One Night Surprise Chapter 417

Chapter 417 Please Stop Disturbing Her Life

“But no one expected Courtney to not bring Jordan away.”

Oliver’s words reminded the others of the countless events that had happened in the past, and the atmosphere became even more gloomy.

Late that night…

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Alexander and Jordan entered the house one after another while the sound-activated lights lit up as their footsteps patted along the way.

“It’s getting late. Let’s rest early.”

After saying that, Alexander went upstairs and walked toward the study room.

Currently, the eleven-year-old youth who was about to hit puberty was standing at the staircase as he asked, “Great-grandpa wants you to get married, so will you marry another woman?”


Alexander did not stop walking but swiftly blurted the one word.

When Jordan heard that, his anxious countenance was relieved at once. He stared at Alexander in confidence and said, “Mm-hmm. Mommy will definitely come back.”

Nevertheless, the only response he got was the sound of the study room’s door closing.

Meanwhile, Alexander stood beside the door and had not moved for a long while. Five years had already passed, yet Jordan’s childish side still firmly believed that Courtney would return. Why exactly was he standing so firm in his belief?

Previously, Alexander arrogantly thought that he was shrewd and that every step of his life was well-controlled within his plan. However, one mistake five years ago had caused him to lose terribly.

Five years ago, when Courtney had escaped from a deserted island, she recuperated in Elijah’s manor while Alexander was hospitalized due to a lung infection and had only regained consciousness after remaining in a coma for two days. The first thing that he did after awakening was to talk to Scott about Jordan’s custody.

At that time, Josh was accompanying Alexander, and his expression changed when he heard Alexander’s decision.

“President Duncan, have you really made up your mind? Little Master is your only son. Although it is the Duncan Family which has let Miss Hunter down at that time, you’ve raised Jordan for six years. How can you simply give him away?”

As Alexander was leaning against the bed, his face was as pale as a sheet, but his eyes were as deep as a ditch of dead water.

“She’s stubborn. Previously, I’ve hurt her a few times and she blamed me for being selfish and inconsiderate to her. There is already estrangement between us. Even though she is willing to forgive me because I saved her this time, the estrangement is still there, so it’s very hard to repair our relationship now.”

“Since this is the case, why do you still have to send Little Master to her?”

“You don’t get it.”

Back then in the ward, Alexander merely blurted that sentence and did not continue explaining. For quite some time, Josh could not fathom what exactly he did not understand about the situation––until the day after Gale and Cameron’s wedding.

On that day, Alexander had a hangover and slept in the resort’s hotel until the next evening. When he woke up, he was told that Courtney had left Jordan with him and would leave Melrose City that night by plane.

That was the first time Josh had seen Alexander being that panicked, helpless, and even crazy after so many years of knowing him. After failing to find Courtney on the flight to America, Alexander ran straight to the management office of the airport and stopped all the international flights from departing. Even the airport police were alarmed, and the incident had become the headline news of Melrose Evening Paper that day. Thereafter, it had caused a sensation in the city for quite some time.

However, what the others don’t understand was—it was Alexander who allowed Courtney to leave and did not even ask her to stay. Everyone thought they broke up on good terms. Since Courtney was going to leave sooner or later anyway, it would not make a difference whether she informed him about her departure or not as there wouldn’t be a heart-breaking farewell at the airport.

After the incident had subsided, Josh made a trip to America with Alexander. They did not find Courtney but had a meetup with Elijah, and it was only then did Josh understand everything.

Everything started on the day Courtney left and returned Jordan to the Duncan Family without taking him away. Because she had not brought Jordan away, Alexander had not met her ever since then after so many years. He did not even know where she was and there was no way he could find her.

This was what Elijah told Alexander back then—“You should have thought of this. Back then, Courtney decided to return to Melrose City because of the two kids. But now, she has left without even requesting custody of the two kids, so you should understand that she has really thought it through clearly. She allowed the kids to follow you and does not want anything to do with you anymore. I don’t know where she is now, but even if I do, I won’t tell you. Please stop meddling in her life.”

After coming back from the trip to America, Alexander pulled through a serious illness and had locked himself up for a whole three months. He would not even meet Scott when the latter personally went to check up on him. As such, no one knew what was on his mind during the three months when he locked himself up at home.

Following that, it was only when Fiona, Alexander’s mother, held Jordan’s hand and stood outside his house to urge him to think of the children did he come out of the house. Ever since then, Jordan had followed him to attend all kinds of business events. Currently, Jordan was only eleven, yet he had started taking part in the shareholder meetings of Sunhill Enterprise.

In the present, it was the crack of dawn, and Alexander had stayed up all night again. In his hand held a book that was flipped to the last page. Beside him, there was an opened jewelry box with a jade necklace inside which glowed brightly as sun rays reflected on it.

At that moment, the chirping sound of birds could be heard from the outside of the window. Alexander closed the jewelry box and carefully locked it in the safe before standing up and leaving the study room.

Suddenly, his phone started ringing. He then answered the call after seeing the incoming caller ID.

“Hey, Alex. Have you received the invitation card?” Gale’s bubbly voice came forth from the other end.

Alexander glanced at the red invitation card which was placed on the study table. “Since you’re going to call me about it, you did not have to specially send an invitation card to me.”

“Of course I have to. I think it’s very necessary. I finally got a daughter after waiting for so many years. You have to attend her first month’s birthday party.”

“I’m busy. I’m going on a business trip to Kyoto at the end of the month.”

“C’mon. How can you be like that? You must be jealous that I have a daughter and you don—”

Before the sentence was completed, Gale quickly bit his tongue and stopped babbling.

There were a few seconds of silence before Gale’s unnatural voice emerged again. “Uhmm… Anyway, you have to come and get a nice gift for my daughter. I’ll let you be her godfather. What do you think? You can treat my daughter like your own.”

“I’ll see if I have time.” Alexander’s nonchalant voice was tinged with gloominess for some reason.

Gale’s daughter, who was turning one month old, was the apple of his eye. He was not even this overjoyed when Cameron gave birth to their first son three years ago. This time, the Langley Family had booked the entire Purple Peak Hotel for the celebration banquet and even invited many big shots from the business and political circles.

Alexander had no desire to attend the banquet to begin with and had rejected Gale a few times because even though Gale’s intention to make him his daughter’s godfather was to comfort him so that he could get past Courtney’s incident as soon as possible, he did not want to.

He actually had a daughter too, and to him, his daughter was the most adorable and smart child in the world. As such, he was worried that his daughter would be upset upon hearing some other girl call him father when she returned in the future.

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