such a party, right?”

“Well, you can always be honest with each other.”

“What?” Courtney doubted what she was hearing.

“Actually, it’s not a matchmaking party. It’s a one-on-one type of matchmaking.”

“One-on-one? Isn’t that a blind date?”

“Shhh…” Linda rested two fingers on her lips to make a silencing sign. “Keep your voice down. Anyway, help me out on this, will you?”

“You want me to go on a blind date on your behalf?” Courtney was shocked. “How could I possibly do that?”

“How is it impossible? The guy has never seen me before, and you’re about the same age as me. Moreover, you work in a hospital too, so if you say you’re Linda Hass, he won’t suspect a thing. Just say you have a child and find a way to help me get rid of him.” Linda stared at her.

Immediately, Courtney felt her blood pressure rising. “Can I refuse?”

“Sure.” Linda tugged the corner of her mouth. “Then I’ll go ask that old man if he has an illegitimate daughter named Courtney.”

“I already told you… I’m really not his illegitimate daughter!”

“I know.” Linda grinned deviously. “But if I ask him that, the entire hospital will hear about it, and I’m sure you know that nobody cares about the truth in gossip.”

Taking a deep breath, Courtney thought about it and realized that she was already cornered by Linda since she first entered this hospital.

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