One Night Surprise Chapter 381

Chapter 381 I Will, if You Want Me To

When Alexander rushed back from the company, Courtney had already been treated by a doctor.

“How is she? Why wasn’t she admitted into a hospital?” As soon as he entered the house, he scolded all the servants at once.

Frightened by his demeanor, the servants said stutteringly, “You ordered us to not let her out, so we didn’t dare to send her to a hospital. Instead, the doctor came for a house visit. He diagnosed that it was a blood clot, and that she would be fine after puking it out.”

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“If she’s already fine, then why is she still unconscious?”

“It’s… because of fatigue.”

Under extreme frustration, Alexander smashed all the bowls and plates into pieces.

These two days had been a wreckfest, as all the things in the villa were either smashed or destroyed by Alexander. The servants had grown used to this, but seeing him being this furious was a first. All of them kept their mouths shut, and they didn’t dare to utter a single word.

After scolding everybody, Alexander turned around and entered his bedroom, barring anyone from entering.

In the living room, May slowly sighed. “See? I told you all to prioritize Miss Hunter’s health. If anything happened, we couldn’t bear the responsibility, yet you all chose to ignore my warning.”

“It was the young master who forbade her from going out.”

“Do you guys not see why the young master gave that order?” May spoke angrily. “It’s all because he was afraid Miss Hunter wouldn’t return anymore after leaving. Thank God she’s fine even after not being admitted to a hospital. If her condition was any worse, we would all be on the chopping block.”

Hearing this, the servants all looked at each other with lingering fear in their hearts.

At first, the servants transferred over from the ancestral house because of the wedding, paired with the rumor that the young mistress had a kind temperament. Who knew that they would face this kind of situation when they had just arrived. They truly were stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Inside the master bedroom, the curtains were shut tightly, with the sole light source being an incense burner. Sitting by the bedside, Alexander tugged the blanket all the way up to Courtney’s chin.

Earlier, the instant Alexander heard what happened, an unknown fear overwhelmed him. Immediately, he dropped whatever he was doing and rushed back home.

These few days had been a rollercoaster of emotions for him. Except for work, he did not dare to stop and think about other things because once he did, he would remember how Courtney deceived him for half a year, and that would make his heart ache greatly.

Looking at Courtney’s face, one could barely see a hint of color. Together with her scrunched up eyebrows, it was as if she was being enveloped in a nightmare.

Seeing this made Alexander feel a bit guilty.

“Don’t leave…”

Suddenly, Courtney reached out and yanked on his collar. Although she said this softly in her sleep, the voice still echoed gently in the gigantic room.

Slightly stunned by her actions, Alexander then grabbed her hands. It was then when he felt that her hands were ice cold.

“It was you who wanted to leave from the start, not me.”

His voice was soft, as if he was afraid of waking her, and his sincere gaze held inexplicable emotions within it.

As Courtney’s palms were slowly warmed up, she started to sweat a little. Yet, it was as if she had been muddled by the heat, and she started to speak deliriously.

Closing in, Alexander could vaguely hear some words out of her mouth.


“Take Tina away, Elijah…”

Just like being doused with cold water, Alexander felt a chill run through his body in a flash.

As his face turned pale, even his tired, fatigue-looking eyes became bloodshot. Staring at Courtney, he possessed a frightening visage at that moment.

Even in her sleep, she wants Elijah to take her and her daughter away?

Just then, the noise from multiple revving engines outside the courtyard broke the silence inside the house.

Frowning, Alexander was going to see what the commotion was about. However, a series of knocks on his door interrupted him, followed by a pressing voice from a servant. “Young Master, bad news! A lot of people have surrounded our courtyard and are saying that they are here to pick Miss Hunter up.”

Then, a dark-expressioned Alexander looked at Courtney with squinted eyes. She really did have her wish come true! Just uttering a word made him rush over this instant!

At the Duncan Residences front gate were six black cars lined up facing the villa, blocking the entryway to it. Standing outside the gate, Elijah, in his black coat, was accompanied by twenty strong men, all of whom wore fierce expressions.

“What are you doing?”

Standing behind the gate with a face full of panic was May. “Miss Hunter is the young master’s fiancée; how dare you show up here and try to take her away!”

With a stoic face, Eljiah said, “The wedding has been canceled, so it’s clear that she’s no longer engaged to him. Also, she has been here for almost a week. That’s long enough, and I’m here to bring her back home.”

“Back to whose home?”

A chilling voice came from inside the villa. Turning around, May saw Alexander walk out of the villa, his face extremely dark.

“And what is your relationship with her, Mr. Grant? Even her family didn’t say a word about her being here, so what makes you have the right to take her away?”

Separated by a fence, Elijah replied leisurely, “But we are still husband and wife by law.”

This sentence pissed Alexander off, to the point where his eyebrows started twitching. Staring fiercely at Elijah, he retorted, “So what? Your divorce is still ongoing. Don’t tell me you two aren’t going through with it anymore. I’m afraid in Melrose City, nobody can trick the Duncan Family and get away with it.”

“Mr. Duncan, I advise you to cool down and think things through.” While maintaining his manners, Elijah, too, spoke with a threatening tone.

“If it weren’t for you keeping Courtney captive in the Duncan Family’s villa, I wouldn’t have had to bring reinforcements. This is already your second kidnapping, including Tina’s incident. I can sue you, but I didn’t. It’s because I didn’t want the Duncan Family to be humiliated.”

“There’s no need to make yourself sound so high and mighty,” said Alexander with a deep tone.

“This isn’t Wall Street. This is Melrose City. Feel free to sue me if you want; you can also try to break into the Duncan Residence if you dare.”

“Since you want me to try so badly, I shall comply.”

Remaining at his spot, Elijah stood motionlessly. Meanwhile, eight strong men with tools in their hands started to take the gate apart. Without much effort, the metal gate’s screws were all removed.

What ensued after a loud bang was the metal gate falling to the ground. Strangely, Alexander just stood by and watched it happen, wearing a still expression without batting an eye.

Curious, Elijah sized him up and quickly knew why he was so calm.

Just as the gate fell down, Josh arrived, bringing with him reinforcements, whose amount rivaled Elijah’s men. They then proceeded to form a line, standing at the spot where the metal gate was.

“Are you alright, President Duncan?”

Sneering, Elijah said mockingly, “So, President Duncan, all these bullsh*t that you were pulling was because you were waiting for reinforcements to arrive.”

“You brought so many people to dismantle my front gate. So in turn, I called a few people to defend myself. That’s not too much, is it?”

“No, it’s not too much. I hope, for your sake, that these men can block me.”

With a straight face, Elijah raised his voice slightly to a car parked at the side.

“How long are you planning to sit in the car, Mr. Duncan? Are you planning to intervene only when you see me and your grandson’s fight end up on tomorrow’s news?”

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