One Night Surprise Chapter 382

Chapter 382 Get Out of My Way, All of You

The scene made Alexander’s expression change.

At the same time, the car that Elijah was looking at opened its door, and out came Scott. Besides giving off a frosty aura, his face was absolutely livid. After he stood in front of his car for a moment, he marched toward the Duncan Residence’s gate.

“Get out of my way, all of you!”

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Seeing who it was, Josh became as white as a sheet and turned back to look at Alexander.

“Grandpa?” Alexander frowned. “This is my own personal problem, so why are you here?”

“So you still see me as your grandfather, eh?” Speaking furiously, Scott continued, “The whole Duncan Family has been shamed by you! Where’s Courtney?”

Frowning, Alexander chose to keep his silence.

“Alright. You don’t want to tell me, huh? I know where she is even without you telling me.”

With a deep breath, Scott pointed at Josh. “Dismiss these people now. Otherwise, consider your position at our enterprise redundant by tomorrow.”

The threat immediately made Josh disperse the people he brought, and the gate’s pathway was cleared up.

“The cancellation of the wedding was your idea. You said you didn’t want to go through the wedding without giving me a reason, then fine. I just treated it as you two fell out and I agreed. But look what you’ve done now!”

As his face reddened with anger, Scott said, “You actually did such a stupid thing as imprisoning a person in your own home. If this incident spread, how can the Duncan Family continue staying in Melrose City? Also, my dignity would be shredded to pieces!”

When Scott was scolding Alexander, Elijah ignored them as he ran inside the house alone and found Courtney. Seeing her full of sweat and speaking deliriously due to the fever, he felt his heart ache terribly. After that, he carried her outside the house.

“You cannot take her.”

As if he didn’t hear the old man’s words, Alexander wanted to go and take her back there and then.

Avoiding him, the usually warm and gentle Elijah turned around with a face full of rage.

“Remember this, Alexander. What happened today was only the beginning.”

In the past, he was too easy on Courtney. He let her do as she pleased, yet she got hurt in the end. If he had known how stubborn Alexander was, he would have done everything in his power to make her leave him so that something like this would not have happened.

The line of black cars left after one another, then the Duncans’ courtyard regained its silence.

In the living room, all the servants had been dismissed by the butler, leaving only the grandfather and grandson all alone.

“What happened between you two? You have to provide an explanation based on what happened today.”

Scott’s tired voice echoed in the living room.

With a sunken face, Alexander replied, “There’s nothing to say. This is between me and her.”

“What?” Scott laughed in anger. “Do you still think of me as your grandfather? The confirmed wedding was canceled on a whim, and now, I can’t even get a single word from you about what happened? You b*stard!”

Immediately, the butler by his side chimed in. “I think the young master is still in a state of shock about the incident with Miss Hunter. Please talk it out with him patiently, Master.”

“Am I not being patient enough? If it were in the past, I would’ve…”

Feeling a slight shortness of breath, Scott could only stare at Alexander for a while.

“Did you know your mother has fallen sick because of this incident? She has no idea what is going on, and she didn’t dare to ask you. Because of this, she went out yesterday morning to the Somerfields’ to ask for more information, and she got sick when she came back home.”

Hearing this, Alexander was stunned into silence.

Observing his expression, the butler then persuaded Alexander again. “Excluding the rumors spreading in the public, even the whole family is gossiping about you two. You may not care, Young Master, but the Duncan Family still has a reputation to maintain. You have to tell the Master what happened so that we can prepare for any people that are waiting for us to slip up.”

There was a constant ringing in Alexander’s ears; the problem he had been avoiding all along still reared its ugly head.

It was not until a long while had passed did Alexander sit on the sofa defeatedly.

“What if I said that I found Jordan’s biological mother? What do you think about this, Grandpa?”

Slightly stunned by the revelation, Scott then said after a pause, “Don’t tell me you fell out with Courtney because of this. Have you forgotten about the lesson last time? What were you thinking?”

“Master, please wait for the young master to finish,” the butler reminded.

Slowly raising his gaze, Alexander wore a complicated expression. “Courtney was the one who mistakenly performed surrogacy under Louis’ blunder back then. Both Jordan and Tina were born to her. She left one child behind and brought the other away.”

The living room once again fell silent.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, Scott came around from this huge shock. “What? C-Courtney is Jordan’s biological mother? And Tina is also the Duncan Family’s child?”

The whole situation seemed almost unbelievable to him.

“Then why?” Scott asked curiously. “What did you two fell out about if this was the truth? Isn’t this good news? It’s a coincidence blessed by the gods!”

Disagreeing with his words, Alexander was visibly gloomy once again.

Noticing something strange about this, the butler commented, “I’m afraid things aren’t what they seem to be, Master. Looking at the young master’s expression, I think that Miss Hunter knew about the kids’ true identity all along. Perhaps, she hid this fact from him, and it broke his heart.”

Frowning, Scott stayed silent for a moment.

“Of course she hid the truth. Otherwise, did you think she was just going to tell you straight that she was Jordan’s biological mother? If she really did say that from the start, how would you have chased her away? By giving her money?”

This sentence from Scott cleared Alexander’s thoughts. Looking at the old man startledly, he began to turn pale in the face.

“You fool!”

Fuming, Scott hit the table. “You made such a fuss just because of this? What were you thinking? As a mother, of course Courtney would come back to find her lost son. Was she wrong in doing so? Who told you about all the ‘schemes’ that she had been planning?”

In the Duncan Family, Scott had the final say and control in everything, so he was one of the selected few that Alexander looked up to and respected in his life. Upon hearing Scott say this, he actually felt a bit perplexed.

“But she contacted a lawyer and was preparing to fight for Jordan’s custody behind my back! She never planned to marry me all along!”

“You f*cking idiot!” Scott was so livid that he even cursed.

“What’s wrong with leaving a way out for herself? Did she go through with the lawsuit? Did the court summon you? Just because of all these things that didn’t even happen, you made a mess of a wedding that was supposed to go smoothly? I’m starting to think that you’re the one who doesn’t want to marry!”

As the living room echoed Scott’s reprimands, Alexander’s mind was in a complete mess. With the contents of the message, the evidence obtained by Josh, and the words spoken out of anger by Courtney mixed together all at once, he had already lost his ability to think straight anymore.

“I’m asking you now: What exactly do you want?”

Calming down, Scott asked Alexander sternly, pulling him out of his own messed up thoughts.

Looking at his grandfather with a daze, Alexander repeated, “What do I want?”

“Think about what you really want, and not just push the blame on others. You’ve always had a clear mind. Yet, when it comes to love, you’re like a headless chicken,” Scott said as he stared at him, hoping he would rise above this slump.

But it was too late, for things had already spiraled out of Alexander’s control.

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