One Night Surprise Chapter 418

Chapter 418 He’s Destined to Be Caught

On a late night two days later, Fiona hurriedly walked through the corridor in her jacket and went to the yard of Oliver’s residence.

Inside the house was a suitcase which was half-packed. Sitting in a daze on the side of the bed, Oliver had obviously not regained his composure yet.

“Where’s Tess?”

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“She left.” Oliver yawned and lay back in bed to continue sleeping. “She has an impromptu mission.”

“She left in such a hurry that she didn’t even pack properly? Could it be that something bad has happened?”

As Oliver covered himself with the blanket, only his pair of narrowed eyes could be seen. “It’s an urgent mission, so of course she wouldn’t have time to pack.”

“Where did she go this time?”

“Not too sure.”

“Why don’t you ask her?”

“Mom.” Oliver was getting a headache after being questioned by Fiona, so he answered in resignation, “Since it’s a secret mission, she wouldn’t tell me even if I asked, so why should I ask?”

Fiona sighed and started clearing the mess.

“Why did she have to leave in such a hurry? I was initially thinking of discussing your marriage with the in-laws. All her missions are always urgent; I’m always frightened when watching the news after her missions are accomplished, yet you can still sleep in peace. What if some accidents happen…”

Realizing that her words were not desirable, Fiona quickly bit her tongue. When she glanced toward her son who was on the bed out of the corner of her eyes, the latter was actually snoring already. His wifey is out there under fire, yet he can still sleep soundly. What a carefree man.

At the border of the mainland and Xanter, a helicopter was hovering in the air, causing the wild grass to sway in the strong wind. Just then, a rope was let out of the cabin. Following that, a few agents dressed in yellow and green suits slid down the rope and quickly disappeared in the bushes one after another.

“We’ve got a message from the information center—the terrorists are holding a total of 13 hostages and some of which are seriously injured. After successfully rescuing the hostages, Team 2 will defend the area while Team 1 treats the injured hostages at the scene. Any hostages whose injuries are serious will be sent to the nearest rescue station by Wolf and Leopard from Team 1. The medical team in charge of the border is estimated to arrive in the afternoon.”

Tessa’s face was fully covered with black and green camouflage paint. After giving the orders, she swiftly headed toward the destination using the forest’s cover.

Just then, the chattering voices of the other teammates came forth.

“We come to Xanter’s border at least 3 times a year. In recent years, we’ve come to rescue hostages more than 4 times already. This group of terrorists at the border are like weeds that can’t be fully wiped out. I really wish to get rid of them once and for all.”

“Shut up and watch your path lest you step on a grenade.”

“Don’t jinx it! I’ve not had a son yet. I’m the only child in my family, so don’t you curse me.”

“Ha! Wolf is just jealous of your pretty wife. If something happens to you, he will have to take care of your wife.”

“That’s enough.” Tessa’s serious and cold voice interrupted the conversation out of the blue.

“The mission this time is different from those of the past as there is a large number of hostages. Two of them have already been tortured to death by the terrorists. The video that was uploaded to the internet has caused great fear among the citizens. Don’t assume it will be an easy task just because you’ve come across them a few times. They know our habits, so buck up!”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Roger that.”

The border rescue station was situated within 3 kilometers from the country’s border. The frontier defense base and the land of Xanter were merely separated by a row of barbed wire. On the other side of the barbed wire were the homeless refugees of Xanter. The sun was scorching hot at noon when groups of skinny children climbed over the barbed wire under the cover of the vine bushes.

A medical center that had just been set up had an eye-catching red cross on a white flag outside its green tent. Currently, there was no one guarding inside the tent.

The leading child signaled for the other children to keep quiet before secretly sneaking into the tent. Just as he took up two packets of compressed biscuits, a voice of reproach came forth from the outside of the tent.

“Hey, where did you guys come from?”

With a fluster, the group of kids outside of the tent quickly dispersed. Obviously, they were used to being thieves, so they could climb over the barbed wires in a very swift manner like monkeys, and no one was able to catch them. Nevertheless, the kid who had already entered the tent was the unlucky one.

At the same time, Courtney had just come back with a bucket of water in her hand when she saw Chris Browne, the surgeon, grabbing the kid’s arm while dragging him out of the tent violently.

“Punk, you have sneaked in here several times already. This time, I purposely hid at the side and finally caught you. You’re coming here so often to steal; do you deem here as a refugee center?!”

The child remained silent and allowed Chris to grab his arm tight as he glared at him with his wolf-like eyes. He clutched the two packets of compressed biscuits tightly and didn’t want to let go of them no matter what.

“Hey, Dr. Browne. What’s going on?” Courtney put down the bucket, went up to Chris, and asked, “Why are you getting mad at a kid?”

“A kid? These kids come so often that they are going to steal all our resources sooner or later. I have to give him a lesson this time or he’ll think we are pushovers.”

The child looked no more than fourteen years old. With his dark upper body naked, the barefooted boy wore a pair of dirty gray pants whose original color could not be identified anymore. Besides that, his feet were stained with grass and muddy water. He stared fixedly at Chris with his big eyes, and it was unclear if he could actually understand Chris’ words.

“Calm down, Dr. Browne. Don’t you know there’s a refugee camp at that end?” Courtney lowered her voice.

“I heard from the soldiers at the border that the other side deliberately relocated the refugee camp here to cause disputes. They have no regard for these children’s lives, but if anything happens, it will become an excuse for them to cause trouble, so let’s not put these children in a difficult position.”

Hearing that, Chris frowned. “Tell me, what should I do then? If I let him off today, I guarantee that he’ll come back tomorrow.”

Courtney gazed at the child and waved at him in a friendly manner. “Come here.”

The child might have not understood Courtney as he looked toward Chris after a while.

At that moment, Chris was still hesitating. “Courtney, if I release his hand now, he’ll surely run away.”

Nevertheless, Courtney still waved her hands to signal Chris to let go of the kid.

After Chris let go of his hand, the kid remained standing at the spot while staring blankly at Courtney for some while. Just as Courtney took a step toward him, he suddenly ran away as if he was frightened.

Seeing that, Chris became frustrated. “What did I say—this punk will surely run away.”

As soon as he said that, the kid who darted away screamed as he stumbled and fell onto the ground.

“Ha!” Chris rolled up his sleeves and was ready to catch the kid again. “He’s destined to be caught.”

Courtney quickly stopped him. “Dr. Browne, I’ll go instead.”

The kid seemed to be injured quite badly and couldn’t get up even after a long time. Hearing the footsteps behind him getting nearer, he struggled hard on the ground. He was in such great pain that beads of sweat started rolling down his cheeks.

Squatting down beside him, Courtney frowned when she saw a bulge at his ankle.

“Your ankle seems to be dislocated.”

Fear spread across the child’s face as he probably could not understand her at all.

Upon hesitating for a while, Courtney picked up the packets of compressed biscuits from the floor and passed them to him.

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