One Night Surprise Chapter 395

Chapter 395 How Long’s the Breakup Gonna Last This Time?

“Break up?” Britney let out a sneer. “You two have broken up and made up a million times already. How long’s the breakup gonna last this time, huh? I’m not interested in this at all, though it’s quite smart of you to know to distance yourself from him at this time.”

Courtney frowned slightly when she saw that Britney didn’t care about her breakup with Alexander at all.

“You think you can make me let you go by saying that? That’s naive, I’d say. Do you think I’m that stupid?” Britney picked up the cup of tea that had been prepared beforehand, sat down at the table, and leisurely took a sip of the tea. “Will you believe it if I tell you that I’m the one behind your breakup this time?”

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Courtney’s expression changed slightly at Britney’s words. Dumbfounded, she fixed her eyes on the woman’s face.

“Alexander had someone wait at the nightclub’s entrance and catch Poppy. After handing her over to the police, he had the police interrogate her for several nights running until she confessed that I was the mastermind behind the scenes. Well, it’s true that I was the mastermind, but what was my motive in doing all this?” Britney said, as if she was talking to herself. “My motive was to keep you from approaching Alexander in every possible way because I had found out long ago that you’re Jordan’s mother. Sounds like you’ve done nothing wrong, eh?”

Courtney had been suspecting that Alexander suddenly got angry in the shopping center on the night of the eve of the mid-winter holiday because someone had secretly set a trap for him to do so. “What do you mean?”

“You should’ve figured it out.” Britney stood up and began pacing up and down the room. “As long as he was provided with the slightest bit of evidence suggesting that you’ve got an ax to grind in approaching him, there’s no way a paranoid like him wouldn’t be suspecting you of having some ulterior motives. And besides,” she continued while shooting a backward glance at Courtney, “you’re not being completely honest with him. You did meet an attorney and have plans to fight with Alexander for your kids’ custody, though the one who suggested that the attorney use extreme measures was Mr. Grant, the man who always has your interests in mind…”

Courtney clenched her fists while feeling a chill come over her.

Alexander blew up that day because he got the wrong idea that Courtney had had her attorney go to court with fabricated evidence of his alleged child abuse. However, the truth was that she did meet the attorney, only to tell the latter that she wouldn’t be going to court over the kids’ custody. As for the extreme measures, they were just room for maneuver that Elijah left for her.

Elijah did nothing wrong. He was just considering my interests because he feared that I might end up having no way out. The only person who did wrong was me, who was too indecisive to make up my mind and confess everything to Alexander back then. And Britney took advantage of all this and set up such a scheme to play us off against each other so that she’d reap the benefits while we both suffered! thought Courtney. “What do you want?” She clenched her teeth while looking at Britney, who was feeling incredibly smug at this very moment.

“What else do you think I want at this point?” Britney looked around the room before her face reddened with anger. “Look! This is the ending you and Alexander gave me. I’m forced to spend the rest of my life hiding behind a false identity in such a godforsaken place, and all my previous glory’s gone. This is all because of you two!”

“No one could’ve done you any harm if you hadn’t had the intention to harm anyone.”

“That’s bullsh*t! I would’ve become Mrs. Duncan long ago if it weren’t for you!”

Courtney turned her face away with a frown; she couldn’t be bothered to waste her breath arguing with Britney. Some people were born with the bigoted belief that all the good things that happened in life were the result of their own hard work, whereas all the bad things in life were caused by others. They blamed everyone and everything but themselves all their lives, so someone like Britney wasn’t uncommon.

“You like stealing my man, huh?”

Courtney let out a cry as she felt a sharp pain in her chin.

Britney pinched Courtney’s chin and lifted her head, forcing the latter to look at her. “I’m telling you, my current man’s a drug lord wanted by the country. I’ll personally see to it that you get to sleep with him to let you enjoy it.”

Courtney’s chin was pinched so hard that her face turned purple. When Britney finally let go of her, she slumped down to the floor at once, coughing while gasping for breath as the air flowed into her windpipe and choked her. “You wanna let me bed your man? Well… Cough… I’d say… Cough… This doesn’t seem like a good way to torture me.” She looked up at Britney. “What if the man you’re gonna depend on for the rest of your life ends up taking a liking to me? Have you ever thought about that?”

“In your dreams!” Britney glared at Courtney angrily. “Who do you think you are? You think you can have every man to be at your beck and call?”

“Well then, you may give it a try.” Courtney clutched her chest while forcing out a sneer from her throat. “After all, I could handle someone like Alexander. Do you think I managed that by being dumb and innocent?”

“You b*tch!” Britney grabbed Courtney’s hair right away and slapped her across the face. “You shameless b*tch! Alexander really should’ve seen this side of yours so that he’d realize how bad the woman he likes is.”

The sounds of Britney cursing and beating Courtney reverberated around the room, and Courtney’s agonized screams were clearly audible on the uninhabited desert island. A short while after that, the sound of things being smashed could be heard from the master bedroom on the second floor.

Soon, the door to the room where Courtney was was opened, and a man’s timid voice was heard saying, “Britney, Dragon’s angry. He said he can’t sleep with the noise outside, and he’s looking for you.”

Courtney only felt the grip on her hair ease before she fell to the ground because of gravity. Then, she heard Britney’s voice reply overhead, “I’ll be there right away.”

“What about this woman, Britney?”

“Lock her back in the cabin. No one’s allowed to talk to her. I’ll deal with her when I’m free.”


Britney then hurried back to the master bedroom, where a beefy man was lying in bed with lingering traces of a hangover on his face. Upon hearing the noise, he frowned in displeasure without opening his eyes, asking, “What were you doing? It took you a long time to come here.”

“Nothing, really.” Britney smiled apologetically at him. “Are you having a hangover headache? Here, let me give you a massage.”


The man rested his head on Britney’s lap and let her massage his scalp with deft fingers.

As Britney was massaging the man’s scalp, she recalled what Courtney had just said. Indeed, I can’t let her sleep with Dragon. Who knows what that woman’s capable of? After all, she’s made those men fall head over heels for her one by one. Dragon’s my only backer right now, so I can’t let that woman bewitch him. There are tons of ways to deal with her, anyway, she thought. As she was thinking, she got distracted, and she accidentally hurt the man.

“Hiss…” The man suddenly opened his eyes and shot a glance at Britney in displeasure. “What the hell’s wrong with you?”

Britney panicked at once, and her eyes instantly grew teary under her fine eyebrows, making her look fragile and pitiful. “I’m sorry, Dragon…”

The man was so moved that he flipped over and threw himself on top of her before pawing her body as he pleased. “You’re thinking about it, aren’t you, you little thing? How dare you seduce me like this instead of massaging me properly? You’re not gonna be able to get out of bed tomorrow…”

“Hey, you’re so naughty…”

Meanwhile, Courtney was brought by the underling back to the cabin where she had been.

An indescribably foul odor filled the room, and the group of men who had been here before were gone. Standing in the center of the room, Courtney stared at the woman in bed, who looked as broken as a damaged puppet. Suddenly, her stomach turned. Whipping around, she supported herself by the corner of the table and barfed.

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