One Night Surprise Chapter 421

Chapter 421 Their Fate Had Ended Regardless of His Efforts

With her chin tipped up slightly, Tessa asserted, “Makes sense.”

She never had the chance to interact with him much, so she didn’t have a deep impression of him. The only few times she met him was during the search and rescue operation when Courtney got abducted by a drug lord to an island a few years ago. Even back then, they barely had a proper conversation.

From what she remembered, he was a gentle and kind man who was slightly older than Alexander. During the abduction incident, he had been very calm in comparison to Alexander. All decisions he made were done surely and bravely. In a nutshell, he was an attractive man.

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Frankly, Tessa expected that Courtney would get together with him after she left Melrose City, but Tessa had miscalculated.

“Enough about me. Let’s talk about you instead.” Courtney chuckled before asking, “How are things with Oliver? Are you both married already?”

At the mention of him, Tessa raised her brows shyly. If it wasn’t for the colors of the oil painting on her face, her blush might have been evident. “Not yet. We’ve both been busy in the past few years. We don’t even have the time to go back home. However, the marriage application paperwork has already been submitted. We are currently just waiting for approval.”

Due to their unique identities, Tessa and Oliver had to apply through the organization for marriage approval. The process was even more complicated than that of an ordinary soldier as there were a lot more procedures to go through.

“How is everyone at home? Are they healthy and well?”

Her questions were pretty generic, so Tessa answered without much thought

“They’re fine. Madam Fiona is doing well, and she even goes to the school to teach the students drawing. Jordan’s psychological issues have been resolved, but Alexander refused to let him go to school. Jordan can only attend home-schooling, and he’s been going outstation with Alexander for his business trips. He even made Jordan attend the committee meetings at such a young age. Who knows what’s in Alexander’s mind? However, Grandpa hasn’t been in the pink of health, but he’s been resting at home. He’ll be fine.”

Hearing that, Courtney simply nodded without asking any further as she digested what Tessa said.

Soon, it was breaking dawn, and the rumbling sound of the helicopter that was hovering above could be heard. After Tessa and the others were done preparing their baggage, they boarded the helicopter with the three injured patients that had undergone the operation.

Watching them off, Courtney waved hard at the figures on the chopper.

“Have a safe trip.”

Meanwhile, in Melrose City.

“I got so tanned from this trip. I think it’s better to not discuss the wedding now. No matter how much foundation I put on, I will still look like a bride who is as tan as charcoal on the wedding day. All the relatives will definitely ask me about it.”

“What’s the matter? They can ask all they want. We can say… that you work at a construction site.”

Upon hearing that, Tessa raised her brows as she glared at Oliver.

“Hey! Who’s working at a construction site?”

At this moment, he offered a cheeky smile before teasing her, “There’s no discrimination between the different lines of work. As a public servant, why are you bothered by that?”

“Very well.” Hearing Oliver’s words, Tessa didn’t back down. “I dare you to tell people at the wedding that I work at the construction site. Nobody will be able to comment much to my face since I’ll be returning to the team right after the wedding. However, that doesn’t apply to the Duncans. I won’t bat an eye if Grandpa asks Mr. Harry to beat you up for that.”

“Grandpa won’t beat me. If he intends to beat someone, it’ll be my brother instead.”

At that thought, he seemed to be very glad about it. Ever since he returned to the Duncan Family, Scott had been treating him very nicely. As long as Oliver didn’t bring up the topic of marriage, Scott was very lenient toward him. If anything, Scott seemed to be making it up for lost time. However, this created a disparity in treatment whereby on the other end of the knife was Alexander.

In fact, merely saying that Scott would beat Alexander wasn’t completely groundless. Scott had done all sorts of things to the latter; there were instances that he threw his walking stick at Alexander’s face.

Though Oliver meant it as a joke, it reminded Tessa of something. At once, she put down the bag of snacks that she was holding before speaking up, “Ah! There’s something that I forgot to say earlier over the meal.”

“What is it?”

“So, about the mission I went on recently. I met Courtney at the rescue station.”

After a brief moment of silence, Oliver’s expression changed. “What?”

“At the rescue station. She’s there as a volunteer. She re-enrolled into the medicine course after she left Melrose back then. We talked all night, and she even asked me about things back at home.”

Snapping out of a trance, he immediately stood up from the couch.

“Hey, where are you going?”

“I’m going to find Alexander at the office. I have to tell this to him.”

After a week, five small lorries had sent supplies into the frontier station.

The person-in-charge who got out of the car donned a green soldier’s uniform with a fitting pair of shiny leather boots. After giving a salute, he introduced the people standing behind him to the soldiers who were there for the handover.

“This is Mr. Duncan, the donator of the supplies. He’s representing the Melrose City Political Consultative Conference Committee to send over the supplies in person. In other words, he’s here to check on the soldiers and medical team at the frontier station for the city government. One of the two patients who had an open chest operation at our rescue station is from Melrose, so the city government is very grateful to the team for saving their people. That’s why Mr. Duncan is here to express their gratitude.”

Hearing that, the soldier who was there for the handover eyed Alexander. Though he wore a suit, he didn’t seem extravagant like the usual businessmen who were here for show. Since he had a pass, he was allowed to enter the frontier station premises.

Aside from the people who were on duty, everyone else came to the dinner that night. Taking a look around, Alexander still couldn’t find the person that he was looking for. “Are these all the medical staff?”

“Yes, everyone’s here.” One of the young male doctors stood up and said, “Mr. Duncan, I’m the head doctor at the Melrose City Hospital. My name is Chris Browne. Since we hail from the same area, here’s a toast!”

With a nod, Alexander sat down and finished the alcohol in his cup in one shot.

As the night had gotten darker, the sounds of crickets chirping in the rainforest illuminated the vast emptiness of the surrounding.

After his assistant, Josh, had asked around the frontier station, he came back to report to Alexander. Standing by the man’s side, Josh said in a low voice, “President Duncan, I’ve asked around and learned that the doctors here now just came three days ago. Only the doctor called Chris Browne has been staying here for a longer time. He finally spilled the beans after getting drunk.”

That seemed to have piqued Alexander’s interest. “What did he say?”

“Miss Hunter was indeed here, but we came a little too late. She left with the last batch of volunteers three days ago. From Dr. Browne’s tone, it seems that he has beef with Miss Hunter.”

The sound of the wind could be heard, making the atmosphere feel even quieter.

After a moment, Josh spoke up again, “Dr. Browne has also been hinting to ask if we can transfer him back to Melrose City. You think…”

Hearing that, Alexander showed a darkened face. “What do you think?”

At once, Josh took a step back before clearing his throat. “Got it.”

Of all people, he had messed with Courtney. Not to mention, it had to be known by none other than Alexander. Was the person digging his own grave? Nevertheless, he had failed to meet the person he wanted to see after traveling such a long way.

The world was so big, yet Tessa could bump into someone she knew in a small rescue station in a jungle by chance. However, luck wasn’t on his side even when he made an excuse to come as quickly as he could.

Ultimately, their fate had indeed ended regardless of his efforts.

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