One Night Surprise Chapter 407

Chapter 407 Who Was the Woman Who Died?

In the end, Courtney ended up finding out about what had happened at the deserted island from Cameron. Apparently, on the day of her escape, the criminal investigation team, the Blue Eagles Reserve Forces, and even Elijah and his men had surrounded the island.

“And, do you know what’s the weirdest thing? There was infighting on that island that night; they didn’t even have a single person out on patrol. So, all three forces just charged in, and before they could do anything, they realized that the den was on fire. That fire was huge. Like, it burned down the entire forest. The island was on fire the whole night. When Tess and the others brought in the cleanup crew, they realized that over twenty people had died inside the house.”

Courtney’s heart was in her throat from listening to all that. “Over twenty people?” Dragon had twenty or so men under him on that island. Did they all just die in that fire? “Who started the fire?”

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“Who knows?” Cameron had a look of lingering fear on her face. “You’re lucky that you ran when you did. If you still had been inside that house, you probably would have burned to death too.”

“Were there no survivors?” Courtney clearly remembered that the fire had just started when she left, but Fatty had still been at the shore then.

As expected, Cameron said, “I heard that they’ve brought in this fat guy. He spilled everything once he was at the station.”

“What did he say?”

“He said that a woman lit that fire and burned everyone to death.”

“A woman?” Courtney asked, “Who?”

“You’re really gonna believe his weird nonsense?” Cameron blinked. “They retrieved twenty or so male corpses and one female corpse when they were cleaning up the place. Are you telling me that this woman burned everyone before killing herself in the fire?”

“A female corpse?” Courtney’s forehead creased slightly. A vague notion made its way into her head. “Only one?”


“Then, the only one brought in alive was that fat man?”

“That’s right.” Upon seeing the complicated look on Courtney’s face, Cameron realized something was up. She then asked, “What is it? Is something wrong?”

“Other than me and Dawn, there should be two other women on the island: Britney Price and Poppy Waller. Who was the woman who died?”

Cameron froze up for a second. “The corpse was burned really badly. All that’s left of it is some ashes and bone chips. The forensics department is still running tests on the remains, but they haven’t found out anything yet.”

Courtney frowned pensively.

Regardless of what had happened, one of the two women had escaped. However, there was practically no way to escape from the island with just a woman’s strength alone. Thus, the escaped woman must have had help from someone else.

“Someone else ran too?” Cameron snapped back to reality, unaware that she had frozen up for a bit. “That’s bad. We have to tell the police about this quickly. Are we just supposed to sit here and wait for that escapee to get revenge? I’m going to give Oliver a heads-up.” With that, Cameron left Courtney behind, rushing off to call Oliver.

Courtney’s kidnapping by a drug dealer had left everyone in a panic. The only way they would finally calm down was to take out every last person in the drug ring.

After Cameron left, Courtney leaned back in bed to eat her porridge. She also decided to take the pregnancy supplements that had been given to her. At the sight of the word ‘pregnancy,’ her mind came to a stop.

Almost everyone had come by to visit her the last few days when she had been resting at home. Even Fiona had come to visit her on behalf of the Duncan Family. Only Alexander hadn’t come to see her even once.

Later that evening, Elijah brought Alicia over. Bill and Natasha arrived a little after that, along with Cameron and Gale. Shay, on the other hand, was late. They all took up the entire table.

The servants loaded the table with a feast. Courtney also finally had the strength to get out of bed and celebrate her escape from the island with her friends.

Shay had been abroad the whole time; he had only just flown back this morning. By the time he reached the house, dinner was already underway. When he stepped inside, he was tearing up. “No one told me about this because I was overseas. That jerk Casey hid everything from me.”

“So, you didn’t bring him with you as punishment?” Courtney blinked, a look of derision on her face.

“Me? Bring him here? I didn’t even tell him that I flew back. Let him handle a concert without a singer in another country by himself.”

Shay had ditched his European tour to come back. As soon as Courtney heard this, her expression immediately changed. This was a huge disaster. Shay’s fans had already bought tickets and entered the concert arena. And if the organizers suddenly announced that the star of the show wasn’t there? Refunds were easy enough, but things would get out of hand if news about this got out.

As the concert organizer, it was just Casey’s bad luck to be saddled with a star like Shay.

“That’s at least 70 million in losses.” Courtney mentally crunched the numbers before she added, “And that’s in US dollars too.”

“His fault.” Shay was grumpy when he mentioned Casey, his pale face turning to stone. “If he ends up in debt from the losses, he’s got himself to blame.”

Cameron and Courtney exchanged long, meaningful looks with each other. Cameron then clicked her tongue. “You’re the first person I’ve seen venting your anger on your own income. So this is what it means to have enough money to say ‘screw the rules.’”

Shay kept grumbling about Casey. After everyone had left after dinner, he wanted to stay behind. However, no sooner had he expressed this wish, Elijah’s butler came in, announcing Casey’s arrival. “I’m afraid that you won’t be able to stay here any longer. Your manager has come to pick you up.”

Shay looked up from his mobile game to order the butler to get Casey to leave. “I’m not leaving. He can go get someone else for the concert.” He then stretched before flopping down onto Courtney’s bed. “You’re the host. It won’t be a problem to arrange a guest room for me, yeah?” he asked Elijah, who was sitting on the couch across from him.

Elijah’s lips pulled themselves up into a smile as he sipped his tea, saying in amusement, “Getting a guest room ready is no problem. However, I think that the chances of you staying the night here are slim. Don’t torture my servants before Casey finally decides to leave. Courtney doesn’t like to have a lot of servants on hand, so the household has always been understaffed.”

There was nothing about Elijah’s words that could be used against him, but Shay still wrinkled his nose in annoyance and looked at Courtney. “Hey, get Casey to leave.”

“That’s out of my jurisdiction.” Courtney and Cameron couldn’t stop giggling. “I can’t do anything about him. You didn’t discuss things with Casey?”

“I don’t want to talk to him.”

Seeing how Shay was being unreasonable, Courtney became exasperated. “If things are just going to stay in this stalemate and he waits for you the entire night downstairs, are you sure you can still sleep well, knowing this?”

“Yeah, I can.”

“He probably won’t even let you sleep here.”

The words had just left Courtney’s mouth when the butler came back. “Mr. Lewis said that he has a few things he wishes to tell you, Miss Hunter.”

“Me?” Everyone in the room was stunned. “Are you sure it’s me, and not Shay?” Courtney asked, confused about the matter.

“That’s correct. Mr. Lewis said that he came here specifically to see you.”

Now that was awkward. Shay told the butler earlier to chase Casey away. Didn’t that make him look very self-important?

Courtney eyed Shay. His face was glowing. What a fascinating sight to behold.

“I’ll go see him, then.” Courtney stifled her laughter. As she walked off, she attempted to salvage Shay’s pride. “Maybe he feels embarrassed because you ordered him to go away. Maybe he thinks that I’m easier to talk to, so he decided to use this as an excuse. I’ll be back soon.”

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