One Night Surprise Chapter 423

Chapter 423 You Want to Treat Me to Dinner?

After hearing these words, Angie first froze for a moment and then let out a sigh of relief. Seeing Angie being silent, Courtney thought that she had hit the nail on the head, so she advised again, “Elijah is not that kind of person, and Lilian is not so narrow-minded either. Even if she isn’t close to you, you still have me, right? What are you worried about? In any case, aren’t you almost an adult? You cannot rely on Elijah your whole life, right?”

Hearing that, Angie blinked. At once, a flash of pain was evident in her eyes. She was always lively and talkative, but now she never said another word even until they got home.

Feeling strange about it, Courtney glanced at Angie who was unmoving as if asleep, and she sighed helplessly. Then, she adjusted the air-conditioning of the car and slowed the car down too.

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Beep! The sound of the combination lock opening was followed by a clear, lark-like cry from inside the house.


At the doorway, Angie exclaimed when she saw Tina and laughed while pinching her little round face.

“It’s just been a little over a month since I saw you. How have you gained so much weight? Is local food that delicious?”

Tina pouted and playfully punched her. “You’re the one who has gained weight!”

“Now you’re mad.” As she said that, Angie pulled her sling bag from her shoulder. “Look what good things I’ve brought you! This is the limited edition Switch that’s just released this month. Do you want to play with it?”

“Of course!” The two girls chatted happily without any generation gap while Courtney was left alone to the side. After she collected the things thrown messily on the ground, she silently went to the kitchen to c**k for the girls.

She had received a phone call from her mentor a month or so ago, saying that she had successfully gotten the exchange housemanship she had applied for at the local hospital, so she simply packed some things and took Tina back to the country. Tina’s asthma was almost fully treated, but she needed to go to a retired traditional doctor’s home every month for acupuncture mainly to prevent future relapses.

The hospital where Courtney was to undergo the housemanship was the top-ranked medical center in Melrose City. However, the interns had rotational shifts and were usually very busy. In addition, they would be even more occupied if they were tasked at the emergency department. Thus, in order to pick up Angie, Courtney had deliberately switched her shifts with someone else.

After putting the pot of soup on the stove, she heard the sound of a Switch game come forth from the living room. Although the two girls were five years apart, they loved playing video games and were currently addicted to the new game.

The next morning, Courtney went out after instructing Angie, who was still asleep and jet-lagged, to remember to send Tina to the acupuncture session. Not knowing if Angie actually heard her, she deliberately put a note on the door of the refrigerator. Then, she busily left the house.

As she got onto the subway, she felt that the subway in Melrose City was more congested than it was five years ago. Despite having been back for a month, Courtney still had a feeling of being in a different world. When she came back here five years ago, everything in her memory was replaced by tall buildings as if she was in a new world. Now that she was back another five years later, the city seemed to not have changed much. After all, when society had developed to a certain limit, the city would be relatively saturated, and any more changes gradually became internal changes, such as human nature rather than external buildings.

“Dr. Hunter, good morning. You look great today.”

The woman walking toward her in the hospital corridor was one of the few female chief physicians of the Department of Cardiac Surgery, Linda, who became the chief physician at a young age and was considered a famous figure in the sector.

Linda was in her early 30s, but her skin was smooth and translucent. She always wore a ponytail without any makeup on her face. When she was not performing surgery, she was full of the agility and liveliness of a young girl. Courtney liked her very much because she never put on airs and was happy to share her knowledge when Courtney asked her for advice.

“Good morning, Chief Hass.”

Linda tucked her hands inside the pockets of her white coat, then smiled. “Working a shift here today, huh?”


“Then you have a busy day ahead.”

“Why would that be?”

Hearing this, Linda cautiously looked around, came closer, lowered her voice and said, “There is an eccentric old man in the department today. His temper is particularly bad, and the nurses were all frightened by him just now when he underwent a physical examination.”

Anyone who heard this would be curious and question more, but Courtney only analyzed in a serious manner and said, “There are many patients who are bad-tempered. Just prescribe them the right medicine. I suppose this patient did not want a female nurse to examine him physically, right?”

Hearing her reply, Linda looked disappointed. “Dr. Hunter, you’re so boring. Why do you have no gossip interest at all?”

At that, Courtney chuckled. “Chief Hass, it’s not appropriate to gossip in the hospital, right? Two days ago, Nurse Simmons just scolded someone for that.”

“I am the chief physician! She has no control over me. How dare she scold me?”

Courtney coughed and reminded, “But she is your mother.”

Linda immediately shut her mouth. It was not because Courtney had embarrassed her by telling the truth, but the fact that Sarah Simmons was walking toward her with a fierce look on her face, which made her restrain herself.

“Dr. Hass!” Sarah raised her voice and asked, “What are you doing chatting with the houseman in the corridor early in the morning instead of checking in on the patients?”

“Nothing, I was talking to Dr. Hunter about that cardiac patient.”

Courtney saw Linda winking at herself and nodded in agreement. “Yes, Chief Hass was telling me about a patient in the cardiac surgery department who didn’t want to be examined by nurses, and we were discussing what to do.”

“Can you resolve it while standing here?” Sarah rolled her eyes at them. “I’ve already asked about it and found that the patient was just not willing to be examined by a female nurse, and so I’ve arranged for Bob Sandstone to go over.”

As expected, this was indeed the reason. In the hospital, there were plenty of patients who were concerned about the gender of the doctors and nurses due to their self-esteem. Only Linda was this idle to turn this matter into some kind of gossip news.

“What would we do without you, Nurse Simmons?” It was not the first time Linda buttered up her mother publicly in the hospital.

However, Sarah still looked icy as she huffed and replied, “That silver-tongue of yours will just lead your houseman astray.”

At that, Courtney felt wronged in her heart but could not refute. After Sarah left, Linda followed Courtney to the dressing room to change clothes. As they walked, she comforted Courtney, “Since I have dragged you with me through the mud today, I will treat you to dinner tonight.”

“There’s no need. I’m on night duty.”

“Switch it with someone else. I will help you contact Wilson and get him to switch with you.”

“Wait.” Courtney put on her white coat, shoved her hands inside her pockets, examined Linda’s pretty face, and inquired, “Did I hear you right? You want to invite me to dinner?”

Linda was notoriously stingy, of which character she inherited from her father, the vice director of the hospital. Courtney had heard that from several housemen as soon as she joined the hospital.

Linda must be up to something!

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