One Night Surprise Chapter 385

Chapter 385 I Just Want My Mommy

Late at night in the Duncans’ ancestral home, a child was heard crying nonstop in the room. All the servants in the residence were experiencing a mental breakdown.

“Little Master is still not willing to eat.”

Harry was panicking. “Sir, Little Master has been shouting, wanting her mother for days now. He only had some soup, which we even had to feed into his mouth when he’s asleep. How long can we keep this on?”

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Scott knitted his brow, frowning. “I thought the kid only liked Courtney by chance at first. Now, it seems like their biological connection is nothing to underestimate. He’s the closest with Courtney and wouldn’t listen to anyone else. What can we do?”

“Why don’t we…” Harry assiduously suggested, “Why don’t we give Miss Hunter a call? Since she’s the mother of Little Master, she’ll definitely comfort him, right?”

“No,” Scott downright refuted. “Don’t you know about the summons the court sent to Alexander? The woman wants to take the kid—my only great-grandson—from me! It doesn’t seem like Alexander will remarry, so the kid must stay.”

“But Little Master’s not eating, and it’s getting worse!”

“I’ll go talk to him.” Scott took a slow, deep breath. His body seemed to have deteriorated due to the recent happenings. His back used to be straight, but he seemed to have started slouching after the new year.

Both Jordan and Scott lived in the same yard, but Scott stayed in the main building while Jordan stayed in the building to the east. Jordan had been crying every single minute for the past two days. And because of that, everyone in the yard couldn’t live a restful life.

When Scott walked to the east building, he heard a loud crash as a clay bowl was tossed before him. Along with it was some splatted porridge, and he barely managed to dodge it, causing stains of food on his leather shoes.

“Careful, Sir!”

Unfortunately, Harry’s warning came too late as Scott gave him the side-eye.

Sitting by the bed was one of the servants, who looked anxious upon the old master’s arrival and hastily stood up. “Sir…”

“Leave.” Scott let out a sigh, beckoning for the servant to leave.

In the room, Jordan had been crying to the point where his voice was getting hoarse. If this persisted any longer, he would surely hurt his voice box.

With his sternness dispersed, leaving only pampering love, Scott walked over and held Jordan’s hand, trying hard to keep his words benign. “Can Jordan tell Great-Grandpa why he’s crying?”

Jordan, who could almost pass out crying, muttered, “I-I want M-Mommy!”

Although Scott already knew the reason, he couldn’t help but feel pained at his great-grandson’s crying utterance. “Jordan, Courtney will not be marrying your daddy anymore, and your daddy’s gonna find a new mommy for you. Anyone that you like. Isn’t that great?”

“No.” Jordan burst out wailing. “I-I just want my… my mommy!”

Seeing him cry so pettily, Scott had no choice but to carry him into his arms. “Okay, okay… You just want your mommy. Don’t cry anymore, okay? Great-Grandpa will have somebody bring you to look for Mommy tomorrow, sounds good?”

Jordan was gasping as he snuggled in Scott’s arms and forced himself out when he heard his great-grandfather’s question. With his reddened eyes, he looked at Scott, skeptically asking, “Really?”

“Yes, really.” Scott caressed the boy’s head, comforting, “As long as you promise to finish your dinner, I’ll have Harry send you first thing tomorrow.”

Jordan hesitantly nodded. “Fine, I’ll eat.” As he spoke, he withdrew his hands and wiped the tears off his face. He warily rolled out of bed and walked toward the table.

Harry, who was watching by the side, carried Jordan to the chair. The little boy then grabbed a spoon and started drinking his soup as he brushed the tears off his cheeks, the sight pitiful.

Seeing that, Scott quietly sighed. What did I get myself into this time? If he had expected this, he wouldn’t have forced Alexander to marry solely to have a child, who would end up suffering this way.

While Jordan was unrestful, Tina, on the other hand, wasn’t exactly calm either.

After having returned from the theme park, she was always staying in Elijah’s Twin Peaks Manor. Although the first two days were fun, after having ventured around the entire manor, she started to get bored.

“Mommy, why do we keep staying here? Are you fighting with Daddy?”

Taking her medicines, Courtney was surprised to hear Tina’s question as she deliberately avoided eye contact with the little girl. “Do you not like it here?”

“It’s not that. But this isn’t our home, Mommy, and I miss Jordan. And I miss Daddy too!”

At Tina’s interrogation, Courtney knew she could no longer hide things from her daughter, so she decided to briefly tell her the truth. “Mommy’s not marrying Mr. Alexander. And you may not be able to see your brother again. It’s dangerous outside, so you can’t go out yet.”

Hearing that, Tina was shocked for a while before recovering her senses. “But why?”

Although Courtney understood her daughter was a smart girl, not every matter in the world could be comprehensible for a girl at such an age. Thus, she attempted to explain, “Relationships can be complicated. Mr. Alexander and Mommy no longer fit each other. It’s as you said, we fought, and there’s nothing we can do to fix it, so we can no longer be together. As for your brother, Mommy will try her best so you can still get to see him, but no promises yet.”

Vaguely understanding the situation, Tina stared at her. “But doesn’t Mommy love Mr. Alexander? Mr. Alexander told me that he loves Mommy too!”

“But that’s no longer the case.”

“What? No, Mommy.” Tina rapidly shook her head. “Back in the theme park, Mr. Alexander told me that he loves Mommy very, very much, and he wants to marry you! He even said that it won’t be just me and Jordan. We’ll have little sisters and brothers as well!”

Courtney was stunned, having no comeback. All those times she was in Alexander’s manor, he would always leave so early and return so late that they could never meet each other. She had always assumed that he was avoiding her on purpose, not willing to speak with her. Never had she expected him to be playing with Tina in the hilltop theme park. But is what Tina said true? If that’s the case, why didn’t he tell me that himself? Thoughts started storming in her head. When she remembered the court hearing in ten days, she felt even more overwhelmed as if tornadoes of regrets were coming her way.

“How long are we gonna stay here, Mommy?” Tina pulled on her arm. “I wanna go home. Can you please bring me home?”

When she came to her senses and saw her daughter’s pitiful look, she felt a surging sympathy in her heart. But when she recalled Alexander’s actions, she couldn’t help but fear what would happen to Tina, and she couldn’t afford to take the risk.

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