One Night Surprise Chapter 394

Chapter 394 To Think That We’d Meet Each Other Again in Such a Way

“I wasn’t kidnapped to this place.” Poppy’s voice sounded very croaky in the dark with a note of inexplicable stubbornness. “My cousin got me here to save me from being persecuted by you people.”

“Your cousin?” Courtney’s eyes flickered. “You mean Britney?”

After Poppy’s impersonation of Belle was exposed, Alexander first had Josh find out the woman’s identity and background, but nothing much was found out at the time since James was covering for her in secret. It wasn’t until Oliver returned to the Duncan Family and let out the whole story about Britney afterward that they learned that Poppy was Britney’s cousin.

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At the thought of this, Courtney basically figured out who the culprit that had her kidnapped to this place was. After all, she didn’t seem to have any enemies other than Britney. After James fell from power, Britney quickly disappeared from show business and was no longer even mentioned in news tidbits afterward. Don’t tell me she paid someone in desperation to have me die with her! she thought. “Where the hell is this place?”

“Where, you ask?” Poppy stared at Courtney, her eyes suddenly gleaming with madness; her pupils dilated all of a sudden as though she was on drugs. “This is a desert island that no one can find. You’re counting on somebody to come to your rescue? That’s impossible. We’re gonna spend the rest of our lives on the island.”

A desert island? Courtney furrowed her brow. “Why would Britney get you and me on this desert island?”

“You shut up!” Poppy shot her a glare. “Don’t speak of you and me in the same breath. I’m taking refuge here with Britney, whereas you’re a thorn in her flesh!”

Courtney eyed Poppy up and down. Nobody knew how long the woman hadn’t changed her clothes, which were so dirty that their original color was no longer visible. At the sight of this, the look on Courtney’s face instantly became complicated. “Since you weren’t kidnapped like I was, why are you locked in here like I am? Don’t tell me they sent you here to keep a close watch on me.”

Upon hearing Courtney’s words, Poppy reacted like she was grasping at straws. “That’s right! Britney wants me to keep an eye on you! I’ll be able to get out as long as I keep an eye on you without letting you escape.”

Courtney stopped looking at Poppy. Instead, she groped around the cabin and searched for every possible way to escape, letting the woman laugh one moment and go crazy the next as she talked to herself behind her. What did she experience that caused her to go mad like this?

However, Courtney’s face was taut with anxiety after she groped around for a long time. The cabin had only one door and two windows, but the back window was sealed shut. It would make a lot of noise to tear it down, so there was no way she could avoid alerting those out there while doing so. The front window was partially blocked, allowing her to see the yard outside. After much deliberation, Courtney reckoned that the door was the only exit available, but she still had no idea when the door would be opened.

Courtney couldn’t pump anything out of Poppy since the latter wouldn’t speak to her. Therefore, after doing her observation, she crouched alone in the corner and analyzed her present situation. She was scared, but she believed there was still a glimmer of hope since Britney wasn’t in a hurry to kill her after having her brought to this place.

The sound of the men drinking outside gradually died away toward early morning. Suddenly, a flurry of footsteps could be heard from the yard outside, and the cabin door flew open and slammed against the wall with a loud bang!

Startled, Courtney looked up with a start. Five men of different sizes burst in, reeking of alcohol. At the sight of Courtney, the man leading them said with a crude laugh, “So this is the lady Fatso and Lil’ Mackaque brought back today, huh? She’s much prettier than the one over here.”

The other men stumbled into the room after him. As they surrounded Courtney, their breath smelled of alcohol, and one of them said, “Britney really cares about us, huh? She knows we’re bored to death staying on this desert island, so the ladies she got here are hotter than one another.”

Courtney went cold all over with fear. As she kept huddling into the corner as much as possible, she caught sight of Poppy out of the corner of her eye. She sat on the head of the bed, her expression numb, as if she had gotten used to all of this.

At this very moment, Courtney finally realized what the nonsense Poppy had babbled a while ago was referring to. These men were treating Poppy as a tool to sate their l**t. Britney didn’t bring Poppy here to let her take refuge with her; in fact, she probably didn’t even treat Poppy as a human being. In other words, Poppy was just deluding herself all the while.

“Stay away from me!” Courtney warned, her voice trembling; her face was white as she pressed her back against the wall, unable to back away any further. “I can give you however much money you want as long as you let me go! Don’t touch me…”

“Money?” The group of inebriated men looked at each other before bursting into laughter. “How dare you try to make a deal with us now that you’re here already? Why don’t you serve us well instead so that we might give you some tips?” said the man leading the group as he reached out his hand toward Courtney.

“Aaah!” Courtney cried in fear.

Just then, a dull voice sounded from behind these men. “Don’t touch this woman. Dragon ordered me to take her to him.”

The man was startled; his outstretched hand froze before it could touch Courtney’s. Then, he replied with a laugh, “Well, you’re right. Dragon’s got to sleep with the new lady first before it’s our turn. That’s the rule, after all.”

As soon as he finished his sentence, one of the men behind him replied with a laugh, “Well, you say that, but we’ve never got to sleep with Britney.”

“Who knows if it’ll be your turn one day?”

The man’s reply was greeted with another burst of laughter.

Amid the roaring laughter, the men in front of Courtney turned and headed for Poppy’s bed. Courtney dared not take another look at them and was huddling herself up when a shadow was cast before her. It belonged to a tall and stout man, who said, “Come with me.”

With that, Courtney left the cabin with Fatso. Even after she stepped out of the cabin, she could still hear the loud screams of agony inside, which pounded her eardrum over and over again. It was no exaggeration to say that it was a living hell. If Poppy hadn’t deluded herself, she might have lost the will to live on under such circumstances.

Fatso took Courtney directly to the second floor of the log cabin and opened the door to a room before asking her to go in on her own. The room had its heating turned on, so it was much more comfortable than the freezing weather out there. Even so, Courtney felt chilly all over. She had a gut feeling that nothing good was going to happen.

Courtney waited in the cabin for a long time before the door opened with a squeak. Then, a lady entered, giving off a heavy scent of perfume that was familiar to Courtney. When she turned around, she saw Britney, who was dressed in a black leather suit, rocking a pair of Dr. Martens boots. Her lips were fiery red, and her long hair hung loosely over her shoulders. For some reason, Courtney felt that the woman’s current appearance looked much more pleasing to the eye than when the latter pretended to be a naive and innocent actress back then.

“Long time no see, I suppose, huh?” Britney folded her arms across her chest while looking at Courtney with a sardonic look. “You didn’t expect to meet me again in such a way, did you, Mrs. Duncan?” she said with particular emphasis on the words ‘Mrs. Duncan,’ as if to remind Courtney of something.

“It’s been a while indeed.” Courtney threw Britney a smile in return. “But how long have you not asked around about the Duncans? Don’t you even know that I’ve broken up with Alexander?” It’s all because of Alexander that Britney holds a grudge against me, so the most important thing to do right now is to cut all ties with him, she thought.

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