One Night Surprise Chapter 422

Chapter 422 You’d Be a Heroine in Ancient Times

A month later at the Melrose International Airport, the weather was so hot that it could melt a person.

Courtney wore a simple white t-shirt and a pair of beige ankle-length pants as she waited at the entrance of the airport. As she lowered her head to read the time on her watch, she was a little confused as the flight clearly stated that it would be arriving at half past ten in the morning and the airplane had already landed. Even everyone from the flight had gotten out of the airplane, but the person she was waiting for had not shown up yet. What was going on?

By the time the crowd had all gone, she fished out her phone and made a call. It took a while before the person on the other end picked up. At this moment, a crisp female voice transmitted through.

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“Well, you must have landed since you’re talking on the phone. Where are you?”

“Don’t panic. I’m in the airport security room. There has been a small accident. I’ll go find you immediately after I settle this.”

“What? You caused trouble again?”

“No, it really isn’t me causing the problem this time. It’s…”

“Stay there and don’t move. I’ll head there right now.”

Hanging up the phone, Courtney pocketed her phone before heading straight to the security room.

A week ago, Angie Grant had made a call to say that she wanted to come back from overseas as it was the summer holiday. After booking the flight, Courtney took a half-day leave to come and pick Angie up. The girl was born with a wild personality. Having been with Elijah, she became even more daring. No matter what trouble she caused, it would definitely get settled by someone in her place.

However, it wasn’t America here. If she were to cause trouble in this country, Courtney wouldn’t be able to solve it for Angie as Elijah did. Courtney just didn’t expect that Angie would cause an issue as soon as she got off the plane.

Meanwhile, in the airport security room, a person dressed in a colorful outfit could be seen. Even just by glancing at that person’s colorful braids, one could immediately identify who it was.

“Angie Grant,” Courtney called out in exasperation.

At once, the colorful-haired person turned around, revealing a clean and fair little face behind. “Courtney, how’d you get here so quickly?”

“Save it. Tell me, what problem did you cause this time?”

“I didn’t do anything!” With her brows raised, Angie denied the accusation immediately. “I swear to God, I didn’t cause trouble this time. I just lent a helping hand to someone in need.”

“When did you ever not say this when you got yourself in trouble?”

“This time, it really isn’t—” Scratching the back of her head, Angie said, “You can ask Mister Policeman.”

At this moment, Courtney looked up, and she was met with several police officers in the security room. At once, she showed an apologetic expression as she said, “I’m really sorry that my kid caused you all trouble. She didn’t cause anything huge, did she?”

“You’ve misunderstood,” one of the female officers said with a smile. “The kid wasn’t lying. She truly lent a helping hand to someone in need.”

The police officer then told Courtney the story of what happened. Apparently, Angie saw that a man tried to slide his hand into the skirt of a young lady when she got off the plane half an hour ago. As a girl who had lived in a country that prioritized independent human rights for five years, Angie couldn’t just sit and watch something like that go down. Hence, she called him out, but the man got so angry that he started fighting with her.

“Huh? Are you alright?” Hearing that, Courtney became worried, and she tugged on Angie, turning her around to check if she was alright.

“Did you get hurt?”

When Courtney brought Angie out of the barren island, it was said that Courtney was the one who saved Angie. However, they wouldn’t have survived if Angie’s father, Fatso, didn’t let them go back then. That was why taking care of Angie became Courtney’s responsibility.

“I’m fine.” Angie held onto Courtney before steadying her stance. She then shrugged before saying, “Who am I? Do you think that a normal guy can win over me in a fight? I managed to apprehend him in no time.”

Seeing that Angie was really fine, Courtney heaved a sigh of relief. “You gave me a scare. I’m glad that you’re alright. Is there anything else that you have to finish here?”

“Nothing else. I can leave after signing some papers.”

After they got out of the security room, Courtney mumbled as she pulled Angie’s luggage. “You’re already 17 which means you’re one year away from being an adult. How could you be so reckless? Didn’t I tell you not to act so rashly outside? You should have called the police at once and not fight him yourself.”

“Well, I’m fine now. Can you not rant at me like a mother?”

“Like a mother?” Courtney raised her brows before adding, “I am your mother, legally.”

Hearing that, Angie put her arm around Courtney’s shoulder before offering a cheeky smile.

“How is it possible that a mother is so young and beautiful? You’re more like my sister.”

“A few years ago, you didn’t mind addressing me as such. Why the sudden change?” Courtney smiled. She didn’t really mind what she was addressed as. She simply said that as part of the banter.

“So you lent a helping hand to a young lady. Where is she? Was she grateful for your help?”

Putting on the seatbelt, Angie said blandly, “I figured that it’d be embarrassing to let many people know about such an incident happening to herself, so I told her to leave first.”

“How righteous of you. You’d be deemed a heroine in ancient times.”

“You flatter me.”

“I’m not praising you.” Courtney was on the verge of bursting out a laugh. With her hand on the steering wheel, she drove the car to the highway outside the airport. With that, she switched the topic. “Be honest with me. Why’d you suddenly call me this summer holiday? You’ve never done this in the past few years.”

At this moment, the person on the passenger’s seat fell silent.

“I’m talking to you.” Courtney glanced at Angie from the side of her eye. “If you don’t tell me now, I will make a u-turn and send you back to America.”

“No!” Immediately, there was a trace of panic on Angie’s face. “I’m not going back to America.”

“I see…” Courtney showed a face of realization before a frown crept up her forehead. “Did you fight with Lilian again?”

As a kid who grew up on a deserted island since young, Angie had a personality that was wild. Her temper and personality were not always accepted by everyone. Since she was independent and used to being alone, one couldn’t understand her as easily as other normal people. On the other hand, Lilian was someone who played by the rules and she was also very particular about her image. Everything was still before her marriage, but after getting married to Elijah, she would always fight with him over Angie’s actions.

Angie was still a kid, and legally, she was Elijah’s adopted daughter. Every time she made a mistake, Elijah wouldn’t blame her as he deemed it as a kid’s playful behavior. After some time, it became the main issue affecting Elijah and Lilian’s marriage.

Courtney knew about this situation very clearly. When she first heard of it, she suggested bringing Angie over to a town in France, but Elijah rejected the suggestion. Seeing that Angie herself wasn’t stoked over the idea, Courtney didn’t bring it up anymore.

Two years ago, Angie was sent to a boarding school after completing the primary courses. With that, it ceased the fights between Elijah and Lilian.

Wasn’t it the summer holidays? What a coincidence.

“Lilian isn’t a bad person. Why are you always on bad terms with her?” Courtney was a little helpless. “I’ve tried telling you nicely, but you kept acting dumb. Do you really think I don’t know what’s on your mind?”

“You know?” At once, Angie’s face turned pale as she seemed anxious.

“Of course.” Courtney’s eyes were still trained forward. Without looking anywhere else, she continued, “Aren’t you afraid that your place in the family will be threatened after Elijah and Lilian have another kid?”

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