One Night Surprise Chapter 380

Chapter 380 Does He Still Have a Heart

As a raging fire was lit in Alexander’s eyes, he clenched his fist so hard it cracked.

“You don’t need to trick me now. After all, what happened six years ago has happened, so don’t play the victim here and try to crucify me. All I want to know is, have you been deceiving me all along ever since you came back?”

While saying this, he was trying hard to suppress his anger. From the start, he was only furious because of one thing: If it weren’t for the kids, how genuine would she still be to him?

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Not wanting to give the other an inch in this argument, the two stared at each other.

As her clear eyes slowly reddened, she found Alexander’s words utterly ridiculous.

After arguing for so long, their relationship was in tatters. If he really believed her words, he would have asked her this as soon as he found out the truth. Instead, he blamed everything on her unreasonably. What is there left to be asked when things have already progressed to this point?

“Even if I said that’s not true, it would be a waste of words since you wouldn’t believe me.”

Calming down, Courtney looked defeated and tired. “We are all adults, Alexander. We’ve already argued so much. Please, for the sake of the kids, calm down and talk with me. What do you really want?”

The words made the burning gaze in Alexander’s eyes slowly cool down. After a while, he laughed with a hint of self deprecation in his words. “Really? You’d give me whatever I demand as long as I don’t fight for our daughter’s custody?”

Frowning, Courtney said, “State your terms.”

Then, Alexander stepped on the broken porcelain, making a piercing sound that rang across the quiet study. “I’m a man who wants to be treated fairly. After I’ve been deceived for so long, I should be compensated in kind. After that, you can have your daughter back.”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you really not understand?” With eyes full of belittlement, Alexander observed her from head to toe. “What else is there to be demanded between a man and a woman? Except for our body’s compatibility—which makes me quite satisfied, by the way—do you think you have anything else of value that I want?”

When she heard this, Courtney could only feel her body going cold.

She only thought that his anger was temporary. Anyone would know that she had her reason for lying to him for so long if they had just thought rationally. But time and time again, he humiliated her, and he even said such words now.

“Don’t push your luck, Alexander.”

In a state of shame and anger, she stepped back.

Stopping in his steps, Alexander had a face full of disgust. “When you were deceiving me, you also went to bed with me a number of times. Why didn’t you say that I was pushing my luck then?”

His words made Courtney’s heart bleed as she stared at the man in front of her with hopeless eyes.

If it weren’t for the kids, she would have already left this place a long time ago, for she did not want to see this person ever again.

But thinking of Tina and her illness, she could only steel herself, saying, “Ok, you can do whatever you want to me. Just return my daughter to me.”

Caught off guard by her straightforward answer, Alexander grew even angrier in a state of astonishment.

This woman really could do just about anything for her children.

After that, the night sky dyed the silent Melrose City black.

Stepping out of the bathroom, the freshly showered Alexander glanced at his bed while drying his hair. At the end of his gaze was Courtney, who was lying on the bed motionlessly in her pajamas.

After he threw the wet towel to the side, Alexander loosened his bathrobe and climbed onto the bed.

When Alexander climbed on top of her, Courtney quickly shut her eyes. The scene made her look like a pig that was about to be butchered, with her face devoid of emotion.

Pressing down on her shoulders, he said coldly, “You don’t need to direct such hatred toward me. After all, it was you who deceived me first. Remember that it’s you who owe me.”

Slowly opening her eyes, she had a cold, distant look in her gaze.

“You’re right. So am I not doing what you demanded? Or do you want me to act like I’m happy to do this with you? Well, I’m sorry. I’m no actress, nor do I have such great acting skills.”

Her words made Alexander livid.

“Just do whatever you want to me.” After saying this emotionlessly, Courtney shut her eyes once again.

At that time, Alexander wanted to choke her out of sheer anger.

It was not until a long time had passed that the weight on Courtney was removed. By the time she opened her eyes, Alexander was already sitting at the bedside, wearing his clothes.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m not in the mood now. We’ll do it when I want to.”

After saying his piece, Alexander left the bedroom without even looking back.

In the end, Courtney sat alone on the bed under the dim lights. After holding it in for so long, she finally let her tears fall and cried a river.

Following this incident, Alexander would return home late every night. Even if he did return, he was always holed up in his study. Failing to catch even his shadow, Courtney could not hold it in anymore, as this was repeated for a few days.

She needed to know where Tina was, and whether she was safe.

One afternoon, Courtney was preparing to leave the Duncan Family’s villa when she was blocked by two servants.

“Miss Hunter, the young master had stated that you are not to leave the place.”


Feeling surprised, Courtney said, “He’s not letting me leave? That’s impossible.”

“If you don’t believe our words, you can ask the young master yourself.”

The sure look on the servants’ faces made them seem like they were really telling the truth.

Just to confirm, Courtney called Alexander while standing in the living room. After a long time, the call finally went through.

“What do you want?”

“Your servants won’t let me go; they’re saying it was your orders.”

“Do you have a problem with that?”

“Alexander, I have my own personal freedom. Since you won’t let me see my daughter, I’m going to employ my own methods outside. I’m done begging you.”

Just as she finished saying that, Alexander sneered on the other end. “What kind of place do you think the Duncan Residence is? You think you can just come and go as you please? I’m telling you now that the rules have changed. Just keep staying there and don’t try to leave. Otherwise, I cannot guarantee that I won’t send your daughter somewhere further.”

“You are insane!” Courtney shouted with an almost cracking voice. “Alexander, what you’re doing is kidnapping! You’re—”

Before Courtney could even finish her sentence, the call was disconnected, and the line went dead.

Hanging up, Courtney looked at the two maids blocking her with a very sour look.

“See, Miss Hunter, we weren’t lying to you. This really was the young master’s orders. If you forcefully try to go out, we would be the ones taking the blame. As you’re the young master’s sweetheart, I believe he won’t place you in too much trouble. Please don’t make things difficult for us.”

“I’m his sweetheart?”

When Courtney heard this, she almost laughed. “Does a person like him still have a heart?”

Not daring to simply comment on this, the servants looked at each other instead.

The previous incident with Lana made them understand that, no matter how Alexander treated Courtney, she was still not a person that they could offend.

Feeling a sudden shortness of breath, Courtney then mumbled to herself and proceeded to spew blood. As her vision went dark, her body flopped onto the floor.

“Miss Hunter!”

Her condition immediately made the situation in the living room descend into chaos.

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