One Night Surprise Chapter 415

Chapter 415 Seemingly Forever Ago

“What am I supposed to tell him if he asks about you when I give the necklace back?”

“Tell him that I gave it to you before I left, but you just forgot about it all this time.”

“That works, I guess.” Cameron sighed helplessly. “At first, I thought that leaving Alexander alone in Melrose City until he’s a graying old man was a good punishment for him, considering how he treated you. But now that you told me that Elijah is getting married and it’s not to you, I just think that it’ll be better for you to go back to Melrose. I thought that you and Elijah would get together.”

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Courtney rolled her eyes at Cameron. “How many times did I tell you? My relationship with Elijah is like that of two survivors—two people understanding and helping each other. There really isn’t anything else to it, but you won’t believe me.”

“I believe you now,” Cameron said as she fiddled with the velvet box. “Now that I think about it, Elijah was kind and caring toward you, and he thought of everything for you. But the problem is, he did everything for you. He doesn’t have the same kind of burning determination. If you compare them that way, Alexander’s the more sincere one.”

Courtney stared at her in astonishment.

Cameron was left a little discomfited by the stare, so she moved away from it. “Don’t look at me like that; I only realized that later. He used to be so bad-tempered. Like, he’d see something, take it at face value, and lose his temper. Now that I think about it, when you left, Alexander—thinking that you had gone back to the States—actually went chasing after you there. After a long while, I heard that he met with Elijah. I have no idea what Elijah said to him, but he went back right after that. He hasn’t mentioned looking for you since then.”

It had only been around three months since then. Hearing Cameron talk about it though suddenly made Courtney feel like it had happened forever ago. However, she didn’t beat herself up over it.

Cameron left that evening. Since Gale had come with her and they were close with each other—like any other married couple—if Cameron went home late, he would most likely come looking for her here. Courtney was content with her quiet life; she didn’t want anything suddenly interrupting it.

When one loved someone so madly—when they lingered in one’s mind, it was always hard to forget about the times one spent together with their significant other. Once those memories had been relegated to being things of the past, however, time would heal their wounds. Perhaps they might still love them, or maybe miss them, but they would finally be able to let go of them at last.

Five years later, at East Melrose, spring arrived at the Duncan Residence. The weather was still chilly from the remnants of winter. The servants rushed in and out of the premises like they had rockets attached to their feet.

Meanwhile, Harry kept yelling from the kitchen, “Slow down! Why is everyone rushing?” He then caught sight of Fiona, who was harvesting vegetables in the yard. He frowned. “Why are you helping in the kitchen again, Madam Fiona? We have enough servants for this. You don’t have to help.”

Fiona looked up, but her hands never stopped harvesting. She smiled gently. “I feel bored sitting around doing nothing, and it’s been such a long time since Oliver came to visit. He loves my dumpling soup. Those vegetable dumplings have to be freshly made for maximum deliciousness. The chefs don’t make those dumplings like I do.”

At the mention of Oliver, Harry sighed. “The house is no longer as lively as it once was. Young Master Oliver is in the army, and Young Master Alexander is always out on business trips with Little Master Jordan. Miss Hannah is studying overseas, and Old Master Duncan doesn’t like to leave the house due to his illness. You’re the only one I can ever see in this yard.”

“The children are all grown up now. It’s normal for them to be busy with their own lives. You don’t have to be so hung up about them.” Fiona’s smile grew a little sadder, but it was still warm and kind. “And besides, aren’t they all coming home today? Oliver’s even bringing Tess with him. I’m sure Old Master Duncan will be overjoyed if you tell him about this.”

“Truly? Is Young Master Oliver coming back with Miss Reid?” Harry’s dull eyes immediately lit up into glittering gems. “We can’t pin our hopes on Young Master Alexander anymore. If Young Master Oliver marries and produces an heir or two for the Duncan Family, that will fulfill all of Old Master Duncan’s hopes. I must inform him of this now.” With that, Harry charged over to Scott to relay this piece of good news.

Fiona chuckled and continued to make her dumplings. The children’s fates are up to them. There’s no point in me worrying about them. The old man is simply looking for some form of company due to his old age.

In truth, Oliver and Tessa were already set to be married; they simply didn’t get many chances to meet up due to their army duties. It was rare of them to pay the rest of the Duncan Family a visit. Although their wedding kept being delayed, the Duncans had already silently acknowledged Tessa as Oliver’s fiancée.

That night, other than Hannah who was still overseas because it wasn’t summer break yet, the Duncan Family had reunited at last for dinner. Scott was beside himself with joy as he poured everyone a glass of wine, but Oliver frowned. “Grandpa, your health isn’t the best. The doctor said that you can’t drink. Have some tea instead.”

“Just one glass. It won’t do anything to me.” Scott was a headstrong man. If he said that he wanted to drink, then no one could stop him.

Oliver shot a look at the person sitting across him a little to the side. Soon, the low voice of a young boy rang out. “Great-Grandpa, today, you’ll have a glass, and tomorrow, you’ll have another glass again. If you keep drinking, the wine cellar will be emptied before you know it.”

The young boy looked to be about twelve, dressed in a plaid vest. His complexion was clear and unblemished, and although his face still bore the childishness of youth, his eyes were extraordinarily solemn. He was young but already quiet and reserved. Whenever the young boy spoke, he sounded exactly like a carbon copy of the man next to him.

The moment the young boy finished, all the guests chuckled quietly.

Scott was stunned. “You aren’t worried about my health like your Uncle Oliver, but instead, you’re worried about the wine cellar?”

“You know your own health better than anyone else. You’re still waiting to witness Uncle Oliver get married and have children, so you don’t need us to remind you about that.”

Oliver immediately shot a glare at the young boy the moment he said that, but the boy ignored him. What were you expecting when you signaled for me to talk him out of drinking otherwise? If Oliver expected him to lead the conversation, then he would lead it however he wanted to.

Just as expected, Scott’s expression froze after he heard that. After a moment of hesitation, he put down his glass of wine at last, and he looked at Oliver. “You two should hold your wedding soon. You may be busy, but you’ll always be busy whether you get married or not. So, why not get it out of the way?”

“Grandpa, I only have three days of leave. Do you want me to have that wedding tomorrow or the day after? No matter which day it is, we won’t be able to hold it in time.”

“I didn’t say that you have to hold your wedding now. You just need to give me a date, just one day. You two won’t have to worry about anything—you just need to show up at the wedding when the time comes.”

Oliver exchanged glances with Tessa before he said in exasperation, “The problem here is that neither of us can actually pick out a date. If the army says you’re going on a mission now, then that’s what you have to do. There’s no guarantee that we’ll both be free at the same time for the next one and a half years. Tess attended a talk a few days ago, and to this moment, I still don’t know where that talk was held.”

Due to the nature of their jobs, Oliver and Tessa had to sign NDAs each time they were assigned their missions. Neither of them would know what mission the other was undertaking, never mind coordinating their schedules.

Scott had listened to those excuses for several years now, and he was fed up with them. “Don’t tell me that none of those personnel are married? Do you two intend for me to pass from this world without seeing you walk down the aisle and have children?”

The atmosphere promptly turned tense.

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