One Night Surprise Chapter 402

Chapter 402 Couldn’t Care Less

Fear was written all over Courtney’s face and she couldn’t help but shriek. “Don’t touch me…” she whimpered.

She had been putting on this hideous disguise ever since she was brought here, so the hooligans who were patrolling the place had never seen how she looked when she was clean. They ignored her presence since she looked messy and unkempt all the time. They simply assumed that Britney had found an ugly maid to keep her younger cousin, Poppy, company.

However, Lil’ Mackaque and Fatso knew what was up. They were the ones who had brought Courtney to the island, so they’d naturally seen her real face before.

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Previously, there were many people around, so he wasn’t able to get his hands on her. He was afraid that he’d get himself some unwanted competition, but today, the moment he had been waiting for was finally here—there was nobody else around on the island.

“Aren’t you going to pay me back for looking after you all this time?” The man pounced on her without warning.

Overcome with panic, Courtney grabbed the wooden plank from under the bed and smashed it against his head.

A loud scream filled the room, and Lil’ Mackaque collapsed to the ground as he clutched his bleeding head. He cried in disbelief, “How dare you hit me, you b*tch?”

Courtney mercilessly whacked his head for another ten more times or so. When she saw that he had gone limp and unresponsive, she began to panic. It was then that the door suddenly opened. She didn’t have much time to think before she stumbled toward the outside of the house.

She was just a step out of the house when she crashed into someone. Her body bounced back from the impact and she fell to the ground at once.

“Who is it?”

An angry and threatening voice came from above her head. “Who’re you?”

Courtney was trembling all over. The moment she looked up, a tall and burly figure came into view; it was as if there was a mountain in front of her. The man had a beard and he looked ferocious and intimidating. He even had an eyepatch over an eye.

Her face gradually paled. This was the first time she was seeing Dragon up close ever since she was kidnapped here.

“How did you end up on this island? Who brought you here?” Dragon clutched her shoulder tight, his expression ghastly.

What? He doesn’t know that I’m here?

In her haste, Courtney quickly brought herself up to speed before she said, her voice quivering, “It was you guys who’d kidnapped me here. I’ve been here for almost two weeks. I don’t know how I came.”

“Did you say it was us?” Dragon’s expression darkened at once. “Who brought you here?”

Courtney pointed a trembling finger at Lil’ Mackaque who was lying on the floor inside. “It was him and a fat guy.”

Dragon seemed to be thinking about something with his forehead furrowed. He suddenly flung Courtney away and bellowed, “You dumbf*cks!”

Five minutes later, Courtney pretended to shiver in fear as she cowered by the corner of the house. Lil’ Mackaque was groveling at Dragon’s feet, shivering uncontrollably with his bleeding head.

For once, Britney had come downstairs. She wasn’t looking too good; it seemed like she hadn’t fully recovered.

The moment she saw Courtney cowering miserably by the corner, though, a triumphant look filled her face, and she looked a lot better all of a sudden. She leaned close to Dragon with her head against his shoulder and said tenderly, “Is this really worth your time to be so angry, Dragon? It’s nothing serious! Since Lil’ Mackaque likes her, just let him take her. Didn’t Reggie just take Poppy away a few days ago?”

“I’m not asking about whether or not he’s interested in this woman. I want to know why this woman’s on the island.” Dragon’s face was red with anger. He looked like he wasn’t planning to leave without getting a solid explanation.

Lil’ Mackaque was trembling all over as he crouched on the ground. “It wasn’t me! Britney told me and Fatso to kidnap them here. I don’t know anything!”

Hearing that, Britney’s face gradually went pale. “What are you talking about? You were the one who wanted to kidnap her and bring her here. Why are you putting the blame on me?”

“J-Just ask Fatso if you don’t believe me, Dragon. He went with me the other day. He wouldn’t have done something like this with me without orders from you or Britney.”

Dragon’s eyes became murky with suspicion. He glanced at Fatso who had been standing by the side. He said, “Tell me what happened.”

Fatso calmly eyed Britney and replied frankly without adding any unnecessary details, “Lil’ Mackaque’s right.”

Britney looked petrified at once.

Dragon clenched his fist and swung it toward her head with no reservation for her delicate skin.

“It seems that I’ve been treating you too well, so much that you even have the guts to order my people around now. Not only that, but you even brought people after people to the island. Are you that desperate for me to get caught?”

Britney sniffed as tears gushed down her cheeks. She wrapped her arms around his bare ankle and begged desperately, “Dragon, I just wanted to teach her a lesson for you! This woman… She’s Alexander’s wife and Oliver’s sister-in-law! Their whole family is the reason you’ve lost so many brothers.”

“Since you care so much, why didn’t you kidnap Oliver and the other motherf*ckers too?” Dragon bellowed as he grabbed her long hair. When she started shrieking in agony, he unhesitantly landed a slap on her mouth, sending blood trickling down the corner of her mouth.

Courtney’s heart sank as she watched the gruesome scene unfold in front of her.

It was as if this man couldn’t care less about who the woman was to him. He’s willing to beat the living hell out of the woman who sleeps next to him every night, so what will happen when it comes to me? If we’re talking about family relations, I’m still indirectly considered an enemy to him. This is it. I’m finished.

Britney was lying weakly on the ground after being slapped by Dragon. She couldn’t even speak properly anymore. All of a sudden, she thought of something and quickly pointed at Courtney. “Dragon, I’ll kill her and end it all right now. This was my mistake; I’ll never do it ever again.”

Dragon glanced at Courtney when he heard that. The cold look in his eyes made her feel like she was nothing but an insignificant ant that could be killed with just a step.

“We have to kill her, of course. Not only that, but we must clean the deed up carefully as well. Increase the preventive patrols for the next two days. We don’t want to attract the dogs.”

“Dogs” was a secret code among them—it meant the SWAT.

Courtney felt her limbs going cold at once. There was a lump in her throat which took away her ability to speak.

“Fatso, you’ll handle this.”

Dragon shot an icy glare at Britney as he gestured toward the wooden cabin by the side. “I’ve underestimated your abilities. How dare you order my people around like they’re yours? Don’t come to my house ever again from now on. Since you love stuffing this cabin full of people, go ahead and stay there yourself.”

Britney immediately groveled at his feet as she broke into desperate s**s, but the man was completely unfazed. He kicked her away mercilessly and went back to his house without looking back. Britney bit her lip and got up to chase after him.

Lil’ Mackaque only looked up after trembling on the ground for a long time. He glanced at Courtney with a look of relief on his face after escaping a round of torture. “So, Fatso… How do you plan to deal with her?”

Courtney’s face paled even more when she heard that. She simply couldn’t tell if Fatso was a good person or not. After all, even a good person on this island had had their hands bloodied before, so they couldn’t be fully trusted no matter what.

“I’ll kill her behind a hill then bury her body.” He gave a short and casual answer before glancing at Courtney. “Come on.”

At that moment, she felt like Fatso was Death himself who was speaking to her with a scythe in hand. She could almost hear the rattling of chains in the background, and a knot formed in her chest.

“Why don’t you let me handle it?” Lil’ Mackaque stopped Fatso all of a sudden. “I mean, she did beat me up so badly, so I should at least…”

Courtney went white at once.

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