One Night Surprise Chapter 384

Chapter 384 That’ll Be Best

Courtney was at a loss for words. How was she supposed to explain to her daughter that her own parents were in the worst of terms, and that the reason Daddy brought her to the theme park wasn’t to play with her but to threaten her mother?

“It’s getting late. You should sleep, Tina.” She fondled her head as she switched the topic.

Although Tina could be mischievous, there were often times where she would be Mommy’s good girl. At her mother’s instruction, she nodded and obediently went to bed.

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Courtney accompanied her to sleep, though she didn’t feel a tinge of drowsiness as she tossed and turned in bed the entire night.

Three days later, in the afternoon…

In the VIP room of the Melrose Peridot Golf Club, a waitress in an emerald dress served some tea to a couple of customers before tacitly leaving the room.

“So you’re the boss behind the golf club all this time.” Alexander remained a straight face, though a trace of self-scorn could be seen on his face when he remembered Courtney’s free entrance into the club.

Opposite him was Elijah, who drank his tea before refilling his cup as he calmly uttered, “Just a couple of investments I made in Melrose. Nothing odd about it, is there?”

“A couple, you say?” Alexander’s face grew slightly tense. “Many properties under Sunhill Enterprise including hotels and theaters have been receiving various attacks for the past few days. Are you going to deny that it has nothing to do with you?”

Ever since Elijah brought Courtney to his manor, the Duncan Family received a court summons, followed by a tremendous amount of damage that slammed Sunhill Enterprise, and all the damage was deliberately targeted at the company’s three main sources of income, in which all the traces of attack pointed toward Elijah.

No one would have expected Elijah to have such domination in his entrepreneurship in the market within such a short time after his return to the country.

Nonetheless, Alexander knew that Elijah didn’t achieve such success so easily. After all, it took every competitor of Sunhill Enterprise many years to build up to where they were now. Therefore, Elijah must have made his plans very early on.

“I don’t intend to deny it.” With a dull face, Elijah continued, “It’s just market competition. I’m sure you’ve had your share of competitors after so many years. Even if I have taken years strategizing how to take a slice from the country’s market, I’ve never expected myself to resort to this.”

Alexander was visibly gloomier. “Could’ve just said you’re doing it for her, and I wouldn’t even feel weird about it.”

The attack that was drawn upon Sunhill Enterprise was no mere healthy competition, where even the figures of market stock were obviously manipulated. Due to fund leverages, Sunhill’s shares plummeted. And both of them knew who caused it.

“Honestly, we could have talked it over. But if I hadn’t done so, you, Mr. Duncan, would have continued thinking that Courtney is a woman you can take for granted.”

Alexander glowered, disagreeing with Elijah’s words. “I’ve never thought of her that way.”

“But your actions speak otherwise.” Elijah’s expression grew colder. “Now that it has come to this, all that’s left are the kids. You’ll never get custody of Tina. As for the boy, you’d be wise if you listen to what I have to offer.”

Alexander clenched his fists. All his life, never had he faced such a formidable opponent like Elijah, who was now grasping Sunhill Enterprise’s fate in his hand. One move of his finger could easily bring the company down, and none could tell how much effort the solution would require.

“Hand Jordan over to Courtney.”

It was as Alexander expected. Although he had predicted what Elijah was about to say, actually hearing it was extremely nerve-wracking.

In that instant, freezing silence filled the room as the two men gazed into each other’s eyes, unwilling to step down.

“Did she ask for this?” Alexander coldly interrogated, “Is taking custody of Jordan her intention, or is it yours?”

Elijah withdrew his gaze. His freezing aura was inexplicably intimidating. “You should know why Courtney suddenly chose to return despite living well in America—to look for her son, and that’s her initial wish.”

Alexander felt even more perturbed.

“As long as you agree to hand Jordan over to Courtney, I will bring her back to America. It’s just one kid anyway. Since you were willing to have a child in order to succeed Sunhill Enterprise back then, I’m sure you can let go of him for the survival of the company. It’s not too much to ask from you, is it?”

Having said that, Elijah lowered his head as he toyed with the tea cup without even taking a glance at Alexander. It was utterly condescending.

Although Alexander kept trying to keep his grandfather’s advice to talk peacefully in mind, he couldn’t help but get tilted by Elijah’s words. Annoyed, he sprung up from his seat, seemingly getting aggressive.

“What kind of person I am, what I’d do for the legacy of my company—why do you assume you know them so well? There’s no way I’ll hand Jordan over. As for my company, it’s still too early for you to imply its downfall.”

Hearing that, Elijah put down his tea cup and raised his head to look at him. “You’re an intelligent man. No matter how competitive you get, it’ll eventually end up to be a war of attrition. At the end of day, it’s a matter of guts. Merely in this year, Sunhill Enterprise took part in hundreds of investments. Do you think you have the guts to exhaust its resources?”

“That’s none of your concern.” Alexander leered at him. “You might have underestimated Sunhill Enterprise’s position in Melrose City.”

Elijah revealed a smirk and a pair of glistening eyes filled with deep ambitions. “We’ll see about that.”

Bang! The room’s door was slammed shut. Instead of hurrying off, Elijah casually stayed in his seat, sipping on his tea as his assistant Lilian entered the room with a troubled face.

“President Grant, Alexander seems to have the intention to resolve this peacefully. Perhaps it’s time to tell him that Courtney simply wishes to see the boy every once in a while. I’m sure he’ll agree to it.”

Even a blind man could see that Elijah’s words were excessive for an egoistic man like Alexander—insulting, even. In this case, no matter what he said, Alexander would never agree to it. And Lilian couldn’t figure out as to why Elijah, despite knowing the consequences, decided to provoke Alexander.

“It’s impossible for him to give up his boy.” He toyed with his cup as a surge of coldness flashed across his eyes. “Perhaps Courtney thinks that seeing Jordan from time to time is enough, but it’s not a good choice as it will surely eat her up in the long run. She still has decades left to live. There’s no need for her to burden herself with Alexander.”

“What if our lawyer fails to seize custody of the boy?”

After remaining silent for a second, he relaxingly answered, “That’ll be best. The boy is the biggest connection between Courtney and Alexander. Failing to acquire him allows Courtney to finally move on in America.”

Upon those words, Lilian frowned in confusion. Elijah was right. He wanted the best for Courtney, but she couldn’t help but feel something was lacking.

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